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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 109 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Third Young Master Ye, shall we have dinner together another time?” Ning Ning smiled as he asked Ye Chen.

The two of them were originally planning to have dinner together, and Ye Chen could not bear to part with Ning Ning this quickly. The child wanted to spend more time with his father, but he did not expect Chu Li to be so efficient that dinner plans had to be scrapped.

Ye Chen did not like Ning Ning to get too close to Bai Ye. The former was an innocent kid whereas the latter was a terrorist hidden in the darkness of the world. Nobody could be sure Bai Ye would not lead Ning Ning astray.

As Anya had yet to wake up from her surgery, and as much as Ye Chen saw Ning Ning as his son, he was not actually Ning Ning’s father and was in no position to speak on behalf of Ning Ning.

His cold gaze swept across Bai Ye. Ye Chen was prepared and alert. A shred of coldness shrouded Ye Chen’s immaculate features. Which sensible parents in their right mind would let a terrorist have their way with their children?

Bai Ye, exceptionally intelligent, knew what was on Ye Chen’s mind. It was axiomatic for parents to worry about their children. That he could understand. But he knew that Third Young Master Ye’s child, for better or worse, would not need to be worried upon for the rest of his life.

Whether in terms of intellect, decisiveness, or mere viciousness!

Few people could match up to him!

It was implausible for him to be bullied, but plausible otherwise.

“Third Young Master Ye, please avoid pulling such a long face. We do deal in firearms, diamond smuggling, and money laundering. But we do not deal in human trafficking,” Bai Ye articulated as his deliberately spaced words carried with them wisdom.

There was confidence amidst the coldness and indifference.

Ye Chen was taken aback. He did not expect Bai Ye to be this straightforward. The corners of his lips rose into a smirk. “You may not be able to abduct him even if you want to!”

Bai Ye smiled. It seemed that Ye Chen understood Ning Ning.

Ye Chen turned to Ning Ning. “You go ahead first!”

Ning Ning nodded, smiled at Ye Chen, and left with Bai Ye.

When he got into the car, Ning Ning asked, “Who did it?”

“Ye Yutang, your second uncle!” Bai Ye said as he passed the laptop to Ning Ning. “See for yourself!”

Ning Ning turned on the laptop and pulled out the information Chu Li gathered. His tender face tensed and he frowned. “Humph, he must have wanted to hit me, right?”

“Perhaps so!” Bai ye said measurably. The affairs between the Ye brothers would only get more exciting in the future.

“What a bastard!” Since Yutang could not knock him down and implicated his mother as a result, Ning Ning was not going to forgive him.

“What to do now? Yutang is related to you by blood. Do you still plan to kill him regardless?” Bai Ye asked as he smiled. Had the perpetrator behind the accident been someone else unrelated, Ning Ning would have had him terminated with extreme prejudice.

If the perpetrator was somebody from the Ye family, much deliberation before a decision was a must!

Ning Ning logged into his personal tracking system and located Ye Yutang after entering a few instructions.

In a few seconds, the system tracked Ye Yutang to a location. Ning Ning pulled out an area map and calmly said, “No. 358, Yanglu Avenue, Donglin District!”

“You are really gonna order a hit on him?” Bai Ye asked, startled. He almost thought Ning Ning was going to call it quits.

“For what he did to my mommy, he will pay with both his legs at the very least!” Ning Ning coldly said. There was no room for negotiation. Did Ye Yutang think he could knock down anyone he wished?

Be aware of one’s self-worth!

Ye Chen took out his phone and turned it on. The twenty-plus missed calls were all from the Ye mansion. Ye Chen frowned, deep in thought. What could have happened?

When he returned to the Ye family’s mansion, Old Master Ye and Ruan Cuiyu were both sitting in the living room. Both of them looked terrible, and especially so for Old Master Ye. He seemed exceptionally scary with that ashen face of his as he held his cane.

“Father!” Ye Chen coldly greeted Old Master Ye.

“Where were you? And you are only home now?” Old Master Ye was in a rage. His sunken gaze foretold of a violent maelstrom.

“I was busy!” Ye Chen sneered.

“Oh, the third master sure is cocky. Old Master Ye wanted to see you but had to repeatedly ask you to do so. Nobody had dared to keep Old Master Ye waiting for so long. So, Third Young Master Ye, are you genuinely busy or deliberately busy?” Ruan Cuiyu said viciously as she gloated.

It was an open secret that Old Master Ye was nurturing Ye Yutong to take over MBS Corporation, but Ye Yutong was young and Ye Chen was the master of the house. Nobody dared to look down on Ye Chen as Old Master Ye was well-advanced in age. Nobody knew what could happen in the Ye family once Ye Yutong grew up.

Ruan Cuiyu married Old Master Ye at a young age for the purpose of gaining the inheritance of the Ye family.

Ye Chen was undoubtedly the biggest stumbling block to her in gaining the Ye family’s inheritance. While Cuiyu had tried to get into Ye Chen’s good books, Ye Chen never gave her face. He even showed her his disgust and contempt.

Ye Chen’s actions made the vain and self-confident Cuiyu thoroughly hate him.

Cuiyu knew about the bad blood between the old master and Ye Chen. Every time Ye Chen returned home, ridicule was certain, and her eagerness to stoke conflict between father and son often provoked them. How good would it be had Old Master Ye evicted Ye Chen from MBS in a fit of rage!

Ye Chen’s cold and expressionless gaze swept over Ruan Cuiyu. His immaculate features seemed to be covered with a shade of indifference and his face spoke of his typical elegant indifference. He smirked and ignored her.

He totally ignored her!

Ruan Cuiyu was angry and was as red as a tomato. “Old master, look at him… Is this how the young should treat the old?”

“Dad, if you have something to say, spit it out. I have a three-way meeting with Matt in a moment,” Ye Chen coldly said as he ignored Ruan Cuiyu.

Having to stay in this so-called home for every additional second made Ye Chen disgusted!

Old Master Ye quietly raged as he squinted. “Ye Chen, what gall do you have to dare hide something so important from me?”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Chen frowned. Ruan Cuiyu smiled coldly whereas Old Master Ye was depressed. A shred of fear and suspicion flashed past Ye Chen as he wondered what could have happened.

Ye Chen knew Old Master Ye well. Having been in business for decades, Old Master Ye was not somebody to be trifled with. He was violent and assertive when young, and having seen the world, he was very much tempered and able to keep his anger in check. This was the first time Ye Chen saw Old Master so visibly angry.

Old Master Ye was furious and forcefully tapped his walking stick on the ground twice. The tapping scared the daylights out of Ruan Cuiyu. “How dare you act silly in plain sight! Why didn’t you tell me that you have a son?”

Ye Chen’s eyes widened a little and he was extremely surprised. How did Old Master Ye get wind of that?

Ye Chen was secretly surprised as he just knew today that Anya had a son that resembled him a lot, which meant that Anya’s son was very likely his son. That was just hours ago. How did Old Master Ye receive the news that quickly?

“What now? Out of words?” Old Master Ye sneered as his aged face carried a few hints of viciousness. “See for yourself!”

As Old Master Ye said, he threw the document pouch on the table toward Ye Chen and the pouch landed on Ye Chen’s chest as its contents spilled out. Two photographs slid out of the document pouch and Ye Chen picked them up nervously.

It was Ning Ning!

One of the photographs was Ning Ning in a small school uniform. His young kid’s face carried an elegant smile and he was as elegant as a young gentleman in the well-taken photograph. People seemed to like him.

The other photograph was a photo of Anya and Ning Ning!

With the Tower of London in the background, Anya was well-dressed and adorned in a goose-yellow dress. She was like a pure and beautiful girl, similar to a blooming yellow rose which drew away the breaths of many.




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