Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 123
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 123
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“And then?” Cheng Anya gulped some saliva and asked. How come she was not amputated?


Before Ning Ning could complete his sentence, the door to the ward opened. Ye Chen waltzed into the ward naturally. He was tall and had delicate features. His cold gaze, containing mixed feelings, looked at Cheng Anya who lay on the hospital bed.

Cheng Anya’s eyes widened as she seemed lost. She then looked at Ye Chen, then at Ning Ning. She was stunned!

Who would tell her that this was not a dream?

“I just woke up, and I am guessing that my eyes are a little blur. Baby, I heard that patients tend to see things!” Cheng Anya said calmly but her mind was blank. It was just a rude shock.

Ning Ning kept silent. ‘Dear mommy, are those mental patients?’

“Mommy, please calm down!” Ning Ning’s childish voice carried with it a slight chuckle.

“Baby, can I faint please?” Cheng Anya saw Ye Chen and murmured to herself. As she said that to Ning Ning, she still had time to faint!

She was, after all, very frail. To faint from excessive agitation was normal.

Ning Ning bit his lips and was speechless at his mommy’s stupidity. Ye Chen’s face darkened and a storm seemed to build up in his gaze. As he seemingly smiled with arms akimbo, he said, “Miss Cheng, please go ahead and faint! I will be right here waiting for you to wake up again!”

Ye Chen emphasized the words ‘wake up again’, and it seemed as though he was squeezing the words through his teeth. A cold and chilling atmosphere settled upon the ward.

“Mommy, I will go and find grandpa! I will join you in a moment!” Ning Ning kissed Anya on her cheek as he smiled cheerfully. He then said in a low voice, “Mommy sure has good taste!”

Cheng Anya’s pale face slightly blushed as she stared at him. ‘This young brat!’

Ning Ning waved his hands as he turned around. “Happy chatting!”

As Ning Ning closed the door, a scheming look appeared on his face. He honestly wanted to know what happened between them seven years ago!

He was very confident in his daddy’s scheming mind and interrogation methods!

His mommy would never be his match!


To squat by the door to eavesdrop was damaging to his character, hence Ning Ning wore his earphone and smiled elegantly. His tender and rosy face was especially cute.

He was eavesdropping on them in broad daylight. Hehe!

As the young kid walked away, the atmosphere in the ward became a little delicate. As Ye Chen’s gaze was focused on Cheng Anya, he looked confused. ‘This damn woman!’

Cheng Anya’s eyes were half-opened, burying her gaze. As her heart pounded, she wondered if the secret she had gone to lengths to protect had been discovered. It was indeed not the nicest thing that could happen.

“Miss Cheng, is there anything you would like to tell me?” Ye Chen asked coldly. As he saw Cheng Anya avoiding him like an ostrich, his gaze became cold. He was waiting to see what she had to say.

“Yes!” Cheng Anya quickly raised her head.

Ye Chen nodded. He approved of Anya’s attitude and figured he could go easier on her. He really wanted to know what had happened seven years ago.

“Say it then!” He said as though he was dispensing grace. Cheng Anya could not wait to push him to the ground and step him on the face twice for his attitude.

Her typical smile returned to her and she asked, “President Ye, the doctor told me that my legs need two months to recover, so… I would like to apply for two months’ leave!”

“Anything else?” Ye Chen enunciated the words. His sinister breath absolutely and clearly expressed his desire to rip her mood apart as he menacingly advanced.

Every step he took prodded on Cheng Anya’s heart. As Ye Chen sat on the hospital bed and was less than half a meter from her, Cheng Anya still remained calm yet cursed all of Ye Yutang’s ancestors.

If it weren’t for him, she would not be in this predicament today. She could have escaped, and Ye Chen would not have discovered Ning Ning.

“Could I apply for paid leave?” Cheng Anya asked with a smile. Being the money-digger she was, two months’ of regular pay and bonuses combined would be about a hundred thousand yuan. It would be a pity to miss them, not to mention that she had been hit and was hospitalized. This was all Ye Yutang’s fault and she had yet to file claims against him.

Ye Chen’s face was so sinister to the point a terrible cold hung over him. As his chest violently heaved, he had to use immense effort to restrain himself lest he strangled her out of impulse.

Her ability to act stupid was over the top!

Cheng Anya, well done!

Ye Chen laughed in his extreme anger and nodded. “Sure!”

Had this been usual times, Cheng Anya would have realized this was a gift from the heavens. This time around, she realized that she was in a tight spot.

“Many thanks, President Ye!”

The young kid at the end of the corridor raised his thumb. ‘Mommy is really awesome!’

‘Daddy’s look is sure exciting!’

“Anything else?” Ye Chen asked in a low voice. As he asked, his gaze was firmly on her face. He did not want to let go of any emotions she expressed but realized its futility. Cheng Anya was nothing but calm, and a shred of danger flashed over his face as his veins throbbed.

Cheng Anya’ heart was pounding very hard as she looked down. Unlike her typical self, she did not dare to meet his gaze.

That was a feint!

“Speak!” Ye Chen barked as he saw her remain silent for long. He tugged her sharp chin and forcefully lifted her head. Gritting his teeth, he said, “I am sure Miss Cheng has a lot to tell me!”

“Nothing!” Cheng Anya denied with a frown.

“Very good!” Ye Chen laughed out of anger. Using more force out of anger, the pain he inflicted on Cheng Anya caused Cheng Anya to flinch slightly despite not speaking a word. Ye Chen’s delicate features were sinister-looking as he asked, “Miss Cheng, you may not have anything to say but I do. Ning Ning is my son, correct or not?”

Cheng Anya’s was slightly taken aback and raised her hands. She pushed away Ye Chen’s hands and replied in a slightly cold and calm tone, “President Ye must be joking. You ran to an employee’s home, coming to acknowledge your son. If you want a son, there are many women to bear you one.”

“How do you know whether I was joking?” Ye Chen coldly replied as he squinted dangerously. “He is clearly my son, so why are you denying it?”

“If two people resemble each other, does it imply that they are related by blood?” Cheng Anya retorted. “The woman in the photo you previously showed me resembled me, but I am not related to her by blood. It was just a coincidence!”

“Besides that, I have only known President Ye for months. How could I have a seven-year-old child?” Cheng Anya was certain he could not recall anything.

She did not want Ye Chen and Ning Ning to acknowledge each other. Ning Ning was everything to her, and she had brought him up with much difficulty. She would not be willing to give Ning Ning up to anybody who suddenly fought with her for him.

She knew she was unfair to Ye Chen, but…

Fairness was invariant in this entire issue.

Just take it that she was selfish!

She was never a sentimental person!

“Seems like you are thoroughly denying it?” Ye Chen was not angry. He had expected this long ago. “Yes, I do not remember you. I met an accident seven years ago and forgot some things!”

Cheng Anya was mildly surprised. He had lost part of his memory?



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