Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 111 - : Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 111 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“If you don’t want people to know what you do, don’t do it! I have seen that kid a few weeks ago!” Old Master Ye snorted. Back then, he had thought that it was all pure coincidence, but now…

“I had intended for Ruoxi to be your secretary as she has the ability to assist you at work and take care of you at the same time. But you refused and let this woman into MBS… Who is the mother of this child?” Old Master Ye suppressed the tremor in his voice and pointed at Cheng Anya in the photo. “Who is she?”

Ye Chen had just barely opened his mouth to speak when his cell phone rang. The call had broken the tension between both of them.

“What did you say?” Ye Chen’s expression changed. He looked at Old Master Ye, hung up, and walked toward the exit as fast as he could.

“Ye Chen, stop! Where are you going?” Old Master Ye was furious.

Ye Chen looked back with a stern face. “You’d better pray that Ye Yutang will be lucky enough to stay alive!”

Donglin District, at a basement parking lot!

Ning Ning switched on the computer and hacked into the building’s surveillance cameras’ system. Surveillance cameras were then switched off!

Bai Ye was impressed by how smooth and quick his actions were. Although Chu Li and Black J were also computer geniuses, they were not gifted. Instead, they had trained hard during the special agent training camp.

However, Ning Ning was obviously gifted, unlike the others.

The lifeless machines seemed to have come alive under his control, and he could do whatever he wanted without stepping out of the house.

“When did you find out that you have a talent in computing?” Bai Ye asked out of curiosity.

“When I was five!” Ning Ning said. He tilted his head, then smiled and winked cutely. “I assembled my first computer single-handedly. Back then, my mommy had to attend school while taking care of me, and life was tough. Hence, I went to collect old computer spare parts at the electrical waste factory and assembled a computer myself. The configuration was far better than the ones sold on the market!”

“Genius!” Bai Ye complimented. “Here they come!”

Two cars drove into the parking lot. The cars stopped abruptly and Ye Yutang was thrown out of the car. He let out a pitiful cry and applied pressure to his head injury while moaning in pain. “Who are you? What are you going to do to me?” he shouted in anger.

“Do you all know who I am? I am the second young master of MBS and will soon become the president. If anyone dares to touch me, the Ye family will not forgive you easily. Be ready to face the consequences!”

Six men alighted from the car, and the vibe in the parking lot turned gloomy.

Black outfits, sturdy, strong vibes, murderous expressions.

Every move of theirs seemed to fill the parking lot with an increasingly dark force.

Feeling scared, Ye Yutang retreated. His limbs were trembling while his eyes were full of fear.

He was extremely terrified even though the six men were silent.

The murderous vibe was strong, and it could not have formed up within a short period of time.

They must have been through many life and deaths to be able to radiate this kind of vibe.

It was incomparable to the usual mafia figures one would encounter.

Ye Yutang was obviously a paper tiger. He was someone who had been to all sorts of illegal places and black markets, and had seen many gangsters outside.

But it was his first encounter with someone with such a strong murderous vibe.

Strong and threatening.

“I beg you all, please let me go. Let me go and I will give you any amount of money you wish. Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” Ye Yutang rolled and crawled. He grabbed the thighs of one of the men and pleaded.

He was supposed to be enjoying himself in the bar while waiting for Ruan Cuiyu to deliver good news. Who knew that he would be kidnapped by six strong men?

He was already petrified on his way to the parking lot.

He had shouted earlier on in hopes to scare them, but apparently, it wasn’t effective at all.

Ye Yutang was terror-stricken to the point that he was shaking.

Ordinary people would definitely be scared when faced with one of the men in black, not to mention that he was facing six of them. That aura of bloodthirstiness was so strong that one just wouldn’t miss it.

“Please, let me go, let me go…”

He did not know who he had provoked. Ye Yutang could not imagine who had the courage to kidnap him in City A.

He was used to being notorious in the area and was famous among the gangsters. Infamous, to be exact. Many of them let him off as he was from the Ye family. However, this made Ye Yutang arrogant.

He thought that he could do whatever he wanted in City A using the name of the Ye family. He was the classical brainless second generation of the rich with no guts at all.

“What a coward!” Bai Ye looked down on him, looking disgusted. It was such a humiliation for him to have laid his hands on this type of person.

‘Tsk, the difference in level is so apparent.’

He did not even deserve to be a target, and killing him with a gun would lower his style too.

Ning Ning tilted his head and gave a sardonic smile.


He switched off the computer at once and got out of the car. Thinking of his daddy’s humiliation and his mommy’s pain, he promised that he would take revenge. A great show was about to start. He would not be worthy enough to be the son of his parents if he hadn’t pledged to torture Ye Yutang like he was mad.

He did not have anything to lose, unlike his daddy.

Bai Ye smiled and followed him down the car. Luckily, the parking lot was not crowded and they had closed down the place. Time for a good show!

“Hi, second young master, remember me?” Ning Ning greeted Ye Yutang with a smile while approaching him gradually. He looked so delighted as if he was a young married woman visiting her parents-in-law. With his unique pinkish tender cheeks, that particular scene looked extraordinarily lovely and cute.

Ye Yutang’s eyes widened. Was it him?

‘That lucky brat, is he here to take revenge?’

“You…” Ye Yutang pointed at Ning Ning with his fingers, trembling. He rolled on the ground and attempted to escape.

Ning Ning tilted his head and two of the men in black stopped him immediately. Ye Yutang bumped into the shoulders of the two men, bounced back, and fell on the ground with a loud thud. He then crawled forward, battered and exhausted.

The rest of the men in black moved quickly to form a circle surrounding him.

“Second Young Master Ye, the bullet doesn’t have control of where it goes. You’d better not move.” Ning Ning pulled out the hidden pistol from the waist of Bai Ye while smiling gracefully. “I do not know how to shoot, and I have never touched a gun either. It would be too bad for you if the gun accidentally shoots by itself.”

The black gun muzzle was aiming right at Ye Yutang!

Bai Ye kept quiet. This was not his original plan, but he could not find a way to stop Ning Ning. Forget it. Ning Ning would need to face this world sooner or later. It would be better for him to start training earlier.

Ye Yutang froze in fear and waved his hands in the air. “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. I was in the wrong, I was in the wrong. Please spare me…”

“Garbage!” Bai Ye murmured in disgust. If he wasn’t Ye Yutang, Ning Ning would have shot him and left long ago instead of having such a long conversation with him. He even begged for mercy first. What a useless man.

Didn’t he, a fully grown adult, feel ashamed for begging a child?

“All men should be ashamed of his presence in the world!” Bai Ye said coldly. He stood aside to enjoy the drama as he felt dirty to even look at him.

“I agree. He shouldn’t be alive!” Ning Ning returned the pistol to Bai Ye, went forward, and signaled for the men in black to back off. Ye Yutang was so frightened that he kept retreating, and his legs were like jelly.




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