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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 134
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Cheng Anya rested for a while after lunch. She had just undergone surgery and her appetite was not good. Besides, Ning Ning had made her a picky-eater. She could be not so particular about the appearance of the dishes, but she was very picky with the taste. After all, Ning Ning’s culinary skills were even better than that of a five-star hotel’s chef.

Although this was a top VIP ward and the food was delicious, it could not satisfy Cheng Anya. She did not eat a lot.

She had just rested for a while and the special nurse told her that she had a visitor. She was shocked as it turned out to be Yang Zekun.

“Senior, why are you here?” Cheng Anya was very shocked. It had only been a day since she met with a car accident and underwent the surgery. Even Li Yun did not know about it.

He was really well-informed.

Cheng Anya struggled to get up. She was tormented by the perverted Ye Chen just now and pulled her wound. It was so painful that she was sweating profusely. Yet, she had to get up again this time. None of Cheng Anya’s two hundred and fifteen bones wanted to move.

But even so, she greeted him with a smile, enduring the discomfort that she felt.

“Why did you not tell me that something had happened to you?” Yang Zekun reprimanded her faintly. He helped her rest against the pillow. There was anger between his gentle brows as he was unhappy that she hid the news from him.

“Senior, I just woke up in the morning.” Cheng Anya smiled. “I’m so sorry for making you worried!”

Yang Zekun shook his head and touched her long hair habitually. He was doting on her as usual, but he sighed in his heart. ‘Anya, it has been seven years, yet you are still so polite to me, always keeping the distance between us as just friends.’

She did not allow him to cross the line of being friends. When would she be willing to open up her heart?

Was he not good enough?

“What kind of boyfriend am I? I only knew that my girlfriend met with an accident and is in hospital after a day. You’re really…” Yang Zekun sighed. He stared at Cheng Anya. His gentle face was masked with a faint bitterness.

No one would notice it if they did not pay attention to it.

Cheng Anya sighed secretly. ‘Isn’t this girlfriend and boyfriend relationship fake? Senior, please do not make a false thing true. It would be awkward for both of us if we could not back down with grace.’

It was his idea to act as his girlfriend. She could not bear it and had no choice but to agree to the idea. However, she had no intention to really date him.

“Okay, this is my fault, alright?” Cheng Anya smiled and looked down to hide the sagacity in her eyes. She faintly said, “When we were in London, Ning Ning and I had given you lots of trouble. I was young and incapable at that time, and Ning Ning was also young. Now that Ning Ning has grown up, he can already do things on his own. He does not like to trouble others; it is his temper.”

It was a few light sentences and the woman said it unhurriedly. However, it showed what she was thinking. Yang Zekun was just a friend and not her family member. She did not mind troubling her family member, but no matter how good her friend was, there was a limit to troubling them.

How could a friend help with everything?

Yang Zekun looked at her deeply. A trace of bitterness skimmed past his eyebrows.

Cheng Anya’s personality had always been like this. She could distinguish her love and hatred clearly. She never lied and was not afraid of hurting others. She knew that he could understand what she meant. Therefore, she was telling him that they were just friends in a tactful manner.

If it were others, she would have been very direct.

Could he not just act as if he did not understand her meaning?

He was not asking for anything. He just hoped that, with his will, he could achieve anything.

She would occasionally look back and realized that he had always been waiting for her. He had waited for seven years.

He was waiting for her to look back!

“What exactly happened?” Yang Zekun’s voice sounded cold. Although she treated him as a friend, he treated her like a precious gem. The Master Yang who was usually gentle was angered when he saw her lying on the bed, looking very pale.

“What could have happened?” Cheng Anya was filled with indignation. “City A’s traffic condition is really bad. There are cars everywhere. It is cramped and messy. The driver was careless and resulted in an accident. It became my turn to be unlucky as the traffic police in City A did not settle these few traffic accidents.”

The woman frowned in a cute way and complained about City A’s traffic condition. She used her anger and grumbled to hide the truth.

It was not a good thing to let Yang Zekun know about the truth. Firstly, Ye Yutang bumped into her mainly because she humiliated him in the office. He probably misunderstood when he saw Ning Ning as he bumped into the two of them. Since Ning Ning had already crippled him, there should be a closure to this matter.

It would only create more trouble if one more person knew about it. She did not want others to know about what her son did.

Furthermore, it was the Ye family’s matters. It was something that they had to face with Ye Chen. If she told Yang Zekun, he might intercept the matter. Given Ye Chen’s twisted personality, who knew how he might torture her.

“You’re always careless when crossing the road. Be careful in the future!” Yang Zekun reprimanded her lightly. He sat beside her and asked her about her injuries.

“I know, I know. I am not a child.” Cheng Anya laughed. She was sensitive and felt that there was something on Yang Zekun’s mind. But since he did not say anything, she would act as if she did not know and chatted as usual.

She had a presentiment that senior’s unhappiness had something to do with her. Therefore, it was better if she did not ask so as to prevent awkwardness. Moreover, it would be abrupt for her to ask if he did not want to say anything.

“I saw Ning Ning and Third Young Master Ye walking together when I came to the hospital just now. Have they acknowledged each other?” Yang Zekun asked as he looked at Cheng Anya. His eyes looked dark and he desperately tried to hide the bewilderment of losing her.

Cheng Anya was shocked. Indeed, she should have thought of it!

“Senior, actually…” Cheng Anya did not know where to start so she could only repeat the story from the start to the end. She laughed bitterly. “I thought that I could hide this secret forever, but it was discovered once I came back. Ning Ning was the one that fell into the trap. I am a mother and I have no rights to prevent Ning Ning from being acquainted with Third Young Master Ye. I could not stop them although I am very unwilling. It would be unfair to both Ning Ning and Ye Chen.”

Yang Zekun looked at her deeply, trying to find any trace of false helplessness. However, he realized that she looked very sincere. Plans could never keep up with changes. Nobody would have thought that a car accident would make things turn out to be like this.

The dog shit that his sworn enemy stepped on was made of diamond!

Ye Chen’s luck was so good that he was jealous!

“Blood is indeed thicker than water!” Yang Zekun smiled obscurely. His handsome face was filled with agony. He had taken care of them for a few years and Ning Ning had been very respectful and friendly to him. However, during the critical moment, he was not the person that Ning Ning thought of.

Ning Ning thought of his biological father!

Maybe this was what family was about. At the crucial moment of life and death, everyone would think of their beloved family members.

“This boy is very smart. He has been ganging up with Third Young Master Ye since a long time ago. If not for the fact that he was afraid that I would be unhappy, he would have gone to MBS and be acquainted with his daddy a long time ago.” Cheng Anya did not conceal anything. Speaking of her son’s thoughts, she felt very sad. “He really likes Ye Chen. Perhaps it is the nature of a father and his son. At first, I was puzzled why he had not asked me about it and secretly agreed with Yun Yun to let me work at MBS. Thinking back, this child must have planned it. I will never reject Ning Ning’s request as long as I can fulfill it. He had longed for Ye Chen’s love, so how could I hurt his feelings?”

“What if Ning Ning asks you to marry Third Young Master Ye?” Yang Zekun suddenly asked in a serious tone. A trace of bewilderment flashed past his usual doting gaze.

He knew how doting Cheng Anya was on Ning Ning. She could even give up her life for Ning Ning. Nobody could replace Ning Ning’s important position in her heart. She would never reject Ning Ning’s request.

Cheng Anya was shocked. She then sniggered, her pale face blushing because of the change in her emotions. She looked very mesmerizing. “Senior, can you stop joking? Given my son’s personality, he would not allow me to marry anyone.”

“I am saying what if. Anya, every child hopes to have a perfect family. No matter how mature Ning Ning is, it is inevitable for him to have such a thought.” Yang Zekun said with a double meaning, and he seemed tired.

If it was Anya, he could make her laugh, and one day, win her heart as long as he tried harder and was sincere.

But as for Ning Ning, he was very smart. Although Ning Ning had been very friendly to him for the past few years, Ning Ning’s boundary was more obvious than that of Anya’s. It could be said that other than Cheng Anya, he was distant from everyone else.

It was an elegant distant. Ning Ning treated him in the same way.

However, he saw Ning Ning holding hands with Third Young Master Ye just now and they were talking and laughing. The smile on Ning Ning’s delicate face was something that he had never seen over the past few years. His smile was pure and did not seem fake.

This made him very fearful.

He could faintly feel that he was going to lose Cheng Anya!

“There will not be such a scenario!” Cheng Anya’s face turned serious as she said determinedly. Her bright eyes were filled with her belief in Ning Ning without any reservation. “He is my son. He will not have such a request.”

“Ning Ning really likes Third Young Master Ye, but because of me, he did not dare to be acquainted with his daddy no matter how much he likes his daddy. I would be my son’s favorite person before he finds a wife! He will not disregard my happiness and make such a request.”

A mother knows her son the best. She knew him very well as she gave birth to him!

“Really?” Yang Zekun smiled faintly and heaved a sigh of relief. She sounded like she did not like Third Young Master Ye, didn’t she?

“Senior, you have spent enough time on me over the past few years. If you could…” Cheng Anya tried to tell him that they could only be friends. He really should not be so persistent anymore.

The person that he fell in love with when he was young and frivolous might not be the one that he would love forever.

“Anya, let’s not talk about it, alright?” Yang Zekun’s voice was gentle, but it was filled with a toughness that could not be intervened. Cheng Anya stopped talking and looked at him, unperturbed.

Love was love, not loving meant not loving.

She did not know how to lie or pretend.

Love was a very sacred feeling. It was her principle not to pollute it.

She had already made clear her stance but senior kept insisting and he bogged down even deeper. It was not a good thing for both of them. If she had known earlier, she would not have saved him when she saw him being injured and lying in the rain at that time.

If she had ignored him, maybe they would not be entangled.

It made senior suffer, and it bound her in return.

“Okay, let’s not talk about it. How have you been recently? Is the project at Bei Gang going smoothly?” Cheng Anya was helpless and changed the topic. Talking about work was the only topic that she could think of that was safe to chat about.

Yang Zekun smiled confidently. He looked clear but dominant. “Of course. I have worked on this project since the beginning, and it is my biggest trump card to join the board of directors. Of course it will go smoothly!”

The two of them chatted about their work and Yang Zekun hesitated for a while. He looked awkward and told Cheng Anya. “Anya, after the banquet last time, grandpa asked a lot of things about you. Do the two of you know each other?”

“Your grandpa?” Cheng Anya was puzzled. She raised her eyebrows and said jokingly, “I am a nobody. How would I know a legendary person like Old Master Yang!”

She was smiling but her heart tightened. Did Master Yang ask about her because of Xiao Yue?

Was it because they looked similar?

What kind of dispute did MBS have with Yao Hua? The two international companies that were equal had been fighting openly and secretly for decades.

In the business world, there were many rumors with regards to MBS and Yao Hua. It was rumored that Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang were very good friends. However, something happened and they could no longer get along.

Ever since then, the two of them had never been in contact. They even showed up at business events but left quickly to avoid meeting each other.

People had many guesses as to what caused the two of them to become enemies. After all, they were both legendary figures and there were many versions to their stories.

Cheng Anya had heard of some of the rumors but most of them did not seem reliable. She thought that it must have had something to do with Xiao Yue.

If not, Ye Chen would not have brought her to see Old Master Ye and provoked him on purpose, making him suffer in agony.

However, Ye Chen’s age was very different from them. It was unimaginably queer why he would hate Old Master Yang. There must be something that she did not know.

“What did he ask about?” Cheng Anya asked curiously.

“He asked many things, such as where you are from, who your parents are, and how we met. He asked a lot.” Yang Zekun narrowed his lips and frowned. He seemed like a prince who was lost in the woods.

“Grandpa has not been in charge of many things for the past few years. He would be at the backyard garden for the whole day if he had nothing to do. He rarely asked about anything related to what’s happening outside. I would report Yao Hua’s situation to him every week and he would only give a few suggestions. He has never been so curious about someone before, not even his beloved Yao Hua. This is really abnormal, so I thought that you two knew each other.”

Cheng Anya smiled as she touched her face and bantered, “Maybe my looks makes people curious about me?”

Yang Zekun was amused by her cute looks. His smile was doting and protective like a breath of fresh air. He looked like a flawless jade, perfect in any way.

Cheng Anya’s mind was like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies. Old Master Yang only had one son and one grandson, and both of them were very successful. But looking at Old Master Ye, he had four sons and the fourth one was still young, so it was uncertain what he would be like. Looking at the second son, it seemed like the eldest son would not be someone good.

Only Third Young Master Ye inherited Old Master Ye’s abilities, despite Old Master Ye despising him. It seemed like the saying that quality was more important than quantity was true. It applied to sons too!

“Grandpa said that he wants to meet you. Do you want to meet him?” Yang Zekun suddenly asked. He looked calmly at Cheng Anya and his posture was elegant. He did not show any feeling of forcing others.

He gave Cheng Anya space to think independently.

He did not believe that his grandpa was curious about her simply because she was his girlfriend.

He really wanted to know why.

Cheng Anya opened her mouth in astonishment, agape. She looked down and thought silently. Old Master Yang wanted to meet her?

What did he want to do?

What did he want to say?

If Ye Chen knew about it, would he ask her to wear Rose Tear to meet him and provoke him?

Given Ye Chen’s perverted mindset, he would probably have that idea.

“Grandpa has mentioned a few times that he really wants to meet you!” Yang Zekun said as he smiled. He was always this gentle, just like a gentle breeze. He was the most perfect gentleman in upper-class society. As long as one was a woman, they might not be able to reject his request!

“How am I going to meet him given my situation now? Let’s talk about it after I’m discharged!” Cheng Anya said. Speaking of Old Master Yang, she had an unknown sense of fear. She was afraid that she would hear things that she did not want to know.

“Okay, I will reply to him this way!” Yang Zekun did not force her. “I will let you meet him when you have recovered!”

Cheng Anya nodded and looked down, feeling very tired. Why did she seem to have enmity with the Ye and the Yang family? She was always embroiled in their family matters.

She had to find a fortune-teller someday. Maybe she had conflicts with the surname Ye and Yang.

Yang Zekun sat for a while more before he left, avoiding Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning on purpose. The father and son only went back to the hospital when it was almost night time. Ning Ning was holding on to a very big military airplane model.

He smiled elegantly as he played with his model, looking cute and delicate.

Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched. She stared at Third Young Master Ye and his cold eyes swept past her. His meaning was obvious. He bought a toy for his son. Did she have any opinion about it?

She laughed ambiguously. The father and son looked at each other, not knowing why she was unhappy.

Third Young Master Ye: What happened to your mommy?

Ning Ning: It seems like… she has a seizure!

Cheng Anya had a forced smile as she watched the father and son communicate with their eyes. Her smile was very insidious. “Can you not buy a more normal toy? Buying this makes me think of the fact that my son is a big player in the arms trade market. I heard that heavy arms, naval vessels, and military airplanes are the most popular in the arms market. Their sales are very good and the profits are very high. Am I right, my dear son?”

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and looked at Ning Ning. Ning Ning looked at his biological Daddy and Mommy stiffly. He rebutted weakly. “Mommy, actually, biochemical weapons are the most profitable…”

“Shut up!” Third Young Master Ye hit the back of Ning Ning’s head. Ning Ning pouted as he felt wronged. He was only rebutting his mommy’s mistake!

Cheng Anya’s face looked scary. “Hey, if someone wants to knock down the door of our house someday, remember to tell them that I am not familiar with you. Do you hear me?”


Ye Chen was playing with arms and so was her son. Her life… was indeed filled with a very thick smell of gunpowder.

Ning Ning narrowed his lips. He got scolded by his mommy again!

“Don’t be afraid, Mommy. If someone knocks down our door, I will knock off his whole clan,” Ning Ning said calmly.

“Why don’t you sink his whole country?” Third Young Master Ye asked angrily. He was actually very against the idea of his son doing such things. It was too bloody and dangerous.

Ning Ning and Cheng Anya had a tacit understanding and rolled their eyes. Ning Ning’s delicate voice sounded disdained. “Daddy, you’re so stupid. What if he is from the same country as us? We can’t possibly sacrifice ourselves.”

Cheng Anya nodded. What he said made sense!

Third Young Master Ye looked at Cheng Anya before looking at his son. He was speechless!

This woman wore a few masks. She was so angry just now, but in the blink of an eye, she looked so proud because her son was smart. F*ck!

Did she not mean what she had said just now?

Ning Ning saw that his daddy looked speechless and he smiled happily. He had a presentiment that, if his daddy and mommy were together, they would be very humorous.

The next day, Third Young Master Ye sent Ning Ning to school. This was a very new experience for Ning Ning.

Looking at the other parents that were sending their children to school, Ye Chen felt that he would be joining them next time. He had no pressure at all and felt blissful.

People were hurrying to and fro the school gate. Most of them were parents sending their children to school. The bright and standardized uniform looked very neat. All the children were the flowers of the country.

“This is your school?” Ye Chen looked at the elegant school gate. It gave people a pleasant impression.

It was elegant and delicate. People would like it when they looked at it.

“It is pretty, right? Mommy said that she chose this school because she liked the school gate.” Ning Ning sabotaged his mommy.

Actually, he really liked this campus too. It was peaceful and simple.

“Superficial!” Third Young Master Ye sneered.

Ning Ning smiled and waved his hands. “Bye, Daddy. School ends at 4 o’clock!”

“I know. Bye!”

“Cheng Ningyuan, is that your daddy?” A girl from his class happened to see him and walked up to him, smiling happily.

She was a very cute girl, fair and delicate with a little baby fat. She tied two ponytails and looked very cute. She was smiling very sweetly too.

“He is my daddy!” Ning Ning said. He usually came to school alone but his daddy accompanied him this time around. Many of his classmates were curious and they were shocked when they saw that Third Young Master Ye looked so much like Ning Ning.

They all knew that Cheng Ningyuan only had a mommy and did not have a daddy. When he first joined the school, there were even a few bullies that bullied him. They only stopped mentioning that he was an illegitimate son after Ning Ning bullied them back.

Third Young Master Ye was very proud and he straightened his back.

Third Young Master Ye was very satisfied that his son acknowledged him.

The little girl exclaimed in a very cute manner. “This is such a cool car! Cheng Ningyuan, let’s go together!”

Ning Ning looked at the girl from head to toe. Third Young Master Ye was shocked by Ning Ning’s look. It reminded him of the interesting things that happened when he was attending primary school.

“Sure!” Ning Ning smiled. He turned around and waved goodbye.

Third Young Master Ye waved his hand and watched the two little kids walk into the school as they chatted and laughed. It was rumored that geniuses were all lonely, but it seemed like his son was an exception. Look at how popular he was among the girls.

He had inherited well!

Third Young Master Ye proudly walked away.

Once he left, another car stopped at the school. Wang Rui and Chen Yingying came down sneakily. Wang Rui was afraid. “Hey, do you really know which one is Cheng Anya’s son?”

They were there to kidnap Ning Ning. Therefore, they had to know what he looked like.

His voice was trembling.

Chen Yingying looked at Wang Rui in disdain. She really wanted to kill him with one kick. This useless man, what was he afraid of when she did not even ask him to kill someone or set a fire?

He should not have agreed to this plan if he was afraid of dying!

“He is called Cheng Ningyuan. We can ask the teacher to call him out!” Chen Yingying said coldly. “He is just a child. What will he know? Will he not come out if an adult asks him to? We will not be afraid that she will not listen to us if we kidnap her son!”

“Will this method work?”

“I say it will work and it will!”

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