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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 126
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye was so infuriated by her that he did not catch his breath. Ning Ning was laughing out loud again and touched his own face. He kept silent for a moment and wondered whether his mom had despised his look.

“Cheng Anya!” Ye Chen gritted his teeth. This damn woman had a tongue as poisonous as a snake, and her words never failed to miss the mark. Although she was flushed, she was still able to calmly deliver classic insults. How was her mind even structured? F***!

Cheng Anya pushed his head away and pouted. She had an arrogant look that reeked of ‘what could you do to me’.

Third Young Master Ye laughed out of extreme frustration and stuck his head over. As he stared at her with a look of disdain, he said, “If you can do without me, so can I. I am confident of my taste for women. How old were you seven years ago?”

As his devilish gaze moved down to her chest, he smiled. “Even if I were desperate, I would not settle for a perpetually flat green bean stalk like you!”

When it came down to who could deliver more vicious one-liners, Ye Chen would not settle for second place.

Cheng Anya gritted her teeth. Very good! He’d better recover his memory immediately and thoroughly recall how her body proportions were more perfect than perfect seven years ago. It would also serve him good for him to recall how much of a beast he had been, and let him reminiscence the feeling of having money thrown at him. How great that would be!

“You are a person of foresight, President Ye. This perpetually flat green bean stalk will never be pleasing to you. So, could you stop asking?” Cheng Anya smiled as she asked coldly. “Since we are getting weary of each other, just take it that the heavens gave you a baby, okay?”

As they bickered on, their scents landed on the other. They did not realize that the postures they were in and the mutual teasing were fodder fantasy.

Ye Chen’s gaze sunk. He was not able to get an answer and was unwilling to settle for less. He wanted to urgently know whether they had been in love seven years ago, as an explanation to how they would have had a child. Given his character, he would not have had a child with somebody whom he fancied.

Had he not taken the necessary birth control measures, his illegitimate children would have been running around town.

“Miss Cheng, do you have some misunderstanding toward me?” If not, why was she so unwilling to talk about that memory?

“We do not know each other well, and I have no misunderstanding toward you. If you do not get up, I am afraid I may misunderstand you!” Cheng Anya laughed gently.

“I want to know what exactly happened seven years ago!”

“I am sorry, but there is nothing to say about it!”

Ye Chen smiled in a malicious manner. The interrogation was taking too long and it was wearing his patience down. “Did you commit some heinous sin that you are afraid to let anybody know about?”

Cheng Anya was caught mid-breath and her heart palpitated. She had forgotten how sensitive and smart this man was. Had she been interrogated any longer by him, damnit, she would go bonkers. “I said that you lost your memory in an accident, didn’t I?”

The sudden change of topic left Ye Chen a little puzzled. He nodded and said, “That’s correct!”

Cheng Anya nodded in understanding. She paused and gave her signature smile as she dispensed some earnest advice. “From the TV shows and novels I have read, it is often said that the typical male lead loses his memory in an accident. This memory loss is often due to a blood clot in the brain. On being hit by the head, the person mysteriously recovers their memories. President Ye, you might want to find somebody outside and get him to wallop you on the head with a steel pipe. Once the blood clot disappears, you will recover your memory!”

Ye Chen’s face instantly darkened. He was fuming and eager to smash her smiling face. Her smile was a thorough eyesore.

To think she had the gall to suggest he be walloped by a steel pipe! Would he even survive that?

“Before that happens, I will split your head open!” Ye Chen said as he gritted his teeth.

“That was so bloody, and you lack a sense of humor. I was just joking! I am wondering why you are so insistent on finding out what had happened seven years ago. Why?” Cheng Anya curiously asked.

Ye Chen’s heart tensed a little and avoided Cheng Anya’s gaze. He did not dare to look into her bright gaze as he would uncontrollably ask her whether she had loved him before.

This sentence was lodged in Ye Chen’s throat ever since he knew Ning Ning was his son. He desperately wanted to squeeze it out, but suppressed it in the end.

It was especially after Ning Ning said what Cheng Anya had told him before, that his father and mother were in love, and she left for another country because he had died in a car accident.

There were too many coincidences.

Ye Chen had to make such an association, that they were a couple seven years ago.

He was very insistent on getting an answer to this question.

He, however, did not want Cheng Anya to see through him, hence the indirect way of forcing a confession from her. But they were to no avail. Ye Chen felt like cursing!

It had never crossed Third Young Master Ye’s mind as to why he was so insistent on an answer.

Cheng Anya saw his avoidant gaze and became curious. There was something inappropriate with him leaning in this closely to speak, and it affected her train of thought. She did not understand why he would pursue the girl next door.

Besides, President Ye acting girlish would not make him somebody the girl-next-door would fancy.

She was not even flirting with him!

“Hey, get up if you are not saying anything!” Cheng Anya pushed his shoulders. “Do you think you are as light as my baby? Your over-fifty weight is pressing on me!”

Ye Chen felt like walloping her. When was he, for f***s sake, pressing on her! Wasn’t he supporting his own weight?

Ye Chen then grabbed her hand and pressed it on the bed. He was raging, and this woman was able to even infuriate the saints. Since she claimed that he was pressing on her, he might as well really confirm her claims. Third Young Master Ye then moved his body and pressed her down hard. Gritting his teeth, he said, “If I did not force myself onto you, how did you get Ning Ning? You are not even broken by me forcing myself onto you!”

Cheng Anya’s face blushed madly. They were already in a compromising and intimate position, which only got even more intimate. The upper halves of their bodies tightly pressed against each other’s, his hard chest against her soft chest. He was unwilling to settle for less and embraced her as he wrapped his arm around the back of her waist.

His scent, like a persistent shadow, followed her wherever she looked.

It was especially when he said impure things that caused people to associate them with children-unfriendly imagery.

“You…” Cheng Anya was thoroughly won-over. ‘Okay then, Young Third Master Ye, I will not fight with you in terms of shamelessness!’

“Ning Ning said…” Ye Chen’s statement ended on a higher pitch as he suddenly pressed himself against Cheng Anya harder. He could feel the two soft lumps on her chest press against him, and it felt pleasurable. He could enjoy and interrogate her at the same time. What a good idea! “You had told him that his parents were in love seven years ago, following which his daddy met with an accident and died. You were so upset and left the country, only to discover you were pregnant with him after that. Is that correct?”

Cheng Anya’s gaze widened as she was stunned and slightly panicked. What was he saying?

Ye Chen saw her reactions, which naturally conveyed her guilt. So was this all real?



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