Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 139
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 139
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Speed up to the intersection of the road in front and turn around immediately, understand?” Ning Ning said.

Wang Rui was so scared that his pupils shrank. “Turn around? Won’t we be facing them then?”

This was clearly an act of looking for death. Wang Rui shook his head in fear. With a deep voice, Ning Ning said, “Believe me!”

Wang Rui looked at Ning Ning. He felt like crying but had no tears. That day might be the unluckiest day in his entire life. He vowed to avoid that kid if he ever saw him again in the future.

Chen Yingying’s face turned pale from excitement. Wang Rui bit his teeth and went all out. He admitted that he was timid, but that kid had overtaken three cars and gotten rid of more than a dozen killers. He would believe him for once.

If he was lucky, he could escape from the nightmare.

Ning Ning took a deep breath. He really wasn’t that fearless. Handling a gun was a first for him, and shooting was also a first. He wasn’t confident at all if he could shoot accurately.

‘I’ll take a gamble!’

His luck had always been good!

The car turned back abruptly. Ning Ning had to support himself with great strength as the turn was too abrupt. Not being able to stop in time, those two cars continued driving toward them. One of the men in black raised his gun and shot at Ning Ning. The little boy retracted and dodged the bullet.

The bullets struck the tragic-looking car door and added a few more bullet holes to it.

He lowered his body nimbly.

He squinted. The gun he was using had been converted to a machine gun, of which power was doubled…

He aimed at the top of the tires and fired seven or eight shots. Because the speed of the car was very high, the tires fell off the car and flew three to four meters high. The car flipped over and flew a meter high due to the impulse, before colliding with another car. Only a loud thud could be heard. Both cars shattered into small pieces. Oil leaked as Ning Ning shot right at the oil tank.

The little boy showed a cute smile, sweet and elegant. “Goodbye!”

Then, he fired a shot again. A loud bang could be heard. The remaining two cars exploded too… Bang!

The shattered pieces of the car splintered everywhere!

“Wow!” Wang Rui was stunned. ‘Too powerful, too awesome, how shocking!’ He couldn’t think of an adjective to describe him. He felt that kidnapping that child was the unluckiest and the most ridiculous thing that he had done in his life.

‘Is there such an arrogant and aggressive victim?’

In just forty minutes, he got rid of twenty people. The little boy had totally won!

Bai Ye clapped his hands to applaud. ‘The power of someone with potential is just so strong, so awesome!’

Ning Ning heaved a long sigh of relief and turned around to grab his laptop. Then, he started to destroy the videotapes recorded by the surveillance cameras along the road, so as to remove any pieces of evidence that were unfavorable.

He didn’t even take fifteen minutes to do that.

“Since I’ve gotten rid of my enemies, we can settle our problem now!” Ning Ning blinked cutely. Chen Yingying was already terrified and became weak like a pool of mud. Wang Rui’s limbs were trembling too.

They looked at the little boy’s cherry mouth in horror, afraid that he would bombard their heads by impulse.

“Misunderstandings, it’s all misunderstandings. You have misunderstood us. We’re not here to kidnap you!” Wang Rui quickly clarified. He had decided to stay away from Cheng Anya and his son from then on. It was too scary!


“Did I say that you were kidnapping me?” Ning Ning raised his brows curiously. He laughed and looked innocent.

Wang Rui choked, almost couldn’t breathe.

“What do you want?” Ning Ning asked. He always had distinct gratitude and grudges. If it had not been for them, he could not have killed those killers within seconds. They were considered his assistants during his first training.

They deserved to be rewarded!

As for the kidnapping? That didn’t happen at all!

“Can we ask for money?”

“Ask me for money?” Ning Ning smiled. Wang Rui thought he would reject him. Who knew, Ning Ning said, “You have found the right person to ask for money from!”

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