Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 128 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 128 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Do you want to try me?” Cheng Anya challenged him. “I gave birth to him and raised him. He also puts me above all things. Would he dare to disobey me if I do not allow him to acknowledge you?”

Ye Chen’s face turned black and he smiled coldly. “Humph, to think you have the cheek to say that he puts you above everything else. How are you even a mother? This child is able to cook, and even cooks this well?”

Both father and son slept late the night before, and had planned to sleep in a little in the morning. Little did he expect to be awoken by his son in the morning to ferry his son to the market to buy fish. Ning Ning said that the fish at the supermarket was not fresh, and the supermarket was also not open that day.

Ye Chen was initially drowsy when he ferried him to the market to buy fish. Seeing his son choose fish in such a skilled manner, to how he haggled the price of the fish made the aunties at the market worship him.

He was the most innocent of all. To think about it, he was merely a well-dressed and suave man who was, at a glance, quite clearly one that would not shop at the market. Such a man did nothing but followed a young kid and observed said kid as the latter chose and haggled the price of fish, earning him gossip from the women at the market.

One could say quite certainly he was engaging in child abuse, and this made him extremely embarrassed first thing in the morning.

Ning Ning said he had learned this from his mommy at a young age. Although Ning Ning had meant no ill intention, Ye Chen could imagine, from Ning Ning’s reply, the kind of lives both mother and son led in the past.

It got even more ridiculous once they reached home.

Once he entered the kitchen, he worked quickly and deftly. Not only did he prepare fish soup, but also two sets of breakfast. Ye Chen was left stunned.

He grew up with his mother, and his mother doted on him enough to keep him away from the chores. The most he had done was to sweep the floor. Both were not well-off and stayed in the slums, and he had not even learned to cook even after returning to the Ye family at ten.

This little baby was not only able to cook, but he also cooked superbly well!

Ning Ning said that he had been doing the chores this whole year. Hearing this made Third Young Master Ye upset and he gave Cheng Anya a thorough scolding.

It was a no-brainer to who prepared the lunch!

This was such a perfect irony! Both adults, parents even, were served by their son despite not taking care of their child. How Third Young Master Ye felt as this thought crossed his mind was clearly out of the question.

Cheng Anya felt guilty a second, then retorted, “What’s wrong with my son being able to cook? Are there men who can’t cook these days? Women are getting pickier these days, and men who cannot cook will have to sadly stay on the rack, no? I am training him! Please stop saying nonsense, okay?

Third Young Master Ye was at a loss for words. F***, she did not take care of her child and still had the higher ground with such nonsense. When did a son like Ning Ning need to be marketable? Why put it in such a terrible-sounding way that he had everything a woman wanted?

“You… Very good!” Third Young Master Ye said through gritted teeth.

Cheng Anya feigned not being able to hear his cracked voice. She laughed guiltily. “Thank you for your compliments! That was nothing!”

Third Young Master Ye felt blood rush to his brain and the impulse to strangle her. “F***, why did I fall for you then!”

“I am also curious as to why I had also taken an interest in you too! You can’t cook, and apart from looking good, what else are you capable of? Don’t waste your youth!” Cheng Anya replied coldly. There was always room for talking after bickering!

“Are you looking for a husband or a babysitter?” Ye Chen asked sneeringly.

Cheng Anya smiled elegantly. “Don’t you know? Husbands are also babysitters!”

Ning Ning, who was along the corridor and eavesdropping on the conversation, almost laughed out his intestines. He rarely laughed so heartily. His parents were simply the perfect match. Both daddy and mommy were extremely cute.

Who would have thought that the cold, brutal president of MBS and his capable secretary would bicker like kids! What’s more, their bickering was so saucy!

“We’re digressing, digressing…” Ning Ning shook his head cutely. If he stayed outside a moment longer, they would fight. Had it not been for his mommy’s leg which had been broken and left her disadvantaged, Ning Ning would not mind them getting into a fight. “Grandpa, let’s go in and see Mommy!”

As Ning Ning knocked on the door, both of them were having a whale of time arguing. Ye Chen quickly got up as Cheng Anya flapped her blanket and smoothed out the creases. Like partners in crime, they removed all evidence of their disagreements.

Ning Ning nicely sat by his mommy’s side as he secretly removed the listening device and put it into his pocket. With a face of a well-behaved and innocent boy, one could not tell that he had been naughty.

Daddy Cheng saw Third Young Master Ye and profusely thanked him with a face of gratitude. Third Young Master Ye politely and elegantly told Daddy Cheng that he was doing what he should and checked in on Daddy Cheng.

Cheng Anya and the young kid sat on the bed and looked at each other with a rapport. One was without emotion, and the other saw Third Young Master Ye put on an act. It was a pity that Third Young Master Ye did not become an actor. He smoothly cajoled Daddy Cheng into being extremely happy.

“Anya, is he really Ning Ning’s father?” Daddy Cheng asked with a face of joy. He had a perfect impression of his son-in-law, not to mention how happy he was. Should he want to, Third Young Master Ye definitely had no problem cajoling somebody.

Daddy Cheng found him even more pleasing and had a perfect impression of him inside-out.

Cheng Anya nodded unwillingly. “You can say so. Dad, you have accompanied me for a day. Go home and rest. I will be fine. There are nurses here!”

“That’s right, grandpa. I will stay back to accompany mommy. Go home and rest first!” Ning Ning said.

With some self-awareness, Third Young Master Ye volunteered to send Daddy Cheng down. As he left, Ning Ning immediately jumped away from his mommy and gave her puppy eyes. “Mommy, can you hit me gentler?”

Cheng Anya smiled sinisterly and rotated her wrist. Shaking her fist, she signaled for him. “Come over here, you traitor!”

Ning Ning cutely pouted. “Tsk… Mommy, you might scare Daddy away by being so fierce!”

“Daddy?” Cheng Anya ground her teeth and clenched her fists. “That was quite intimate! Since when were you in cahoots with him? Speak!”

Ning Ning claimed he was wronged and his innocent face seemed so pure and could not wait to cut her off mid-sentence. He had to spice up the moment he called Third Young Master Ye over to helm the scene, then smartly concealed the fact he had been talking to Ye Chen over the internet. Ning Ning then swore, “Mommy, it is really not my fault. Do not anyhow accuse me of being in cahoots with him. That is such a terrible thing to say!”

Cheng Anya despised Third Young Master Ye. What he did was to take advantage of her in her peril. “That said, I still have to thank him?”

“In theory, you should!”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, nothing. I said that I had saved mommy, so you do not need to thank Daddy… Third Young Master Ye…” Ning Ning feigned a polite smile.

Cheng Anya rolled her eyes at Ning Ning. “You had told him all that I told you?”




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