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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 103
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ning Ning heaved a sigh of relief. Things were going well. He gave the name and address of the hospital Anya was at to Chu Li for him to forward to Bai Ye. Chu Li then sent Ning Ning’s number to Bai Ye and hung up.

“Ning Ning, it’s by coincidence that he’s in City A. He is on his way to the hospital. Don’t worry. He will be able to make it in time. Bai Ye’s medical skills could even raise the dead!”

Ning Ning nodded. It was only an hour from the airport to the hospital.


“Wasn’t it an accident?” Chu Li was not a simple person and a look at Ning Ning’s face was enough to guess that the situation was not a clear-cut one. Although the child was young, his thoughts and reasoning were more mature than ten adults combined. If it were a straightforward accident, Ning Ning would not have been so solemn.

Ning Ning shook his head. “It’s not an accident. Once my mommy is out of the critical situation, I’ll slowly exact my revenge!”

This young tike’s face was cold and carried a few hints of arrogance. Whoever dared to hurt his Mommy would receive a hundredfold in return!

“Do you need help?”

“Yes! I am worried about my mommy now. Could you help me run a license plate number…” Ning Ning laughed as he read out the license plate number. A limited-edition Lamborghini… Humph, only a few in City A could afford such a car. What a lawless person.

Ning Ning gritted his teeth and read the license plate number slowly. It was obviously an attempted hit. If his Mommy had not offended anyone, who would have tried to kill her?

No matter who he was, he was certainly a gone goose!

Chu Li nodded and snapped his fingers. “Got it! Wait for my news!”

Ning Ning nodded. “I will go to the hospital first!”

Turning off the computer, Ning Ning went out and headed straight to the hospital.

On the other hand, Daddy Cheng looked at Third Young Master Ye who was rushing toward him in the hospital. He was stunned…

Was he Ning Ning’s father?

There was too much resemblance!

Didn’t’ Anya mention that Ning Ning’s father was already dead? How could it be possible?

Daddy Cheng was confused. With Anya’s life in a critical condition and an over-the-top Ning Ning, he was confused and unsure of what was going on. He was waiting for Ning Ning to return before asking his questions.

The doctor was very respectful to Third Young Master Ye and even assumed that they were family. Since that kid was Third Young Master Ye’s child, it was little wonder why he was so arrogant and cocky.

The wait was grueling.

Daddy Cheng simply described how the accident happened and the perpetrator fled the incident. In order to protect Ning Ning, Anya was seriously injured and he did not know anything else.

Ye Chen immediately called somebody to look up the details of the accident. One does not simply get away after knocking down someone!

Ye Chen hoped the idiot behind the accident hid better. Had he been found, Ye Chen would make him regret being born!

“Third Young Master Ye, the patient is in a very critical situation. If you really want to listen to your son…” The doctor came out after checking on Anya and cold sweat trickled down his forehead. Most people knew about Third Young Master Ye’s from media reports, and few had actual contact with him.

Rumors had it that Ye Chen was a cold-blooded man of steel. If the amputation was carried out and the patient lost a leg, the patient would be, at least, alive. If the delay caused the patient’s life, the hospital would have to take the fall.

How could one believe the words of a child!

The doctor was very embarrassed. He had not encountered such a thorny issue in his entire career.

It was testing his ability to endure these circumstances.

“Son?” Ye Chen asked quizzically. Was the doctor referring to Cheng Anya’s son? Without thinking too much, he was worried. The woman’s life was hanging on a thin line, and with such a complicated situation… Had he made a mistake, he would live to regret it!

“Is it very serious?” Ye Chen asked.

The doctor nodded gravely. The situation was very serious.

Ye Chen waved his hand and motioned for the doctor to be quiet. He needed silence.

Ye Chen walked to the window, the breeze carrying the heat of summer blew into his heart and irritated him. Ye Chen clenched his fists. His body was stiff, and his calmness was already on the verge of collapse.

‘Cheng Anya, you have to hang in there!’

He did not know what else to say to himself.

His memories of her up until today flashed through his mind like a movie.

Anya had few memories with him, but he realized that all his memories of her were vivid and deeply ingrained in his mind.

Outside the restaurant, she knocked into his arms. The moment he looked up, he saw a pair of bright and beautiful eyes that seemed to encompass all the colors of the world.

At that moment, Third Young Master Ye felt his cold heart beat faster.

After knowing that she was Yang Zekun’s girlfriend, Ye Chen was very angry. He didn’t understand how he could feel so strongly for such a stranger. He wanted to embrace her and fully possess her.

She was a very competent secretary.

She was a rare and able assistant who had a very strong rapport with him. It was as though she had known him for decades. With one gaze, she knew when to say what to say and when to do what to do. She never slipped up.

He unwittingly realized she resembled her. Ye Chen felt something forming in his broken heart.

It was crystal-like, beautiful yet fragile.


Was it a coincidence that she resembled her?

He made life very difficult for her during that period as he felt like breaking her and agonizing her to the point she did not feel like living. He wanted to return the pain and suffering she had brought unto him.

Reason told him that she merely resembled her.

During that time, Ye Chen greatly struggled and wanted to investigate further. He was, however, afraid of the results and halted the investigation. He had never contradicted himself so greatly before.

He even entertained the thought of dismissing her.

To see no evil and end everything, he could not resist the temptation to strangle her.

However, he saw her smiling face every day at work as she modestly greeted him, “Morning, President Ye!”

He also felt that the sun shone particularly brightly today.

He dismissed the idea of dismissing her again.

Third Young Master Ye analyzed his own thoughts. He knew that he must have been mad, as she was only putting on a fake smile, a smile… But why did he still reminisce those feelings for her?

If that was not lunacy, what was it?

Ye Chen would have had no intention of manipulating Anya during Old Master Yang’s birthday banquet had Yang Zekun not challenged him not to make use of use Cheng Anya.

He was twisted in a way that he would retaliate when challenged.

But he did not expect to return to the banquet to learn that this woman actually had a son of school-going age.

He had never been so shocked.

What shocked him the most was the day at MBS when she poured a cup of coffee over Ye Yutang’s head as she stood up for him. It especially warmed him as he deeply appreciated how she had protected him.

But before he was able to sort out these feelings, she was involved in a car accident and her life was at stake.

She couldn’t die!

Ye Chen had only this thought: She must not die.

He had yet to understand how he felt. How could she meet with an accident?

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