Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 136 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 136 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ning Ning raised his eyebrows and looked at the two in a judging manner. No matter how he looked at them, they did not look like killers.

The man could barely be considered handsome, but he gave off an obscene feeling. The woman was considered pretty, but she looked mean. The two of them looked like they were trash of the same level as Ye Yutang, very stupid.

“You guys are looking for me?” Ning Ning showed a cute and sincere smile. He looked very innocent.

“Are you Cheng Anya’s son?” Wang Rui could not help but scream. He was trembling as he pointed at Ning Ning.

Chen Yingying was so jealous that her eyes were red. She could not believe that this was real!

Cheng Anya’s son was actually Third Young Master Ye’s child. Was she not overseas for the past seven years? F*ck, what a hypocrite woman! Why did she have such good luck? No wonder Third Young Master Ye was so protective of her. So it turned out that they had such a relationship.

“You guys were looking for me, yet you don’t know who I am?” Ning Ning smiled as he raised his eyebrows. He was certain that the two people were not killers. The man looked familiar. His figure looked like the guy Ning Ning saw from their house upstairs that night.

He seemed like his mommy’s first boyfriend.

It was the first time Ning Ning despised his mommy. Her taste was too bad.

Wang Rui pulled Chen Yingying over and said quietly, “Let’s leave quickly. We can’t afford to provoke Third Young Master Ye!”

If he was Cheng Anya’s son, they could kidnap him to threaten Cheng Anya, and the woman might probably listen to them. She loved her son so much and would definitely not call the police. But if he was Third Young Master Ye’s son, then they dared not provoke him!

Wang Enterprise going bankrupt was definitely better than going to jail or losing his life!

Chen Yingying looked at him with a disdainful look. “You’re useless! So what if he is Third Young Master Ye’s son? We can kidnap him to threaten Cheng Anya. Who cares who his dad is as long as Cheng Anya helps us. Think about it. You have owed so many loan sharks money. If you still don’t pay them back, we will be chopped to death.”

Wang Rui trembled in fear. He thought of those tall and fierce men and was so afraid that his face turned pale.

Wang Rui did not say anything and Chen Yingying smiled sweetly at Ning Ning. She was amiable. “Ning Ning, we are your mommy’s good friends!”

“So?” Ning Ning smiled slightly. This person had really bad acting skills. She looked very fake. His daddy and mommy were experts in acting and one could not tell if they were acting or not.

“Some urgent matter cropped up on your mommy’s end, so she asked us to bring you there.” Chen Yingying looked very urgent and she pulled Ning Ning’s arm and wanted to drag him along. She seemed like she was in a hurry and was very worried.

The corners of Ning Ning’s lips became cold. It seemed like these two people did not know that his mommy was hit by Ye Yutang yesterday and was still in the hospital. Ning Ning pulled his hand as this person was not qualified to touch him. Before he could say anything, his expression changed.

He saw clearly that there was a red dot that swept past Chen Yingying’s chest. The little boy’s expression changed immediately. Oh no… There was a long-range sniper!

“Let’s go quickly!” Ning Ning was the first to run out of the school. Wang Rui and Chen Yingying thought that Ning Ning was worried about his mommy and therefore fell into their trap in such a short span of time. They were very happy and followed behind Ning Ning at a brisk pace.

“Don’t run so fast, slow down!” Chen Yingying cried out in alarm and screamed as she was wearing high heels.

Ning Ning turned a deaf ear and ran all the way.

They were at a school that was filled with children that were physically weak. There was no way a gunfight should happen there. The bullets had no eyes. Ning Ning would be guilty forever if the bullets accidentally injured someone.

It was a clean land. He would not allow the place to be tainted with blood.

If not, it might become every student’s nightmare.

Ning Ning did not know how many murderers there were, but he was sure that there was a sniper at the commanding height.

It was lucky that there was a flaw in long-range sniper. As long as the target moved or if there was an obstacle, the sniper would not be accurate. Ning Ning guessed that the person must be on the building that was opposite his classroom so that he could shoot Ning Ning when he was having lessons.

Damn it!

They came too fast and Ning Ning was not prepared at all.

Old Master Ye had used the saying that ‘speed was important in war’ to its limit.

Ning Ning pressed the green button on his watch.

The emergency alarm was turned on!

From today onward, there would be people protecting him. However, they probably did not expect that Old Master Ye would dispatch the killers out today.

Ning Ning had just reached the school gate when a bullet hit beside his leg, causing the dust to splatter. It was a gun with a silencer. Therefore, there was not much noise. Ning Ning was so shocked that he quickly hid. He managed to escape out of school nimbly, avoiding a row of bullets that went past the side of his leg.

Wang Rui and Chen Yingying screamed.

Suddenly, a few gunshots could be heard not far away and Ning Ning was delighted. Good, his people were just nearby and it was obvious that they had just settled one of the killers.

“Get in the car quickly!” Ning Ning shouted as he got onto the front passenger seat. Wang Rui and Chen Yingying had never encountered such a scene before and they were flustered. They quickly got into the car after Ning Ning shouted at them. Wang Rui stepped on the accelerator pedal and quickly left the school.

After a while, it became calm other than a few gunshots that could be heard from afar. There was no other sound. As the car drove further away from the place, even the gunshots could not be heard.

Ning Ning did not dare to relax and kept staring at the mirror of the car. He paid close attention to the traffic condition behind them

Chen Yingying was still suffering from the shock and shrilled, “What happened just now?”

Ning Ning’s phone rang. It was a call from Bai Ye as he was still in City A. “Ning Ning, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just left school!”

“I saw it!”

Ning Ning took out his computer from his bag and quickly typed in a string of commands to check out what’s happening near the school. He quickly found out that there were a few spots where gunfights had occurred. It was stated that there were two people that were injured!

“Ning Ning, you’d better prepare yourself mentally. I have only ordered four people to protect you today. I didn’t expect Old Master Ye to act so quickly!”

“How many people did they have?”

“Two people!”

Ning Ning raised his eyebrows as he had an inauspicious feeling. Bai Ye continued to say, “Old Master Ye knows that the plan had failed. He had sent out another team of killers. They have twenty people.”

“He is really willing to give his all!” Ning Ning sneered.

Bai Ye was already at the airport. He ordered his people to take actions while checking out the area around Ning Ning. He raised the corners of his lips. “Ning Ning, ask the person beside you to drive to Huning Avenue, and then drive to Yunying port from the north side.”


Ning Ning checked the GPS and said with a deep voice, “Let’s go to Ninghu Avenue!”

“I don’t want to go there. I just want to go home. What’s wrong with you?” Wang Rui was so afraid that he was trembling and could not listen to Ning Ning’s words.

Chen Yingying had also lost her thought of kidnapping Ning Ning. She ruthlessly said, “Wang Rui, push him out of the car. Don’t let him implicate us!”

Wang Rui nodded. He opened the door and wanted to push Ning Ning out.

The speed of the car was very fast. There was no way a child could survive if he was pushed out of the car. The two people knew it but they had to sacrifice Ning Ning in order to not be implicated.

It was a pity that they had made the wrong decision!

“Go to Huning Avenue right now!” Ning Ning pointed the gun at Wang Rui’s head and he smiled in a bright and sweet way. “Number one, live. Number two, die. Which one do you choose?”

“Don’t act recklessly!” Wang Rui screamed.

“Push him down! He is just scaring you! It is a toy gun!”

Ning Ning turned his hand and shot a bullet beside Chen Yingying. There was no sound of a gunshot, but there was a big hole in the car seat.

The young kid smiled elegantly. “Toy gun? Do you want me to try shooting your head?”

“No!” Chen Yingying stared at the hole in fear. “Wang Rui, listen to him.”

Wang Rui closed the door and drove toward Huning Avenue.

Ning Ning had to say that the two people were the most rookie and unlucky kidnappers in history!

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