Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 120
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 120
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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This seemed to be the first time he actually saw him smile.

“This is the happiest day of my life!” Ye Chen’s excitement had yet to subside and his chest heaved. As he was full of joy and also lost for words, he settled on such a sentence.

Ning Ning smiled and said, “This life is not over yet. For all you know, there will come a day you will be happier than today!”

“Yes, perhaps so. I stand corrected then. This is the happiest day of my life thus far!” Ye Chen said as he politely nodded.

Ning Ning laughed as he stuffed the chicken drumstick into his mouth and took a bite. He pointed to the chicken wings and chicken drumsticks on the table, hinting for Ye Chen to finish eating them. Ye Chen was already excited from merely seeing his child, and he could not be bothered with his hunger as his thoughts were preoccupied with his son.

“Did your mommy tell you that?” Ye Chen asked. Whenever Ye Chen thought of Cheng Anya’s bright smile, he felt tempted to pinch her face over and over. Damn, she sure had the guts to hide this from him for so long.

He had previously asked her who the child’s father was.

He recalled her response… Oh, she told him in tragic sadness that the child’s father had died.

Very good!

She told him, in his very face, that the child’s father had died. Excellent!

He would deal with son and her separately. This was a score that did not need to be urgently settled!

But he really could not remember when he had a son with her.

Ning Ning shook his head as he chugged down the coke. “My mommy said that she was in love with my daddy seven years ago. After that, daddy met an accident and passed away. Daddy eventually died in mommy’s heart as well, and mommy then discovered she was pregnant with me. She gave birth to me and brought me up with much difficulty.”

Ning Ning used his tender voice and slowly repeated the sad love story that his mommy had cooked up.

It was such a campy drama that Ning Ning bet his mommy had taken inspiration from poorly-written internet novels or primetime dramas that were just as campy.

Ye Chen’s face suddenly blackened!

That damned woman was really cursing him!

Very good!

Third Young Master Ye smiled, seemingly full of schemes!

Ning Ning was stunned. ‘Daddy, your smile… is really unnerving!’

‘Mommy is in for a lot of pain!’

But this was good as well. With more elements spicing up the conversation, somebody was going to talk first.

“She did not say anything, so how did you know?” Ye Chen curiously asked.

Ning Ning elegantly rolled his eyes and put the empty cup on the table. “Firstly, nobody would believe that there was no adultery involved when they see our two faces, no? Secondly, you smuggled firearms and diamonds in my domain, not to mention that you are adept with computers. Did you know that Jason hates you to the core? He feels that you are way too dishonest and unkind as it would have been better for two to share the market than one to dominate it all. Hence, Jason sent me to sabotage MBS’ internal systems to teach you a lesson. When I saw the Rose Tear, I took an interest in it and found your face while doing some convenient research.”

Ye Chen’s eyes twitched. “You had hacked into MBS’ internal systems before?”

Ning Ning nodded and proudly replied, “Once too often!”

It was not just once or twice!

If not, how would Ning Ning know his criminal record and then help him destroy said records?

“F***, how could I not know?”

Ning Ning pouted and raised his eyebrows. “Why are you acting civilized in front of your son?”

Third Young Master Ye was stunned. Civilized?

Be civilized toward him?

When he took the scalpel and agitated Ye Yutang’s thigh muscles, how did the term ‘civilized’ not dawn upon him?

“Okay, let’s talk civilized. How the heck did you manage to breach the systems?”

When he returned, he would fire the technicians from the security department. They were too amateurish!

It did not dawn upon him that he had personally written that program. It was so impregnable that even after a few years, the program was still in service and no breaches were discovered. He could only say that this child’s skills… were simply supreme.

Ning Ning laughed arrogantly and domineeringly. “I can only say that I have way surpassed my father!”

Third Young Master Ye sincerely felt that his son could have been a bit cockier.

“Okay, let’s put this question aside for now. What happened after?”

“I then investigated what happened to you seven years ago and suddenly realized the many coincidences in the timelines. I was therefore 80% certain.” Ning Ning laughed more politely. “After Mommy returned from abroad, I was thinking of getting her into MBS to gauge her response toward you, and it so happened that your father was looking to replace a secretary. I had Auntie Yun arrange for Mommy to get into MBS, and I was guessing that you would not reject a top-performing secretary by virtue of your decisiveness and iron-fist decision-making styles. Her response after work one day led me to be 99% sure. And to prevent any mistakes in my reasoning, I went to your apartment and nicely asked the janitors to collect a sample of your hair. Wow… Two strands of hair for 200 yuan. I guess your hair must be the most expensive in the world. With a sample of your hair, I then went to conduct a paternity test…”

Ye Chen looked at his child. Look at how tender his face was, how nice he sounded, and how elegant he looked. The things he was capable of were leagues above his age!


How did Cheng Anya teach her child?

How did Ning Ning become so capable?

“Don’t you want to know the result?”

“That’s not necessary!”

As Ye Chen spoke, it was impossible for him to question the validity of the results of the paternity test.

He merely wondered how his son could be so different from other children.

Other children played in the small leagues, whereas Ning Ning was already going big.

Ning Ning was just too capable!

When Ye Chen normally drank coke, he would usually find it hard to drink. Now, he needed the ice cubes in the coke to calm down.

“I am so full!” Ning Ning said, touching his stomach and yawning cutely. It was already two in the morning, and both father and son had spent an hour in KFC. Fortunately, the young boy was usually a night owl. Otherwise, he would have fallen asleep long ago.

It had been a long day, and he was tired.

The silence of the night was suddenly broken by the ringing of Ye Chen’s cell phone. He took a glance at it, noticing that it was Old Master Ye calling. He did not pick up the call and turned off his cell phone instead!

“Who?” Ning Ning curiously asked as he saw Ye Chen unhappy.

“Old Master Ye!” Ye Chen said.

“Oh,” Ning Ning responded as he stroked his chin and bit his lip. “I guess it could be about Ye Yutang. Aren’t you worried he would remove you from your position as the president of MBS?”


“He would guess that you were behind it!”

“Evidence?” Ye Chen asked provocatively. He knew that the surveillance cameras in the underground parking lot had been tampered with. He was not worried about being found out.

“Ye Yutang!”

Ye Chen laughed coldly and shook his head. “I know Old Master Ye better than you. He would not dare to do anything!”

Ye Yutang was a lusty, violent, and dumb person, who preyed on the kind and feared the real hooligans. He was also one who was afraid of death. This act of retribution upon Ye Yutang would have definitely wasted both his legs, and he could either choose to die or remain wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.

Based on his understanding of Ye Yutang, Ye Yutang would not dare to choose death!

He did not have the courage!

Old Master Ye would have likely called him to the hospital to dig out the truth about Ye Yutang’s mutilation. Ye Chen could not be bothered.

With Ye Yutang wasted, and Ye Yutong still young, Old Master Ye would not dare to anyhow lay a finger on him.

MBS Corporation was still under his control.

The family business was not of particular importance to Ye Chen, and he had no reason to cling onto it for his dear life. It was, however, extremely important to some people.

It was a tool for revenge that was extremely hard to come by.

Not using it was equal to wasting it.



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