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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 138
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Five cars chased after one another on the Huning Bridge. Wang Rui was in luck to purchase a limited edition sports variant of the Lexus GS300 during his more affluent times. It had excellent handling and ample horsepower to outrun the other four cars if floored.

The young kid did not share the same sentiments. There was definitely an ambush set up at the north edge of Yunying Port along the Huning Highway. He believed the ambush was more than capable of defeating Bai Ye’s deployed men. Hanging on a while more would help as reinforcements were making their way from Huning Highway.

Ning Ning, however, wanted to eliminate them single-handedly.

Given his identities, encountering assassinations daily was nothing uncommon. Had he required support with every assassination attempt on him, he would not have the ability to escape and retaliate. He would eventually run out of luck.

Hence, these people were his first trainees!

Dink! Dink! Dink! As the row of bullets clanked off the car body, Chen Yingying leaned against the window and lowered her head. Covering her ears, she dared not breathe, fearing bullets would rain on her.

Ning Ning opened the door and shot at the car behind him. The windscreen remained unfazed and he quickly turned back. Damn, the glass was bulletproof. A car suddenly raced up to his side and the window opened. A few pistols emerged and quickly shot at him.

“Speed up!” Ning Ning barked. Wang Rui stepped on the accelerator as bullets hit the car. A bullet struck the windscreen and the splintered glass flooded into the cabin.

The rear windscreen was also shot out!

“Ah…” Chen Yingying screamed at the top of her voice. An irate Ning Ning grabbed her by the collar and said, “If you want to live, do what I say!”

Ning Ning tore the wrapping paper of the Wrigley’s to reveal a stick of plastic explosive with crisscrossing red and black stripes. He put the stick in Chen Yingying’s hands and said, “Two cars will drive up to us on each side in a moment. Knead the chewing gum and stick it on the cars. Understand?”

Chen Yingying shook her head like a mad man. “I don’t know. I don’t know… I cannot do it…”

Tears flowed down her cheek.

“Listen. If you do not want to die with me, do what I say. There is only one chance!” Ning Ning said calmly as he tore open the other Wrigley’s.

He eventually thought of how to use the explosives!

In the VIP lounge at the airport, Bai Ye smiled as he looked at his computer screen. ‘This guy really has his way around things!’

A cold female voice came from the other computer. “Shall we take action?”

“Wait… Do not act yet. Continue to maintain distance and observe how this kid performs!” Bai Ye smiled. Since Ning Ning wanted to demonstrate his ability, Bai Ye would give him the opportunity!

“If anything untoward happens to him, you can expect Third Young Master Ye to spare no expenses in hunting you down!” the other lady said. Compared to the colder lady earlier, this lady sounded much more elegant.

“I trust Ning Ning!” Bai Ye smiled.

The car at the back suddenly knocked into the car and sparks flew. The impact of the collision threw Ning Ning to the front.

Chen Yingying shrieked again as another stream of bullets hit the car. Dink! Dink! Dink! The sound of glass breaking rang and all the glass in the car, save the front, had shattered.

As the car was a moving target, aiming at it did not guarantee an accurate hit.

Without much thought, Ning Ning knew that the exterior car would be lined with row upon row of bullet holes.

“You… really want to die?” Ning Ning looked at Chen Yingying calmly. His young face was solemn and Chen Yingying swallowed her saliva in fear. “I’ll do it!” she replied.

“Once you knead the red and black portions together, an explosion will happen in two seconds. Be fast!”

Chen Yingying was terrified and nodded in panic, her hands trembling.

“Very good!” Ning Ning said decisively. “You will lure the two cars in so that they will be side by side with us. Once that happens, we accelerate!”


Wang Rui deliberately slowed the car down. The three cars behind caught up in a wedge formation. One car knocked into the rear, whilst the other two cars engaged in a pincer motion from both sides. Due to the windows being shot, sparks flew and landed in the car with a sizzling sound.

As they eased away from the pincer moment, Ning Ning shouted, “Go!”

Both of them opened the car doors at the same time and quickly kneaded the plastic explosives. They stuck the plastic explosives on the other cars. Chen Yingying was slightly faster than Ning Ning as she was an adult. Her arms were longer than Ning Ning’s and she stuck the explosive slightly before Ning Ning. Once Chen Yingying returned to the car, Wang Rui immediately sped up and almost threw Ning Ning out of the car. Ning Ning pulled back with force and tumbled in the car due to the speed. His small body lay on Chen Yingying and both of them almost fell out of the car.

How thrilling!

At this moment, two explosions could be heard. The two cars exploded and lit up the sky.

Bai Ye, who was sitting in front of the computer, whistled. He was amazed at how this kid was so resourceful. He commanded his two unlucky kidnappers so impeccably, a mean feat not many else could pull off.

He was too strong!

Chen Yingying waved her hands and cheered. Ning Ning rubbed his arm. Oh dear, he was cut by the splintered glass.

Mommy was going to get really mad!

“Don’t be happy! There are still three other cars!” Ning Ning said calmly. “Let’s do this again!” Chen Yingying seemed excited.

Ning Ning looked at her. What was there to be excited about when killing people? He doubted her excitement.

“What dated wisdom! It won’t work here!” Ning Ning said calmly.

The remaining three cars caught up very quickly and aggressively shot from the rear. Dink! Dink! Dink! The car had a few more rows of bullet holes. They were determined and fired with extreme prejudice! Chen Yingying was once again shocked into shrieking.

A car knocked into them from the side. Ning Ning gritted his teeth and thought, ‘Damn it, who has more horsepower?’

He squeezed next to Wang Rui and grabbed the steering wheel. “Step on the gas!”

Ning Ning quickly turned the steering wheel and knocked into the car. One car knocked into another at high speed, and the friction from the collision sounded dangerous. Sparks flew but Ning Ning did not ease up. He kept on turning the steering wheel and knocking into the car!

Wang Rui, who was not an amateurish racer in his own time, perfectly complemented Ning Ning.

With one side of the car not holding anymore, Ning Ning left the car no space to escape and it rammed into the roadside barrier.

With a massive thud, the entire front of the car caved in!

“Perfect!” Bai Ye clapped.

This young guy is too cool!

“Bai Ye, you are so evil!” that nice female voice said.

Ning Ning chambered the gun and passed the steering wheel to a stunned Wang Rui. Seeing that he did not get the hint, Ning Ning slapped him into attention. “Drive!”

“Speed up!” Ning Ning barked. Wang Rui nodded and floored the pedal. Bai Ye raised his eyebrows and wondered whether this child decided to personally lead them into a trap.

If he thought that would happen, he would be wrong!

“Bai Ye, there are two more cars. What should I do?” Ning Ning urgently asked as he chambered his weapon.

“Here is some relevant advice. Shoot at the tires!”

“Should we puncture the tires?”

“No, shoot off the tires!”

To conserve his ammunition, Ning Ning looked up the structure of the car on the internet. He smiled and said, “Understood!”

Not anyhow shooting earlier was indeed a wise choice.

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