Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 144 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 144 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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This was the second feeling that Old Master Ye had of the young kid.

He originally thought that this child had inherited Ye Chen, and therefore, had a sharp tongue. But, it was very shocking that a seven-year-old child could actually say such stern words in such a calm manner.

Ning Ning was only seven years old, but he could kill twenty professionally-trained killers and only injured his arms. It could be said that he almost did not injure himself at all. He even calmly told Old Master Ye that he wanted to do something to his son.

He was very decisive and ruthless!

Other than being a demon, Old Master Ye could not think of another word to describe Ning Ning.

Old Master Ye thought of what happened when Ye Chen was ten years old. That time, Ye Chen stood beside his mom’s dead body without saying anything and did not cry. The ten-year-old Ye Chen was about the size of Ning Ning now because he had lived with his mom since young and they had a difficult life. Ye Chen was malnourished on a long term basis. Hence, his height grew very slowly and his complexion was really bad. Ye Chen was not as cute as Ning Ning, but they were both delicate and beautiful.

Everyone thought that Ye Chen was terrified. None of the servants dared to comfort him as Old Master Ye was very furious at that time. Therefore, they just let him face the tragedy of his mom dying in front of him alone.

All of them thought that Ye Chen must have been terrified. Therefore, they did not say anything at all.

But once the people left, Ye Chen suddenly looked up and showed a very elegant smile. He calmly said, “Twenty years later, I will destroy your pride!”

This sentence was like a curse that hovered in Old Master Ye’s heart. Therefore, Old Master Ye found an excuse to say that Ye Chen had some mental problems and sent him to a sanatorium in the United States. Ye Chen received the harshest and cruelest treatment.

More than a decade had passed, and everything was very peaceful.

But, Old Master Ye had never forgotten the tone and coldness when Ye Chen said those words. It was exactly the same as Ning Ning.

It was an absolute sternness amidst elegant smile.

So determined that they would not give up unless they reached their goal.

Therefore, Old Master Ye was afraid that, once Ye Chen was fully-fledged, Ye Chen would destroy all of his pride.

What was Old Master Ye’s pride?

MBS International!

This was why Old Master Ye had to rely on Ye Chen’s abilities, but at the same time, control Ye Chen. He did not allow things to go out of his control. If it exceeded his control, he would definitely end it.

Like Ning Ning!

The changes would be too big when there was another inheritor. Old Master Ye could not afford to lose to this change.

Old Master Ye had never thought of resolving the hatred between him and Ye Chen. He only thought of how to deal with Ye Chen’s hatred for him and how he could control Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had indeed listened to him for the past decade, but Old Master Ye had recently realized that the child who had been obedient for the past decade was only pretending. Therefore, Old Master Ye could not tolerate or accept Ye Chen’s defiance.

Old Master Ye had wanted to make use of this opportunity to tell Ye Chen that he would be controlled forever, and there was nowhere Ye Chen could escape to.

Old Master Ye did not expect that Ye Chen’s son would kill all the killers and overthrew all his plans.

“Dad, if you have nothing else to say, please leave!” Ye Chen said coldly. He did not like the way Old Master Ye looked at Ning Ning. Old Master Ye’s gaze was judging, deriding, and complex. It made Ye Chen think of the unbearable times when he just went back to the Ye family.

It was like a poisonous snake that glided past his face. It was extremely disgusting.

“Daddy, don’t be anxious!” Ning Ning smiled elegantly as he walked to his daddy’s side and smiled. “Old grandpa, I always mean what I say. You’d better not challenge my patience. Only my mommy can change my decisions. If that day ever comes, I will ask you to kneel down in front of my mommy and ask for forgiveness. It would not be nice if that day comes!”

“You…” Old Master Ye was very furious. His ruthless gaze swept past the family of three. He snorted loudly and walked out with his body filled with fury.

“What a bad temper!” Ning Ning frowned in a cute manner. He turned around and walked toward the bed. “Mommy, did he do anything to you?”

Cheng Anya shook her head and looked at Ning Ning deeply. Ning Ning gave her a very big and bright smile and rubbed his hands obsequiously. “Mommy, what happened? Tell me!”

Ye Chen was terrified by his son’s disappointing appearance and stared at Ning Ning ruthlessly. Why did his son behave like a small rabbit once he was in front of Cheng Anya?

“Did you send people to do something to Ye Yutong?” Cheng Anya asked as she frowned. Her pure face was filled with a disapproving look. This idea was really stupid, but the mindset of this family of three was really similar.

Cheng Anya, Ye Chen, and Ning Ning all took Ye Yutong to threaten Old Master Ye. Was it because it was too easy to find Old Master Ye’s weakness, or was it because they had been keeping a close watch on Ye Yutong?

“No, there is definitely no such thing. I just wanted to scare him. That’s all.” Ning Ning laughed. “I have always been very kind. How would I do such a bloody thing?”


Ye Chen’s and Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched tacitly. Cheng Anya rolled up Ning Ning’s sleeves and saw a few blood stains on his arms. The wound was very shallow as it was just abrasion. Cheng Anya was totally relieved.

“By the way, the old man did not do anything to me, but he hit Ye Chen,” Cheng Anya suddenly pointed at Ye Chen and said. Her cool tone sounded very sincere, and she added, “He was hit until he could not straighten his back.”

Ye Chen was very furious. What did she mean by he could not straighten his back? F***, she was spreading rumors!

“Did I not get hit because I wanted to protect you?” Ye Chen could not help but rebut. “If not because of me, your brain juice would have been splattered all over. You are a heartless woman!”

“Daddy, well done!” Ning Ning gave Ye Chen a thumbs-up to compliment him. Ye Chen was a real man as he could protect Ning Ning’s mommy!

Ye Chen suddenly realized that he got cheated and he stared at Cheng Anya ruthlessly. He was totally speechless. She should not have used such a method even if she wanted to help him leave a good impression on his son. Seriously, what kind of twisted personality was that?

“Ning Ning, are your arms in pain? Let Daddy help you bandage the wounds.” Cheng Anya asked gently. She had never let Ning Ning get a single scar since Ning Ning was born.

Ning Ning shook his head. “I’m fine. This is just a small case!”

Although it was painful, it was not very painful. It was just some small wounds that would be fine after two days.

“Ning Ning, do you still have lessons in the afternoon?”

Ning Ning nodded and he told them about the story of how Wang Rui and Chen Yingying kidnapped him. Ye Chen and Cheng Anya were both speechless. They had a bad intention initially but helped Cheng Anya save her son in the end.

“Daddy will help Wang Enterprise this time in order to return the favor.” Ye Chen decided in a decisive manner after hesitating for a while.

Cheng Anya did not say anything. Although she did not have a good impression of both Wang Rui and Chen Yingying, in fact, she detested them, she did not say anything given that they had saved Ning Ning.

Let Ye Chen help them if he wanted to!

Anyway, she was not the one giving the money!

“President Ye, what if your dad still attacks Ning Ning?” Cheng Anya frowned and asked with a low voice. She looked unhappy as this was a serious issue. She really regretted letting Ning Ning be acquainted with Ye Chen. It was only a day and her boy was hunted down by people.

They had to deal with Old Master Ye!

“Don’t worry. It won’t happen again,” Ye Chen said in an assuring manner. A trace of ruthlessness flashed past his cold eyes. If Old Master Ye attacked again, there was no need for Ye Chen to be polite with him. Ye Yutang’s fate would be Ye Chen’s example!

Given Ye Chen’s understanding of Old Master Ye, his next step would be to control Ye Chen’s wedding!

It was really a joke!

But it was good this way. At least, Ning Ning was out of danger, although he might not be so lucky every time.

Ning Ning had fought a vigorous war!

“Ning Ning, I think you should move back to our home. You have only moved to Ye Chen’s house for a day and something happened. Would you still be alive if you stay for a few more days?” Cheng Anya bantered. She patted Ning Ning’s delicate face. “Do you want to consider my suggestion?”

Ye Chen curled his lips. Was this his wish? Ning Ning would still be hunted down even if he did not stay with Ye Chen. Was there any absolute link between the two issues?

Ning Ning shook his head and went forward obsequiously. He hugged Ye Chen and smiled at Cheng Anya sweetly. “I want Daddy!”

Ning Ning’s words praised Ye Chen lavishly. Ye Chen was so happy that he was disoriented. He raised his head and looked at Cheng Anya in a provoking manner, as if to say, ‘Look, our son loves me so much!’


Cheng Anya’s mouth twitched. ‘Third Young Master Ye, you should admire your own disgusting face. It is really inordinately childish. Could it be that a man’s IQ would be more like a child’s once they have a son?’

Ye Chen went back to the office after staying at the hospital for a while.

Ning Ning picked up the apples on the floor curiously and raised it up. “Mommy, why did the apples that grandpa bought receive such treatment? Were you venting out your emotions?”

“Throw them into the bin,” Cheng Anya said faintly and calmly. “I threw them at Old Master Ye just now. Did you not see the big bump on his forehead?”

Ning Ning, “…Mommy, you are so strong!”

Extraordinarily doughty!


This violent aesthetic deserved full marks!

“What did he say to make you so angry such that you had to throw apples at him?” Ning Ning asked curiously. It was really a weapon filled with love. He did not expect his mommy to think of using the apples.

Cheng Anya blushed. “Ye Chen helped me block the walking stick and I felt bad. I was so angry at that time, so I threw apples at Old Master Ye.”

“You did so because of Daddy?” Wow, this is a good sign, very good!

Cheng Anya heard her son’s bantering tone and she blushed. She coughed twice. “Who says so?”

“Don’t explain. An explanation is a concealment!” Ning Ning blinked like a child that dared to do great mischief.

Cheng Anya’s face was flushing red. She bit her teeth and stared at Ning Ning. “You, go buy some apples for me!”

She had thrown all of them at Old Master Ye and did not get to eat any of them.

“I have no money!” Ning Ning said in a straightforward manner. Other than the money for buying groceries, Ning Ning never brought money out with him. He did not have to buy groceries now, so he did not need to bring money out.

“Why did you not ask your daddy for it just now? Stupid!”

“You did not tell me to. How about I cut this apple for you? Anyway, it is not spoiled and can be eaten.”

“Go away. I have just used it to throw at Old Master Ye and you are asking me to eat it? Scram!”

Ning Ning stuck out his tongue. Cheng Anya was bored and it happened to be the time to watch financial news. However, once she turned on the television, she saw some breaking news. It happened to be about Ning Ning’s cruel battle with the twenty killers.

An eye-witness said that he saw five cars chasing after a Lexus. Another even said that he saw a kid shooting at the cars. The police checked the area and found sixteen dead bodies. The rest were bombed and left with incomplete skeletons and broken limbs.

They could not retrieve the surveillance footage as the surveillance cameras were destroyed. The police had already set up an investigation team to specifically investigate this case.

Cheng Anya looked at the host reporting on the case in astonishment. She turned her head and saw that Ning Ning had a very strange smile…

Cheng Anya shivered. She had always thought that someone saved Ning Ning. She did not think that…”Baby, you… killed them all by yourself?”


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