Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 118
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 118
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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One can only be eighteen once in a lifetime. When his mommy was young, she had dedicated her youth to him instead of enjoying the beauty of life like other people of her age at that point in time.

Ning Ning felt really sorry for her. Hence, whatever Cheng Anya wished to do, he would try his best to fulfill them.

This accident involving Cheng Anya had, therefore, enraged Ning Ning. What he had done to Ye Yutang was already considered mild.

If he was not Ye Yutang, Ning Ning would definitely have tortured him to death.

“KFC is unhealthy junk food! It’s bad for children!” Ye Chen said and frowned. He wanted to bring his son for a good meal.

“You don’t know anything!” Ning Ning smiled and tilted his head. Full of expectations, he exclaimed, “I want to eat KFC!”

The third young master wanted to say no, but his heart softened upon looking at Ning Ning’s big, deep eyes that were filled with expectations of a precious child. Unknowingly, he stopped his car in front of a KFC which was located by the roadside.

Ning Ning was all smiles as he struck a pose of victory.

The father and son got down the car and Ye Chen couldn’t help but hold the boy’s hand while heading toward KFC. It was one o’clock in the morning, and the restaurant was empty. There wasn’t anyone except for two female service staff who were dozing off. The unexpected entrance of the father and son brightened up the dull place immediately.

Ye Chen knocked on the table a few times with his keys. The two service staff who were dozing off had a shock and almost hit their heads on the table. Their eyes were blank even though they were awake. Stunned and confused, they stared at the father and son.

One of the service staff looked like a student, particularly pure. She looked at Ning Ning, blinked, and rubbed her eyes. Her eyes were full of love.

“Kawaii[1.’Kawaii’ means cute in Japanese]…” she screamed, mesmerized.

Lovestruck, the other service staff stared at Ye Chen with a face full of infatuation.

Both the father’s and son’s looks were exceptionally good, to the point that they would probably stand out in a large crowd.

Ning Ning kept quiet, while Ye Chen was speechless. He knocked on the table with his car keys again in an attempt to wake the service staff from their dream.

It might be due to his strong aura that the two service staff came back to their senses immediately and greeted the father and son warmly, their smiles akin to blooming flowers.

The two service staff’s admiration for the father and son was pure, especially the girl who looked younger. How she wished Ning Ning was her child. She made no attempt to conceal the evil thoughts of wanting to rub Ning Ning’s face and hug him.

Her stare gave Ning Ning goosebumps and Ye Chen stared back at her coldly.

The poor little waitress was so intimidated by Ye Chen that she stood in the corner and drew <anno data-annotation-id=”c78d9058-91bb-4425-8cf0-19d41fa6eb7d”>circles</anno>.

‘Stopping me from looking at the little boy? I curse you, curse you…’

The older girl kept up her appearances well. Although her face was full of infatuation, she was not that crazy over him. Elegant and well-dressed men like Ye Chen, whose actions gave off a sense of royalty and dominance, were people that could only be looked at from afar to her.

It was just pure admiration!

After the father and son had ordered their meals, they went to the washroom to wash their hands. By the time they came back, the food was ready. Ye Chen told Ning Ning to find a table and he carried their supper over.

The two of them had ordered a family bucket and two chicken burgers.

It was quite a lot of food. Ye Chen was a lazy person as well. He insisted on carrying both trays at once as he didn’t want to make two trips. If he wasn’t wearing his suit, he could totally fit in as a waiter.

His posture was of a first-class standard.

Ning Ning propped his chin on his hands and smiled brightly while watching his daddy perform. If such a scene was photographed by someone else, it would definitely make the headlines in the entertainment industry.

He looked exceptionally funny.

Ning Ning thought, ‘This might be the first time he had to act so down-to-earth after going back to the Ye family again!’

The feeling of being served by Daddy was actually not bad!

Ning Ning ripped open the wrapping of the burger and took a bite. He was starving. Eating came first before anything else. Table manners were for outsiders to see, not for family members. Ning Ning took big mouthfuls of the burger until his cheeks bulged. His rosy cheeks made him look even cuter.

Ye Chen could not believe that he was that insidious, black-bellied brat from earlier on. Only then did he have the cuteness of what children of his age should have.

“Eat slowly!” Ye Chen urged. He poked the straw in and placed the coke right in front of Ning Ning.

He couldn’t understand why children would like junk food that was not nutritious at all.

After taking a bite of the burger, Ye Chen curled his lips in disgust. ‘It tastes so awful!’

He had a picky appetite and that kind of food could never enter Ye Chen’s mouth. However, he was too hungry. Beggars can’t be choosers, so he could only eat it.

“How did you know it was Ye Yutang?” Ye Chen asked while eating. Ning Ning didn’t just know about it, but he had also known about it before Ye Chen did, which was weird.

Ning Ning wiped his mouth, gargled with a big sip of coke, and said, “Easy, I saw his car plate number, so I asked for Bai Ye’s help to investigate when he went back. Moreover, how many Lamborghini are there in City A? Isn’t the second young master seeking for his own death? How arrogant.”

That man was really too rubbish. His daddy was obviously better than him in any aspect. Ning Ning couldn’t help but wonder if both of them were really brothers. It was still okay if they were slightly different, but it was weird if they had too many differences.

“You saw the car plate number?” Ye Chen pursed his lips and looked at him. “Then, why didn’t you mention it in the hospital, when I sent someone to investigate?”

He seemed to have understood something and the corner his lips curved into a trace of a smile. ‘This brat is so smart!’

Ning Ning picked up a chicken wing, looked up at Ye Chen, then hung his head. He hesitated for a long time before confessing. “My mommy has always treated people nicely with a smile. How would she have aroused the dislike of others? I’m just a student. I can’t possibly have enemies either. Hence, I guessed he has something to do with you and I didn’t want to involve you in this matter right from the start.”

If he wanted to teach somebody a lesson, he would definitely have ways to catch them, unless they escaped to Mars. There was no need for his daddy to be involved in the matter.

“Not only have you kept quiet on the matter, but you even tried to prevent me from knowing the truth as well, right?” Ye Chen made a clever guess. “Somebody had posed problems and distracted my men during the investigation. Was it you?”

Ning Ning did not deny and nodded earnestly. He turned to look at him. “I don’t really know the details of what happened, but… the fact that you could see through our trick and find Ye Yutang had earned my respect. I worship you!”

Ning Ning took a bite of the chicken wing. Tender and juicy, it was yummy!

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes narrowed as he let out a slight grin. ‘Why does the way he speaks sound so familiar?’

“The world is big but Mommy is the greatest?” Third Young Master Ye couldn’t help but raise his voice. He stared at Ning Ning’s face, not wanting to miss any of his facial expressions. The way he spoke was so similar to The world is big but Mommy is the greatest.

No matter how much he denied, how a person speaks can’t possibly change drastically within such a short period of time.

Ye Chen was then reminded of how he got to know The world is big but Mommy is the greatest. It was during the period when Cheng Anya returned to China. London, seven years old… Mommy is the greatest!


No wonder he felt a sense of familiarity. He could almost confirm that he was that young brat on the internet!


To draw circles means to curse someone

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