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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 121
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“That was unsurprising!” Ning Ning laughed. It was little wonder that Ye Chen daringly appeared in the parking lot, for he already had the intention to teach Ye Yutang a lesson.

Ye Chen laughed as he wolfed down two chicken wings. He raised his gaze and said, “Call daddy?”

Ning Ning touched his lips and gently shook his head. “No, I will wait until Mommy has woken up. I will only call you daddy when Mommy allows me to.”

As Ye Chen listened, he almost said, “So she is not admitting that I am your daddy?”

“Of course!” Ning Ning responded as expected. Instead of his typically elegant smile, Ning Ning said in seriousness, “I was brought up by Mommy single-handedly. Her wish is my wish. If she is unwilling, I can be fatherless!”

Ning Ning said in a very serious tone. He did not seem to be joking.

Although he had really taken a liking to Third Young Master Ye as his daddy, he was, however, okay with not seeing him if his mommy was unhappy.

For Ning Ning to look for Third Young Master Ye in light of Anya’s mishap was out of circumstance. All other things had to wait and see.

Ye Chen was not angry but merely a little disappointed. He was hoping for the young kid to call him daddy, but he also understood Ning Ning’s thoughts. Ning Ning was, after all, single-handedly brought up by Cheng Anya.

She was only seventeen when she had him. The difficulties she faced juggling both her studies and bringing this child up was axiomatic.

He indeed did not have the right to acknowledge him as his son without her consent.

“Mommy is indeed the greatest.”

“It is definitely so!”

Ning Ning laughed elegantly.

After both father and son had their fill, Ning Ning was feeling sleepy. Third Young Master Ye advised him to return to his mansion and visit the hospital together the next morning.

Ning Ning agreed, and Ye Chen brought Ning Ning back to his mansion along Boyun Road. This mansion was Ye Chen’s true home, and visiting the Ye mansion for a meal was merely a formality.

This was an extremely serene area which was developed for mansions. There were two different trees in the area: Red Silk-Cotton and Yulan Magnolia.

The cotton trees were past their blooming season and the magnolia flowers had wilted. As the lines of trees intersected each other, a romantic atmosphere was in the air whilst the fragrance of magnolia drifted amongst the trees.

There were only seven mansions built in the area, and each mansion had its unique style. The gardens were styled with a design reminiscent of the Suzhou Gardens, enmeshed in time. The gardens also contained the stylish and three-dimensional sense of Euro-American designs. It was as though two construction styles across time had melded into one.

It was very unique.

Ning Ning had visited the area once. The area had a particular style in the day and took on a different style in the night. With the crisscrossing streetlights, illuminated fountain, and some ingenious lighting designs, what seemed romantic and free-spirited in the day became several measures more romantic at night.

If the day were to be described as a romantic girl, the night would be akin to a mysterious lady with a veil over her face.

Ning Ning loved his daddy’s home, and the environment there had won him over. After he previously visited, Ning Ning wanted to buy a mansion for his mommy and grandfather. A quick check revealed that all the mansions were sold out.

The young kid was about to doze off en-route, and the fragrance of magnolias in the air perked him a little when he alighted.

Ye Chen stopped the car and asked, “Do you like this place?”

Ning Ning nodded. “I like this place very much!”

Ye Chen was satisfied. It seemed that he and his son shared the same taste. When he was initially mansion-shopping, he visited seven sites and eventually settled on this site. To be able to make his son happy was good, very good!

The interior fittings of the house were nothing short of luxurious, and it had amenities ranging from a swimming pool, to a fully-equipped gym, to a fully-stocked wine cabinet that, at first glance, was clearly exorbitantly priced. The level of opulence in the house left Ning Ning tongue-tied.

‘Daddy, you surely do know how to enjoy life!’

The interior of the house was designed by a famous person, and it was in-line with Ye Chen’s typical aesthetic criterion. It was simple, extremely luxurious, yet did not compromise on warmth and had a particular character. One could feel the warmth of home in spite of the immensely luxurious interior furnishings.

“What rich people!” Ning Ning touched his lip and gently bit it. He loved the design of his daddy’s home. It had taste.

Although it was exorbitantly costly, the items were placed at just the most appropriate places. He loved it!

“You like this too?” Ye Chen raised his eyebrows. This young guy’s preference was…

He was indeed his son!

Ye Chen was satisfied again as a proud smile emerged on his face. The typically cold and ruthless man cryptically broke into an idiot-like smile.

There could be no higher praise than his son liking what he did.

“When I am rich in the future, I will buy a house for mommy and grandfather. I would also like you to design my house.”

“I ask for a very high price. Are you sure you can afford to hire me?”

“You designed it?”

“I do not allow people to tell me what to do in my own home. I call the shots on my own turf!”

“Third Young Master Ye, I worship you!”

“That’s a must!” Third Young Master Ye responded. It was axiomatic for sons to worship their fathers.

Ye Chen felt especially pleased today, to the point he was smiling heartily.

Ning Ning, for his desire of this mansion, had no qualms getting Ye Chen and his mommy together. The young kid loved the place so much that he would not hesitate to gently promise his mommy to his daddy.

And proudly promote his daddy to his mommy.

Hospital – The Second Day

Cheng Anya woke up early in the morning. Her face was pale, eyelashes gently trembling, and lips slightly cracked from the lack of water. Like a wilted flower, her long black hair was unkempt, spreading over her shoulders. In combination with her pallor, it made her seem even sicklier.

It hurt.

The sharp pain came from her leg, and Cheng Anya could not help but moan. “It hurts…”

Cheng Anya gritted her teeth as she tore off the oxygen mask which made her uncomfortable.

The events before the accident gradually came to her mind, and Cheng Anya’s eyes suddenly opened wide as she shivered. “Ning Ning…”

Where was Ning Ning?

The old man was a light sleeper and was jolted awake by slight movement. Cheng Anya…

“Anya, you are awake. You are finally awake! Doctor…” Daddy Cheng rushed out of the door and screamed for the doctor. Doctor Chen was already on the way.

He immediately came over and carried out a few checks on her. Doctor Chen surprisingly realized that Cheng Anya, save a few bruises, was actually okay!

It was magical! The man’s medical skills were too magical!

He simply could not believe the results of his checks!

He knew the operation was a success, but he did not expect it to be such a success.

With the area disinfected and the broken bones patched up, all that was left was a gradual recovery. She would be able to walk freely in less than a month.

“Miss Cheng, is there anywhere you are feeling discomfort?” Doctor Chen asked. A doctor’s greatest wishes were for their patients to recuperate. Although he had been initially infuriated by Ning Ning, he was, however, still happy for Cheng Anya on seeing she was okay.

And that was such a young life in the balance!

Cheng Anya’s face was pale and pain was written in her gaze. She bit her pale lips and endured wave upon wave of pain as beads of cold sweat trickled down her face. “It really hurts!”



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