Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 149 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 149 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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When someone was unlucky, they would indeed choke even when they were drinking water. Cheng Anya felt that she was really unlucky now!

Yun Ruoxi was taken away by the doctors for a checkup while Third Young Master Ye stood there and stared at her coldly without saying anything. Cheng Anya looked up and saw his cold and deep gaze that was emotionless.

He was cold like ice.

The ward was already filled with white color and made Cheng Anya feel ghastly. Who knew that Third Young Master Ye was still there to emit cold air. She felt that the autumn wind was soughing and the atmosphere was harsh. It was indeed… very miserable!

City A’s summer was very humid; the temperature would often go as high as thirty-eight degrees. It was so hot that people could not stand the heat. Cheng Anya felt that whoever married Third Young Master Ye would be very blissful in summer. Look, they did not even have to turn on the air-conditioner. They just had to stand near him.

They could save electricity and the trouble.

Okay, she had to admit that she was in the wrong for provoking his dearest and making Yun Ruoxi faint. Sometimes, it was not a good thing when her words were too harsh. But, Third Young Master Ye, you should be quick if you want to be angry. What were you trying to do by standing there and not moving?

Cheng Anya was eager to know who had won the fight between the two devils. She wanted to support her cute 384. Therefore, he should leave if he had nothing to say and let out his outburst earlier if he wanted to so that she could continue watching her anime.

There was only one episode every week. It was not easy for her as she was involved in an accident and did not have the chance to watch it for the past few days.


They were silent for a long time before their eyes met. One was cold and one was calm. There was no winner.

Miss Cheng suddenly felt that it was a waste of time. She smiled slightly and asked, “Third Young Master Ye, may I ask if you have anything to comment on?”

Ye Chen looked at her coldly and his phone suddenly rang. He narrowed his lips, turned around, and walked out of the ward, closing the door with a loud bang. The sound was so loud that it made her eardrum a little painful. Cheng Anya thought to herself, ‘Is he done with his outburst of anger?’

Was he trying to spoil the door given that strength?

She shrugged her shoulders. She waited for a while and Young Third Master Ye did not come back. Cheng Anya automatically thought that he had left due to some urgent matters.

She turned on her computer leisurely, connected to the internet, and watched the latest episode of Black Butler 2. Although there were many ridiculous plots, it was an anime that Cheng Anya had been watching for the past year. Cheng Anya always did things with a beginning and an end.

Cheng Anya felt that life was good as she drank the pork ribs soup that Third Young Master Ye had brought. Her son was still the best. He did not forget to let his cheap dad bring food for her even though he was in school.

When Ye Chen came back, Cheng Anya had already finished drinking the pork ribs soup and was enjoying every minute of the anime. Suddenly, the stupid Aleister Chamber appeared and screamed in his ecstatic voice…

It was a crazy and ecstatic dialogue.

Cheng Anya paused. Unfortunately, both she and Ye Chen understood Japanese. Ye Chen frowned and looked at Cheng Anya in astonishment. He looked very surprised, as if he could not believe that the doughty Cheng Anya would watch such a stupid anime.

The atmosphere was so cold that it was surprising.

It was really rare that Cheng Anya blushed and her face was hot. She resented Third Young Master Ye in her heart. Didn’t he leave? He should have chosen a better timing even if he wanted to come back. It was really embarrassing. She turned off the computer calmly and acted as if nothing had happened. It was as if the scene just now was Third Young Master Ye’s illusion as he was too tired.

“President Ye, what do you want to say? Can you be more straightforward?” Cheng Anya felt unhappy as she had to stop watching the anime halfway through, and she felt as if there was a cat tickling her heart. Ye Chen seemed like a man that would not watch anime. Therefore, he would not understand how Cheng Anya felt.

“I was at the door just now and I have heard everything!” Ye Chen said coldly as he raised the corners of his lips. He was cold and threatening. “I have once again witnessed Miss Cheng’s glib tongue!”

“Actually, you should say that I can react quickly!” Cheng Anya rebutted with a lukewarm attitude. Shouldn’t he be more sincere even if he wanted to praise a beauty?

It was so ungentlemanly to be cynical!

“Quick reaction, humph!” Third Young Master Ye sneered. He walked forward step by step, emitting a threatening aura and pressuring people until they were suffocated. Some men were used to being seated on the throne, and their every gesture had the power to frighten people.

He sat beside her and a corner of the bed suddenly sunk in. Cheng Anya’s heart tightened, and she became warier in her heart.


“I love you…” Ye Chen’s voice was deep but attractive. Cheng Anya was shocked when he suddenly said this sentence and her heart was beating very quickly. Her face became even hotter and she blushed.

Ah, ah, ah, Cheng Anya, calm down, calm down, do not be infatuated. What if he had something to add on?

Stay calm, stay calm!

‘F***, perverted Third Young Master Ye, you will not die if you finish the whole sentence, why did you have to pause?’

If he had wanted to look at her reaction, then she had to congratulate him for being disappointed. Cheng Anya had worn a mask for many years. No matter how flustered she was or how fast her heart was beating, she would still smile calmly. If not for the blush that could not be controlled, she would have acted in a more perfect manner.

“Therefore, the women that I have looked for in the past few years were all substitutes of you?” Ye Chen finally finished his sentence and looked at her blush with a forced smile. Tsk, he thought that she did not know what being shy was.

Cheng Anya smiled and said slowly, “I have recounted carefully what I have said just now, but I realized that I did not say this before. President Ye, are you having illusions?”

Third Young Master Ye nodded. Good, Cheng Anya did not say so. “You misled Ruoxi to think in such a way, right?”

Cheng Anya smiled faintly. “President Ye, you are thinking too much. There is absolutely no such thing!”

Miss Cheng denied till the end!

“No such thing?” Young Third Master Ye looked sideways at her and suddenly got closer to her. He pulled her and narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Do you really think that I went to look for substitutes because I love you?”

He automatically ignored her denial!

The danger alarm index in Cheng Anya’s heart was soaring.

Young Third Master Ye was very close to her and his breath spilled on her face. The clean and fresh smell that was unique to Third Young Master Ye filled her surroundings and trapped her like a jail. She wanted to escape, but her strength was too small to push Third Young Master Ye away.Read latest chapters at

“Hmm?” Third Young Master Ye pulled the ending sound dangerously, and his lips were almost touching hers. He could kiss her if he was an inch closer. Cheng Anya wanted to cry but had no tears. It was this extorting a confession by torture position again. F***, could he pick a new position?

She did not think that Third Young Master Ye would only use such a perverted method on her.

“Illusion…” Cheng Anya gave a fake smile. “Third Young Master Ye, you should have selective amnesia instead!”

“I already have selective amnesia. Moreover, I selectively chose to forget you, Miss Cheng,” Third Young Master Ye said coldly, his deep gaze staring into her eyes. He could see the smile hidden deep in his eyes from those radiant eyes of hers.

And happiness!

This woman always said one thing but meant another. But it was just as she had said. She reacted quickly and could make a dead person sound like he was alive!

But her words just now had enlightened Third Young Master Ye.

For the past few years, he really liked the same type of women. They were pure and beautiful. As long as they had a type of temperament that could arouse his feelings, he would put his attention on them.

But he always felt that it was not enough.

Far from enough!

He had never stopped searching, but he had never thought of why he was like this!

Why he was always so greedy and never satisfied.

Actually, it was because none of them was Cheng Anya?

“Then…” Cheng Anya realized that it was difficult to ignore his scorching breath and deep gaze as he hugged her. His gaze was like a black whirlpool that almost sucked in her soul.

This feeling made her fluster and she was at a loss!

No matter how smart a brain was, it would become slow.

“What did I call you in the past?” Ye Chen suddenly asked. He had been calling her Miss Cheng for a long time. Was it time to change the way he called her?

“What?” Cheng Anya was at a loss and she suddenly paused. She was going crazy due to the guy’s sudden changes. He acted as if he did not want strangers to get near to him just now, but in the blink of an eye, he had become affectionate.

‘Third Young Master Ye, you did not even know my name seven years ago!’

Miss Cheng wanted to cry. A lie had led to many more lies. It was alright if he did not recall his memory. If he did, she would not be able to escape assassination even if she escaped to the Sahara Desert.

Therefore, she chose to be silent!

“Answer me!”

“I forgot!” Cheng Anya replied decisively.

Third Young Master Ye suddenly smiled. A trace of dissolute grin filled his delicate brows and his bright eyes were staring at her tender red lips. He asked, “Have I kissed you before?”

Cheng Anya’s heart thumped and she nodded subconsciously. Third Young Master Ye smiled even more. Good. He leaned forward and kissed her lips ruthlessly.

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