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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 130
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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He smiled strangely. The mother and son pair was originally listening to his opinions with their ears pricked. Both of them lost their smile after hearing his creepy laughter.

Cheng Anya bit her teeth and said, “President Ye, there is actually no difference. It is just that you have a son now. You can visit him anytime. I have no objections even if you want to fetch him over to stay at your place for a few days.”

This was her biggest forbearing.

Therefore, please do not smile so miserably, Third Young Master Ye. You seemed like you got abandoned.

Ye Chen was silent and stood frozen on the spot. The mother and son looked at each other and both of them lost their smile. Although Ning Ning was smart, he did not know what to do when met with such a situation. After all, this was not something that could be solved with manpower.

Ning Ning really wanted to suggest that they get married.

But his mommy would definitely be the first one to disagree.

Neither his daddy nor his mommy would marry for the sake of their child.

Unless they were in love.

However, the father acted as if the mother and son pair abandoned him. In all honesty, Ning Ning really liked his daddy. As for his mommy, perhaps she liked him a little. However, it had not reached the stage where she was only willing to marry him and no one else.

The clean surface of the window reflected the deep and cold gaze of the man. He thought of marriage.

He really wanted to ask Cheng Anya if it was possible to get married, given that she fell in love with him. He realized that he was not against such an idea as long as she was willing. However, he could not say things related to proposing in front of someone as two-faced and arrogant as Cheng Anya.

“Ning Ning, don’t you want to be my son?” Ye Chen turned around and asked Ning Ning, his expression cold and serious. He stared at Ning Ning’s delicate small face. “Daddy really likes you!”

This was the most touching words that he had said ever since he had memory. He longed for such kinship, a kinship where blood was thicker than water.

Up until now, Ning Ning was more significant to him than Cheng Anya was.

Ning Ning smiled lightly and blinked playfully. “Thank you for liking me, Daddy. I like you too!”

Ye Chen’s face mirrored the melting of the snow in the coldest winter. It was filled with warmth and softness. Happiness was apparent in his eyes and his usual delicate features were stretched, seemingly more cheerful and not so reserved.

Cheng Anya thought to herself, ‘The contorted and perverted Third Young Master Ye could also be a cheerful big boy!’

“Sure, we shall stay the same way if you say so!” Ye Chen said as he looked at Cheng Anya. “Miss Cheng, you’ve said that you will not stop me from visiting Ning Ning and will allow him to stay with me!”

Cheng Anya scolded secretly in her heart. ‘Damn it, did he act reserved to cheat me and make me sympathize him?’


Ye Chen smiled willfully. Cheng Anya almost crushed her gums. If she believed him ever again, she would follow him and change her surname to Ye!

“Okay, but…” Cheng Anya added a ‘but’. “I hope that nobody would know about Ning Ning’s identity.”


Cheng Anya looked at her son. It was obvious that the topic was not suitable for a child. She did not want his women to find them and create trouble. Her leg was broken now and she would be at a disadvantage if they came to provoke her.

The other people could stand, but she was sitting or lying down. She would lose in terms of momentum!

Ye Chen’s eyes darkened and also looked at Ning Ning. The two of them had worked for a period of time and had a good rapport. He more or less guessed what Cheng Anya was thinking. He looked at her and nodded, and it was considered that he had agreed.

Ning Ning clapped his hands and smiled. “Dear Daddy and Mommy, have you guys reached an agreement?”

Cheng Anya and Ye Chen looked at each other, and they both nodded.

As of now, they would let it be this way.

Who knew what would happen in the future. The future matters should be discussed in the future.

Other than it being Ning Ning’s idea, the reason why Ye Chen agreed to stay the same way was that he did not want Ning Ning to be embroiled in the dispute between the Ye and the Yang Family.

Ye Yutang was paralyzed and the old man was at his wit’s ends. They could no longer come up with any trick, but he had to be prepared for the worse in everything!

He had to hold back a trick!

It was better for Ning Ning to be with Cheng Anya for the while.

He wanted to see what the old master would do next.

“Daddy, sit down!” Ning Ning obediently held Ye Chen’s hands and let him sit down. The little boy smiled obsequiously. “Daddy, can I stay with you during the period when Mommy is staying in the hospital?”

“Of course, it’ll be great!” Ye Chen was on cloud nine. He pulled his son over and hugged him. “It just so happened that I have such an intention too.”

Ning Ning let Ye Chen hug him and laughed. “Mommy, Daddy’s house is very pretty. I will take a photo someday and show you!”

“Traitor! Ungrateful person!” Cheng Anya saw her son’s obsequious smile and clenched her teeth. The father and son could enjoy the happiness of a family reunion, while she had to be on the wheelchair alone and friendless. She was gloomy just thinking about it.


“I will be discharged from the hospital after two weeks. Ning Ning, if you stayed with him, then what about me?

“Eh…” Ning Ning was astonished.

Ye Chen frowned. “I thought you had to stay in the hospital for two months?”

“Who said so? My legs would have recovered after two months. It will recover after two weeks. I only have to come back for therapy at regular intervals.”

The father and son looked at each other. It was obvious that they thought Cheng Anya had to stay in the hospital for two months. Ning Ning wanted to say something, but Ye Chen cut him off potently. “We shall talk about it when you are discharged from the hospital!”

Cheng Anya sneered. Ning Ning smiled. “Mommy, don’t worry. I will visit you every day. Don’t be jealous!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly. He looked at Cheng Anya’s angry face with a forced smile. She was more interesting like this as compared to when she was in the office!

He realized that he liked to look at Cheng Anya when she was like this. She was especially attractive. The Cheng Anya who is full of vitality had a kind of radiant vigor. Although it was only a glimpse, it captured all his thoughts.

‘Maybe I really loved her seven years ago!’

“I say, President Ye…” Cheng Anya curled the corners of her lips and forced a smile. She seemed like she was mocking him, grinding her teeth ambiguously. “Would my son see something that he shouldn’t see if you let my son stay at your house?”

He was, after all, just a man!

Third Young Master Ye was dissolute and evil. The number of women around him could surround the whole of City A. Who knew if he brought women home! Even if he did not bring other women, surely he would bring his rumored girlfriend. It did not seem good to let her son see them.

“Our son!” Ye Chen squeezed out a few words.

“What?” Cheng Anya raised her brows and was speechless. She smiled. “Yes, our son!”

“He won’t!” Ye Chen saw that Cheng Anya had changed into a better attitude and pleasingly rewarded her with two words. He had never brought any women to his villa, not even Yun Ruoxi.

Ning Ning smiled elegantly as he looked at his mommy. Tsk, tsk, her tone sounded extraordinarily sour!

“I say, President Ye, can you find someone to teach your second brother a lesson?” Cheng Anya asked suddenly. The calm woman’s eyes had a blast of fury, and the smile on the corners of her lips seemed a little insidious. “My request is not difficult. Find someone to beat him up, break both his legs, and send him to the hospital!”

Anyway, his legs could be fixed after they were broken. He just had to suffer physical pain.

He was courting death for trying to hit her baby!



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