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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 106
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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It was too hasty a decision.

Paternity tests, however, did not need to be done a second time!

“I refuse!” Ning Ning said lightly with an elegant smile that resembled that of Ye Chen. “Why don’t you ask my mommy?”

“I will bet you that she will turn it down.” Ye Chen smirked coldly. Knowing that Anya will eventually be fine, he was not as worried. The only thing that shocked him was this young tike in front of him.

“I am not interested in paternity test. Once my mother is awake, ask her yourself. If she says yes, and you want to do it, I’ll join you. Whatever the results are, we’ll go separate ways. If she denies, then it has nothing to do with me and you have to settle it amongst yourselves,” Ning Ning said with a smile. The decision-making power to a paternity test lay in his mother’s hands, and Ning Ning had to seek Ye Chen out of circumstance.

If Anya admitted and Ye Chen did not believe her and still insisted on a paternity test, Ning Ning would accept it. Ning Ning, however, would not recognize Ye Chen as his father.

A man who didn’t even trust his Mommy was not qualified to be his father.

The child said it very politely and with a very good attitude. His words, however, carried a cold decisiveness and made decisions without hesitation.

A young child handled things in such an orderly, determined, and efficient manner.

In the case of Cheng Anya’s accident, had someone else been in Ning Ning’s shoes when Anya met with an accident, they would have heeded the doctor’s advice and given their consent to Anya’s amputation. But Ning Ning just would not. He knew he was young and unable to convince people.

He found someone who could manage the situation before going to seek treatment for Anya.

From the moment Ning Ning said he would be responsible for his mother, Ye Chen knew that Cheng Anya’s son was decisive and cold, and he was definitely not somebody to be trifled with.

And after meeting him and exchanging a few words, that impression was certain.

This kid was sly!

Ye Chen stared at him while Ning Ning’s brows curled as he smiled.

Feeling Cheng Anya’s hypocrisy get the better of him, Ye Chen squinted.

Fuck! Like mother like son!

Ye Chen came over and his deep gaze fell on Ning Ning’s tender face. He knelt down and gently caressed Ning Ning’s face and its features. Ning Ning realized that Third Young Master Ye’s hands were trembling.

There was a slight smile tucked at Ye Chen’s lips, and Ye Chen was not as calm as people had imagined him to be.

‘Would Daddy take a liking to me?’

Ning Ning was secretly confident, yet a little nervous. However mature he was and how calm he was in the face of a crisis, he was still a seven-year-old child. His father was in front of him, but he was unable to recognize him as his father.

Regrets in the heart were inevitable.

Cheng Anya had long known that her son had an amazingly high IQ, yet she raised him like any other normal child. When Ning Ning had to go to school, he went to school. When Ning Ning had to play, she brought him to play. Anya allowed Ning Ning to enjoy all the childhood joys that genius children did not enjoy.

Ning Ning, apart from his exceptionally high IQ, was merely a child. Ning Ning was also worried that his daddy and Mommy did not like him, and he hoped to be able to please both his daddy and Mommy and be doted on. His desire for kinship was no different from everyone else’s primal desire.

Whether boy or girl, whether smart or not as smart.

Even more so after he and Ye Chen finally met for the first time.

Being touched by his father for the very first time, being this close to his father for the first time, and enjoying his father’s attention for the first time.

This felt very special to Ning Ning.

It was warm, yet a little sour.

He was ecstatic, yet worried.

While Ning Ning took a liking to his daddy, he did not know whether his daddy liked him.

As Ye Chen held Ning Ning’s tender hand, both the child and the father’s hands and fingers looked good. Elongated and rounded at the top, it exuded a certain elegance and naivety. Although not as strong as an adult’s hand, it felt warm, soft, and comfortable to hold in one’s hand.

Ye Chen realized that he did not dislike having such a grown-up child.

He was even ecstatic and proud of having such an excellent child.

He was smarter than others, born with exquisite looks, and as polite as a gentleman. Ning Ning was very doted upon.

Ye Chen’s throat was so dry it couldn’t make a sound, as though there was a sharp silver needle prodding his heart from time to time.

Puncturing that thin membrane.

The more Ye Chen looked at Ning Ning, the more vivid the emotions pouring out from his heart—the love, care, and protection.

This moment was also strange to Ye Chen.

It was an unfamiliar fatherly love.

The child was his son!

This feeling of the blood being thicker than water was so special. Ye Chen wanted to leave all the best things in the world to Ning Ning so that Ning Ning could be the happiest child in the world.

Unconsciously, the thought of Ning Ning being his son was deeply embedded in Ye Chen’s heart and could no longer be erased.

When did he and Cheng Anya have children?

He could not recall anything, but he once felt that Cheng Anya’s back was very familiar. As he thought about it, he realized that Anya’s silhouette resembled Yun Ruoxi’s, hence the illusion of similarity.

Now, Ye Chen felt that they might have really met before.

Ye Chen lost a month’s worth of memories seven years ago. He could not remember what happened that month. Was that the moment Cheng Anya entered his life but he had carelessly forgotten about her in the end?

But why did Anya feign ignorance and pretend as if they had never met before seven years later?

There were too many questions in Ye Chen’s heart. Ye Chen was angry and frustrated. He wished the woman lying in the operating theatre would wake up immediately and tell him that Ning Ning was his son.

That Anya would tell him what happened seven years ago.

This lack of clarity felt terrible.

If they had been together, and he did have such a grown-up child…

What had he missed out?

The only kinship Ye Chen experienced throughout his life was that from his mother when he was younger than ten.

Only Ye Chen himself existed in his post-ten-year-old worldview. Nobody doted on him, and some even hurt him. It was sheer darkness and there was no sunshine.

His desire for loved ones was stronger than anyone else.

“Ning Ning…” Would this child like him?

Ye Chen was uneasy.

“If I am really your son, what should you do?” Ning Ning held him and smiled.

It was said that he had a fiancée.

“What do you want?” Ye Chen quickly woke up from ecstasy and jealousy. He saw it clearly. This child was different from other children and was very smart!

“Can I want anything?” Ning Ning blinked. It was said that Ye Chen was not an easy person to talk to, and his Mommy was biased against him. Was it unfair judgment after all?

“No!” Ye Chen categorically refused. Even his son could not dictate him to do anything, and reasonable demands could be made. Ye Chen had never promised anyone anything over vague conditions.

Ye Chen was surely not an easy person to talk to. ‘Mommy is so wise!’

“Then, I will ask first, and you will have to answer first as well.” Ning Ning brought the issue at hand back again. Like father, like son—their means of negotiation was exactly the same.


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