Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 12 - This Woman Is Mine!
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 12 - This Woman Is Mine!
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Sensing a scorching gaze, Yang Zekun raised his eyes slightly, only to be met with Ye Chen’s displeased glare. Yang Zekun stiffened, indifference cloaking his doting gaze. As they stared at each other over a distance, Yang Zekun raised a glass to him as a form of acknowledgment.

Ye Chen withdrew his gaze and returned the polite gesture.

Cheng Anya’s head was lowered as she concentrated on her meal. She failed to notice the exchange between the two men.

“Eat slowly. You don’t have to be in a rush. Look, you have some food on the edge of your mouth.” Yang Zekun took a napkin and wiped her mouth gently, a doting smile present on his face as he indulged his darling’s antics.

Cheng Anya was slightly taken aback, feeling extremely awkward. Wasn’t that action a little too intimate?

However, she did not give it much thought and sent him a bashful smile in return.

Ye Chen’s gaze narrowed dangerously, a murderous aura emitting from his good-looking face.

It was a competition between men that only those involved understood. Yang Zekun was trying to declare his claim on Cheng Anya, openly telling him that this woman belonged to him!

The war between men had always been intense and domineering, more so for these two evenly-matched men who were rivals in the business world.

Be it a gentle guy or a cold guy, each of them had a special way of telling the other what belonged to them!

Ye Chen’s gaze was chilling. As expected, they were lovers. That guy finally tore apart his gentle facade.

His eyes were filled with an overbearing possessiveness.

“Chen, what are you looking at?” Following his gaze, Yun Ruoxi widened her eyes in surprise. “Young Master Yang? Is that his girlfriend?”

Ye Chen remained silent, eating with his head lowered. “Chen, you should learn from him. He has never been involved in any rumors. Look at yourself—”

“Ruoxi, are you complaining that I neglected you? I will make sure to be burning with passion tonight.”

Yun Ruoxi pouted, her face blushing furiously.

He did like Ruoxi. For many years, only Ruoxi could hold his gaze. However, he always felt discontented, always searching for more. There was this part in his heart that remained empty regardless.

No one could fill that empty space. Ruoxi was pretty and had a good family background. He liked her and she liked him too. Even though they were a deeply affectionate couple, he did not understand why he was still discontented.

As Yang Zekun and Cheng Anya were leaving, Yang Zekun put his arms around Cheng Anya’s waist, whispering in her ears, “Anya, I saw someone I know. Cooperate with me for a moment.”

He then held her affectionately, and they walked out like a couple. Anya did not reject his actions. She gave an understanding smile, glad to be of help to him.

Ye Chen’s gaze immediately darkened with malicious intent. Why was it that he could not control the rage within him when he saw them being close?

Outside the restaurant, Yang Zekun suddenly asked, “Anya, do you know Ye Chen?”

“Ye Chen?” Confusion was clear on Cheng Anya’s face. The CEO of MBS, her future boss—she was not familiar with him at the moment.

Yang Zekun smiled gently. “It’s nothing. It’s fine if you do not know him!”

Anya, did you really not know Ye Chen? Ning Ning bore a striking resemblance to Ye Chen. Anyone who saw them together would suspect that they were father and son.

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