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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 107 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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With a serious face, Ye Chen sat on the chair as Ning Ning sat next to him. Looking at the operating theatre, Ye Chen honestly said, “I have not thought it over yet!”

Ning Ning was very satisfied with that promise.

Ye Chen’s answer implied that he would really think about what he would do about the things between Anya and himself.

“Actually, I really want my father to know that he has such a son, but my mommy’s happiness is more important than my wish!” Ning Ning politely stated his choice.

If there came a day Ning Ning had to choose between his mommy and daddy, he would choose his mommy as their bond was strong enough to the point Ye Chen could not separate them.

Of course, it would be much better if such a choice didn’t have to be made!

Ye Chen scrutinized the little face that resembled him and felt a blunt pain in his heart. This topic was too serious, and it seemed that Ning Ning had specifically reserved it for him.

Third Young Master Ye was almost certain that Ning Ning knew something but was unwilling to say it as he was concerned about Cheng Anya, who was in the operating theatre. Sinking his head a little, he changed the topic and asked, “Who is the man in the OT? Is he able to save your mommy?”

Ning Ning nodded and smiled. He said, “He is Bai Ye. If he can’t save the person, nobody else could save him.”

“Bai Ye?” Ye Chen raised his eyebrows in surprise. There was a particularly sensational incident about Bai Ye that had spread among circles last year which he caught wind of.

That incident revolved around arms deals between Chu Li and Black J in London Port and Mexico City. Somebody attempted a hit on Chu Li and Chu Li was shot twenty-three times, five to the heart. Many claimed that Chu Li was killed on the spot.

Little did they know that Chu Li awoke after a month.

His doctor was Bai Ye.

A man who was highly skilled but cryptic.

The incident was a sensation last year, and very few in the arms and diamonds trade did not know about it.

As Ye Chen heard of it, he thought of the incident as incomprehensible and that the person who was hit was Chu Li’s substitute. But who knew? Firearms trade was not without turmoil and there was also a semblance of order. Ye Chen believed that it was not impossible for the dead to come back to life.

Ning Ning heard Ye Chen mention the incident and smiled slightly. Nobody could be brought back from death.

While Bai Ye’s medical skills were superb, they were not superb to the point of subverting the laws of nature.

“How did you know him?” Ye Chen asked in a deep voice. He was nervous as Bai Ye’s relationship with the three major international terrorists was not unknown. How did this kid have such a relationship with someone so special?

Ning Ning smiled a little and made an excuse. “When I was in London with Mommy, Bai Ye owed us a favor. Now that he happened to be in City A, I asked him to repay the favor.”

Ning Ning said it calmly and his tender voice sounded extremely convincing. Most people would not doubt his words.

Ye Chen could not find a flaw in Ning Ning’s reasons and did not pursue it.

Little did Ye Chen know that not only did his son know Bai Ye, but he was also one of the three major international terrorists. His son was also involved in behind-the-scenes trades.

“What was with the car accident?” Ye Chen had asked Daddy Cheng , but not Ning Ning.

Ning Ning’s eyes narrowed, indignation apparent in them. He was very angry. “I don’t know. A car suddenly rushed over and Mommy pushed me away, only to be knocked down. The perpetrator escaped the scene.”

If Mommy hadn’t pushed him away, both he and Mommy would have been hurt by the accident.

This was clearly an attempted murder!

However, he did not want to tell Ye Chen.

Ning Ning was determined to make the person behind the accident pay a painful price.

Whoever caused his mother to almost lose her life would pay with his life.

He recognized the car model involved in the accident: a limited-edition Lamborghini. Someone who could afford such a car must be from an affluent family.

To have the gall to knock someone down in broad daylight meant that he must have had support. That would explain his arrogance and guts to hit somebody with a Lamborghini.

If the incident was handed over to the police and the suspect was arrested, formalities would still be formalities and the suspect would still walk away scot-free after a mere interview at the police station.

How could he allow that to happen?

Ning Ning would kill anyone who threatened his mother’s life!

Ning Ning must settle the matter privately. The fewer in the know, the better it was.

He still hoped that he was a smart, cute, and lovable child in his father’s eyes. How bad would it be for the image to be tarnished before they even knew each other!

“I have sent people to investigate the incident. I will get to the bottom of it. Do not worry,” Ye Chen said as he touched Ning Ning’s head.

Although they were hiding things from each other, father and son acted similarly. Ye Chen had also sent people to privately investigate the incident.

If it was a genuine accident, the perpetrator would be whacked to a pulp before being delivered to the police station.

If it was an attempted murder, the perpetrator should be prepared to meet his maker!

Whoever had the gall to knock someone over in such a manner must be mentally prepared to be retaliated against.

Ye Chen, however, thought it was more likely an accident as the mother and son had not crossed someone to the point their lives were wanted.

No matter what, Ye Chen would not pursue the case.

Ning Ning nodded. It seemed that he had to get Chu Li to falsify some information to derail his daddy. He hoped to take things into his own hand and not had Ye Chen involved.

Ning Ning intuitively felt that the accident could have been related to him.

Just in case…

The scheming father-son duo had their own plans and remained silent for a while.

Ye Chen quietly looked at Ning Ning’s side profile and felt even more proud and moved.

Ning Ning was, however, thinking about ways to let his rivals die in a more dignified manner.

Time passed quietly.

Although Ning Ning was mentally strong, he was physically weaker. He had a habit of taking a nap in the afternoon. Now, knowing that Anya would be fine, he relaxed and dozed off in the chair.

Ye Chen couldn’t simply sit by the side. He reached out to Ning Ning and laid him down so that the latter could sleep on his thigh as he hugged him.

Ning Ning was too sleepy and did not care much. He hugged Third Young Master Ye’s waist and fell into a deep sleep.

His son!

Ye Chen smiled warmly.

The seemingly cold facial features gave way and softened into a gentle and mesmerizing visage as though Ye Chen had changed.

As he thought of Cheng Anya, his anger flared up. The damn woman could hide Ning Ning from him for so long. She’d better be able to give him a perfect explanation.

Ye Chen had obviously admitted from the bottom of his heart that Ning Ning was his son.

Even if Cheng Anya denied him a paternity test, Ye Chen had made up his mind!

Looking at Ning Ning’s little face that resembled his own, Third Young Master Ye could not help but exclaim the wonders of the creator.

Third Young Master Ye kept holding Ning Ning. He never had such a moment. He looked at Ning Ning mesmerizingly as though he had not seen enough.

The phone suddenly rang, and Third Young Master Ye was considering not picking it up. However, he saw it was Old Master Ye calling and he frowned as he picked up the phone.

“Back home, now!” Old Master Ye’s voice passed through the phone. Ye Chen could feel a chill through the phone.




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