Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 115 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 115 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Yutang’s cheekbone almost broke from the blow. The pain left him whining and rolling on the ground.

“Kill you?” Ye Chen barely spat the words out of his mouth. “You don’t deserve it!”

He stood up, the corners of his lips lifted into a wry smile. Then, he pulled out the gun from his waist and fired two shots at Ye Yutang’s broken bones.

He used a silencer gun which did not make loud shooting sounds. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of blood splattering out as the bullet entered his body and the horrible screaming of Ye Yutang.

That desperate scream of despair and grief.

Ning Ning bit his lower lip softly, very puzzled. Why did his daddy do that?

Why did he choose to shoot his broken legs? To deepen his pain? That’s unnecessary. He could feel extremely painful as well if he had shot other places. It made no sense for him to shoot at the same spot.

Bai Ye was confused too. He asked Ning Ning, “What is he trying to do?”

Ning Ning shook his head and blinked cutely. He gave his brightest smile and said, “My daddy seems to be…”

He frowned awkwardly while trying to think of a suitable word to describe this kind of anomalous act. “Well, it’s weird!”

Ye Chen put away his gun and looked back while smiling. He remained calm and elegant even though Ye Yutang screamed horrendously. “Bai Ye, can you lend me a helping hand?”

Bai Ye felt like he was being forced on a pirate <anno data-annotation-id=”65fec897-0141-4e15-b092-c0b48e46eb68″>ship</anno> Could he say no in this situation?

“Of course!” Bai Ye came over. Ning Ning followed him.

Ye Chen glanced at Ye Yutang and said, “Look, my second elder brother’s bones have been broken and shot twice. I heard that you are a genius doctor. Could you teach me how to take out the bullets and connect his bones back?”

Bai Ye squinted acutely. Even the six expressionless men dressed in black couldn’t help but look at one another in great confusion.

This was really weird!

The antics of this pair of father and son had caused everyone to suffer mentally. The little one enjoyed the show by the side, while the other one asked the doctor for help to save his brother politely.

This scene was extraordinarily weird.

Ning Ning covered his mouth and laughed. ‘Daddy, your mind is very distorted indeed.’ Ning Ning started to worry about his Mommy’s future.

His Mommy was a first-rate black-bellied character whose thoughts were unfathomable, but his daddy’s unconventional behavior was also over the top.

It was definitely incomparable to his Mommy.

“Teach you?” Bai Ye repeated his words and raised his eyebrows. He asked him to teach him instead of asking him to do it? Well, great, very powerful! Bai Ye bowed politely and smiled. “I’m more than happy to be able to serve the third young master!”

“But, there is no scalpel or medical pliers!” Ning Ning said cutely with his finger placed on his lips. He gave the second young master an awkward look and said, “It will be painful without anesthesia!”

‘Daddy, you are too good at this!’

He had originally planned to scare him with the ‘mock’ accident, then break his legs and place a bet with him using the Russian roulette. After that, he would scare him again with a gun. Of course, a blank gun which would make him think that it’s a loaded gun. At last, he would make him the target and shoot him twice with a loaded gun.

If he had gone ahead with his plan, Ye Yutang would be more or less dead inside even if he didn’t die. It would certainly be an unforgettable experience for him.

He might even make a detour upon seeing his face in the future.

However, his daddy was unexpectedly more evil. Asking Bai Ye for help to remove the bullet shot by him? It was, for sure, a more unforgettable experience for the second young master.

‘I bet he would go crazy even if he doesn’t die.’

This was definitely a good way to drive someone crazy.

‘Daddy, you are good. Baby concedes defeat!’

He played more aggressively while his dad played insidiously.

Great, the pain that his Mommy felt on the operating table was now returned a hundred times more to the second young master.

“Scalpel?” Bai Ye blinked his eyes and pulled out a mini scalpel from his waist. “An arms merchant would always carry weapons with them to protect themselves, so, as a doctor, it is normal for us to carry a scalpel around in case emergencies happen.”

Ning Ning and Ye Chen went silent. It was obvious that only he did that. Did you ever encounter any doctors on the street who carried a scalpel wherever they went?

Bai Ye laughed and waved the scalpel in the air. He then reached his hand into the inside of his clothes and took out a row of surgical tools. Everything was in place.

The pair of father and son went silent again.

Bai Ye laughed and explained. “When we were in the special agent training camp in the past, there was a mission which required us to fight with a bunch of killers in the African forest. Both Jason and I escaped in four hours, but Jason was shot four times. Any idea what I used to perform surgery on him? A combat knife… It traumatized Black J for almost two weeks, and he would make a detour every time he saw me. From then on, he demanded me to bring my surgical tools with me wherever I go. Because of this, Chu Li survived last year.”

Actually, Bai Ye was their private doctor. When they had just entered the arms industry, they had no name and no fame, which often caused them to be shot when negotiations between them and the arms tycoons or drug lords went wrong.

If anything happened, all the hospitals would be locked down and searched thoroughly. Hence, going to a recognized hospital was definitely not an option for them. The conditions of private clinics weren’t as good either, so Bai Ye would always standby near them whenever they went for negotiations or decided to snatch someone else’s territories.

He was always ready to save lives. All the killings and riots in the past made him develop the habit of always carrying a scalpel.

Now, they were all standing at the top of the world. It would hence be a dream to even get close to them. Naturally, this meant that Bai Ye didn’t have to be on standby at all times. However, he could not kick the habit after all these years.

Luckily, because of this, he could save Chu Li in time last year.

Ye Yutang was terrified by him again, and it was as if his soul had left his body. How he wished he could just die on the spot immediately. Why didn’t they kill him once and for all?

Ning Ning and Ye Chen had controlled their level of torture nicely in a way that Ye Yutang would feel extreme pain, but not to the extent where he would lose his consciousness. This was to ensure that he would be there to witness and listen to the whole process of Bai Ye teaching Ye Chen about bullet removal, and be horrified by it.

There were sweat and blood mixed on the ground. The second young master had not been so embarrassed and scared in his entire life before…

“No… Save me…”

“Noisy!” Ning Ning squatted down in front of him, smiling brightly. Gently and politely, he said, “Second young master, the third young master is just trying to save you. Why are you shouting? You have to thank him instead!”

“I don’t want him to operate on me… Send me to the hospital… Send me to the hospital…” Flustered, Ye Yutang reached out his hand to Ning Ning and asked him for help.

Ning Ning thought, ‘Is he too desperate or is he just too naive?’

Sending him to the hospital?

That would be after the surgery!

His legs would definitely not work anymore!

“I’m actually quite interested in medical surgeries as well. Bai Ye, can you teach me?” Ning Ning pursed his lips and pulled out a mini scalpel. He waved the scalpel around and smiled cutely.

Ye Chen glanced at him coldly. “No!”

“Why not?”

“You are too young!”

“Why does that matter?”

“It’s too bloody for you!”

Ye Chen did not want him to be involved with such evil acts, but what he didn’t know was that the evilness in his son was inherited from him, and he might even be more aggressive than him.


To board a pirate ship means to be led astray.



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