Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 112 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 112 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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He wanted to escape but did not have any strength to do so.

He was flustered and sweating profusely.

Fear was unveiled in his eyes.

That was clearly a child, a lovely and cute-looking child. Every move of his revealed his elegant temperament, but he was afraid of him. How exactly did he find him?

How did he know that he was the one who ran them over?

‘Damn it, I should have killed that child!’

“You said that you were in the wrong, so what mistakes did you make? Let’s hear it out,” Ning Ning said softly.

Ye Yutang then came back to his senses and covered his mouth in shock. Oh no, he had let slip of the fact that he had run over Cheng Anya and her son with his car. Nobody should have found out about it as there were no surveillance cameras along that street.

“I…” Ye Yutang could not say a word. Scared and anxious, his face turned red, and he looked wretched and battered.

Ning Ning snorted. ‘How on earth am I related by blood to him? It’s really…’

A family misfortune!

“Can’t you say it?” Ning Ning laughed cutely and winked. “You knocked down people with your limited-edition Lamborghini in broad daylight. Second Young Master Ye, perhaps you want to let the whole world know about this?”

“That’s not me, not me… I didn’t do it…” Ye Yutang waved his hands frantically, and his eyes revealed how flustered he was. In addition to the scary men in black who had already driven him crazy, Ning Ning blurted out frightening words regarding him with a cute and innocent look. The huge contrast made the already timid Second Young Master Ye even more fragile.

It was driving him mad.

“Second Young Master Ye!” Ning Ning blinked his eyes and showed his set of white teeth brightly. “I forgot to tell you. I have no other special talents except for being great with computers and having a good memory. It wasn’t difficult at all for me to find out about the car and its driver. So…”

“Stop denying it, will you?” Ning Ning frowned, a cynical look on his face. “Didn’t your kindergarten teacher teach you to be truthful when dealing with smart people? If you keep denying like this, you will make me feel like an idiot. Don’t make me question my high IQ, ok?”

Bai Ye giggled. He felt overwhelmed by what he had seen. How could there be a child so cute and evil at the same time? He laughed.

Look, his skin was so tender and his smile was so graceful. Anyone who had seen him would think that he was a cute and delicate child.

But, the truth was, his cherry mouth could spit out words that were scarier than what terrorists would say.

Although he said them while smiling, the sarcasm and danger in those words could be felt. Let us first mourn for Second Young Master Ye.

He raised his eyebrows and could not help but take out his video recorder. ‘I should record this down for others to witness the coolness of the young boy!’

“Yes… I was wrong. I did it. Please spare my life, I beg you…” The second young master cried. He didn’t even know why he was so afraid of him.

By right, he should not be afraid of a child.

Moreover, he had the face of Ye Chen, whom he had always bullied since he was young.

Ye Chen looked almost the same as him when he first went to the Ye family. The brothers abused each other, but why was he afraid of that face now?

He just didn’t understand!

Although he had mustered his courage to threaten him with the authority of the Ye family, he could not say it out loud when he made eye contact with him.

He could only tremble in fear.

What a scary child.

He’s like a devil in disguise!

“Good!” Ning Ning laughed and clapped his hands. “Now, say, how would you like to die? I will grant your wish!”

Ye Yutang shivered like how the leaves fall from the trees during autumn. He broke out in a cold sweat and pleaded. “I beg you, please let me go… I… I am your second uncle, your second uncle… You can’t kill me, can’t kill me…”

Ning Ning smiled elegantly. Too elegant that the smile became cold and scary. If he didn’t reply, perhaps he would be nice and let him off. However, if he replies, he would be digging his own grave.

“I don’t even listen to the third young master, why would I listen to you?” Ning Ning replied in a cold tone. “Come, let’s first reenact the accident!”

He had planned to let him experience ten times the fear that his mommy had faced at the moment of the accident.

“No…” Ye Yutang screamed. One of the men in black came over and dragged him to his feet, while another man got into the car and started the engine. Their actions were quick and smooth.

“No, please let me go… Save me… You devil…”

Ning Ning raised his brows. Devil? Hmm, it’s a great nickname. He took the pistol from Bai Ye and pointed it at Ye Yutang. “Stand properly, don’t move and shut up!”

Ye Yutang froze on the spot with his messy hair and his expensive, dusty suit. His eyes widened in fear, and his legs were trembling badly, very badly!

“Very good. Don’t move, or else…” Ning Ning raised his arms. “Leave your brain juices here!”

Bai Ye clapped his hands. What he said was so cool and overbearing!

This child was indeed a capable individual!

If he worked hard, he could dominate the arms industry in ten years’ time.

Or even scarier than them!

He felt that Jason’s title of being the greatest terrorist could be passed on to him.

The atmosphere tensed up immediately. The dim lighting in the parking lot filled the place with gloom. Ye Yutang felt a chill down his spine. He opened his eyes wide in fear and shivered.

He did not dare to move as that evil child was pointing a gun at him.

He did not believe that a child would really pull the trigger, but he was still afraid. He heard the sound of a car engine and looked at the reversing car. His fear grew intensively…

“Please, I beg you, don’t do this…” Ye Yutang pleaded in an awkward manner.

Ning Ning smirked, narrowed his eyes, and aimed the pistol at him. He was warning him to not act rashly with that simple gesture.

“Go!” he shouted. He had enjoyed watching the scene of Ye Yutang being scared. His childish voice made the already scary atmosphere seem even weirder.

The car went toward Ye Yutang in full speed…

“Ahh… Ahh…” Ye Yutang screamed at the top of his lungs, almost ripping the parking lot apart. His screams echoed… It was ear-piercing and spooky.

Bai Ye shook his head and laughed cynically. How embarrassing!

Ning Ning smiled. He felt good to point a gun at someone. Perhaps he should start learning how to shoot.

The screeching sound from braking the car was heard, and a long mark could be seen on the ground. The car had stopped an inch away from him…

The man stalled the car and alighted.

He stood by the side silently.

Ye Yutang was so frightened that his face went pale, and there was liquid dripping out of his crotch.

There was soon a pool of water on the ground.

Bai Ye giggled. With extreme sarcasm, he mocked, “He peed?”

Ning Ning nodded. “Yes, it looks like it!”

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