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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 105
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The gentle indifference in the man’s voice broke the tension outside the operating theatre.

Despite the gentleness of the voice, one could feel an unparalleled arrogance in the voice.

The doctor was furious and his finger shuddered as he pointed at Bai Ye.

What humiliation! An absolute humiliation!

“Ning Ning…” Daddy Cheng saw Ning Ning return and heaved a sigh of relief. As Ning Ning held his hand and gently tapped it, Bai Ye walked into the operating theatre in full view of the doctors and nurses.

As though caught off guard by thunder, Ye Chen’s eyes were wide open as he looked at that small face which bore distinctive similarities to him.

His typically agile and sharp mind temporarily went blank.


The doctor and the nurses saw Bai Ye enter the operating theatre brazenly and quickly followed in. In a moment, the doors to the operating theatre were closed.

Only Ye Chen, Ning Ning, and Daddy Cheng were left outside the corridor.

Ning Ning just looked at Ye Chen, his lips slightly curved. He sat next to Daddy Cheng and gently comforted him, “Grandpa, Mommy will definitely be fine. If you’re tired, take a rest. I’ll let you know once the surgery is over.”

“Ning Ning, who is that man? Can he save Anya?” Daddy Cheng was worried.

Ning Ning bowed his head and the doors to the operating theatre opened before he could speak. A nurse came out of the operating theatre and told Ning Ning that Bai Ye would return him a healthy Mommy after four hours.

Ning Ning and Daddy Cheng heaved a sigh of relief, their tense nerves at ease.

“That’s great!”

“Grandpa, Mommy’s operation will take a while. Go home and take a rest. I will call you once Mommy has woken up!” Ning Ning smiled.

Daddy Cheng looked at Third Young Master Ye and then at Ning Ning. He knew that Ning Ning had something to say to Third Young Master Ye. Daddy Cheng nodded and passed the keys to Ning Ning. “Let me know once your Mommy is awake, okay?”

Ning Ning nodded and Daddy Cheng went home, relieved.

“You… are Cheng Anya’s son?” Ye Chen heard his own voice tremble and his immaculate features full of shock.

He couldn’t help but look at the operating theatre and then at Ning Ning. He felt as if he was floating.

He felt that he had to be clobbered hard to ensure he was awake.

If one told him it’s one more second to the end of the world, heck, Third Young Master Ye would even nod his head and agree. Rightly so too!

“Hello, my name is Cheng Ningyuan!” Ning Ning elegantly reported his name. Ning Ning was polite and gentleman-like.

This young kid really liked Ye Chen!

He really liked Ye Chen.

Maybe blood was thicker than water, and that they were too similar in terms of character. Ever since Ning Ning started talking to Ye Chen, he started to take a liking to him.

Seeing him so nervous for his mother today, Ning Ning was already very positive about Ye Chen.

This impression became extremely positive.

It could be said that apart from Cheng Anya, Ye Chen had a good rep with Daddy Cheng and Ning Ning.

“What the hell is this?” Ye Chen muttered to himself.

The once cold, calculating, and elegant Ye Chen was sluggish.

Shocked, stunned, nervous, complicated… Countless emotions rocked his heart. Ye Chen was helpless and did not know whether he was dreaming.

The young kid’s elegant smile kept shaking in front of his eyes. Ye Chen’s heart was beating like thunder, and his hands were clenched into fists. Why?

What was happening?

How did he feel that he had gone to sleep and awoke to such a grown-up child?

He felt that he was going crazy. He was truly shocked.

Anyone could tell that they were almost certainly father and son. Nobody with a shred of intelligence would buy the ludicrous lie that such a level of semblance was mere coincidence and that they were not related by blood!

He had dated countless women, but he could not remember ever being involved with Cheng Anya!

If he had had a relationship with Cheng Anya, he would not have forgotten how special she had been. To reunite after a few years and claim no impression was utterly ludicrous.

“How old are you?”

“Seven years old!”

As Ning Ning answered his questions, Ye Chen had some time to recollect his memories.

Seven years ago, Ye Chen was still studying in the United States. He was abroad, and he had accosted foreign beauties. He did return to City A, but that was to sweep his mother’s grave. He was sullen and full of hatred.

How could he even get flirtatious?

Even if Ye Chen had been flirtatious, he could not even fathom when that had happened.

Was it really a coincidence?


He was not even convinced by his own reasoning.

As though eureka hit him, he recalled when he met Cheng Anya for the first time. When Anya saw him then, all she did was took flight. Why?

If they had not known each other before, why did she run?

He clearly remembered that Cheng Anya’s beady eyes were filled with panic.

He admitted that he had the looks to be worthy of admiration, but he was not some Count of Notre Dame who could send her into a panic. Why did she still want to run away?

Unless she knew him from before!

No wonder she looked at him out of surprise. On several occasions when she discovered him looking at her, she seemed afraid, as though he would discover her secrets.

Were they old flames?

Was this child really his son?

Damn it, what exactly did Anya hide from him?

“Who is your father?” Ye Chen asked.

“It was said that Mommy was a single mother and I was born out of wedlock,” Ning Ning said, smiling. “How ominous!”

Ye Chen took a deep breath. He felt suffocated as though his heart was pinned under a big stone.

The child’s casual description created immense pressure on him.

“You are my son!” It was almost certainly so.

Although Ye Chen’s IQ was not as scarily high as Ning Ning’s, it was, at least, several times higher than the average person’s. There were too many cryptic areas revealed by this incident.

He deliberately misled Ye Chen when he called that day.

When Cheng Anya met with an accident, why did Ning Ning call him of all people to stabilize the situation? Didn’t Cheng Anya have other friends?

Cheng Anya was, at best, is his secretary. She was not related to him by blood, so why him?

Ning Ning smiled. “You are unable to remember whether you have a son?”

Knowing that he had a car accident and had forgotten some past events, Ning Ning seemed to be deliberately implying that his daddy was amnesiac but just forgot about his Mommy.

What a character!

How deliberately!

Ye Chen was cornered by Ning Ning and could not say a word. He could not recall the incident, and the child’s face just bore so much resemblance!

“Do you have time?” Ye Chen suddenly asked.

Ning Ning raised his eyebrows. It seemed that Ye Chen was very free. But what was he up to? He also realized that his father’s thoughts were hard to fathom.

“Let’s do a paternity test!” Ye Chen said arrogantly. He knew very well he was unwilling to do it. But since he was in a hospital, he simply could not accept that such semblance was merely coincidental.

Although they could be father and son, he had no memory of Cheng Anya.

That was fine. Scientific proof was the most authoritative evidence.

Ning Ning thought silently, ‘You sure get things done!’


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