Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 151 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 151 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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His hands were ready to make trouble. He had the urge to strangle her.

According to what she said, she meant that he was not loyal and had abandoned her?

Third Young Master Ye’s expression was not only dark but twisted too. He gritted his teeth. ‘Can’t she say any good words?’

Looking at his style of changing women as frequently as changing clothes now, he suddenly realized that he might have done Cheng Anya wrong seven years ago. If not, why would she avoid him and push him away every time she saw him?

Cheng Anya had fun watching his expressions change. It was as if she was watching an old silent movie tape. So interesting. Then, Third Young Master Ye’s gaze became deep and silent. Instead of having twisted expressions, he focused on her.

Miss Cheng’s heart skipped a beat. ‘What’s happening?’

In order to avoid creating new conflicts, Cheng Anya smiled lightly. “President Ye, shouldn’t you go visit Miss Yun now?”

Ye Chen frowned and let out a forced smile. He was sarcastic and cold. “Miss Cheng, you are really taking your job seriously!”

She did not forget her job as a secretary even though she was already half-paralyzed. Great, how wonderful!

“You’re too kind!” Cheng Anya knew that he was angry, but her expression did not change at all. She only smiled and leaned gracefully against the bed, her eyes drifting toward her notebook. The third young master recalled the stupid conversation that he had heard when he first stepped into the ward and squinted acutely.

There was a fume of anger traveling to the top of his head from the bottom of his feet. Using the simplest actions, she told the young third master that even an animation was more attractive than him.

Ye Chen got up immediately, sneered, and left!

Miss Cheng stayed calm as if she had nothing to do with it. When the door of the ward had closed, she heaved a sigh of relief, looking obscure.

For a long time, she sat there silently, contemplating. It was unknown what she was thinking about.

Yun Ruoxi had already woken up. She just fainted for a moment due to her extreme anger. She lay on the bed with her pale face and her eyes were filled with tears. Her pale lips trembled like a wilted flower.

Cheng Anya’s words were constantly in her mind. Every word pierced into her heart deeply, making her so painful that it was hard to breathe.

She wasn’t willing to believe that what she said was the truth!

Ye Chen pushed the door and went in. Yun Ruoxi’s eyes brightened and she got up immediately upon seeing Ye Chen’s arrival. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her pale face turned red due to her extreme suppression of feelings. Except for her lips, she was still pale and trembling.

It was like a slow-motion scene. The brightness in Yun Ruoxi’s eyes disappeared bit by bit. Within a few seconds, they became dull and lifeless. Her gaze looked so empty that it was as if Ye Chen was a stranger.

Slowly, she gave out a bitter smile slightly.

Tears rained down and she expressed her grievance and bitterness in front of the man she loved.

Hoping that he would show her a teeny-weeny bit of love.

Or just get his word of promise.

Otherwise, she would collapse!

Ye Chen walked closer to her with a slight feeling of guilt in his cold eyes. After a few moments of silence, he patted her head with his hand gently. “Ruoxi…”

“Don’t say it, I beg you, don’t!” Yun Ruoxi grabbed Ye Chen’s hand and cried her lungs out. She was afraid to know Ye Chen’s decision, afraid to hear him say out the fact that the one he loved was Cheng Anya, and that she was just a replacement of her for the past six years.

Ye Chen frowned. Her tears landed on the back of his hand. It felt warm. He felt guilty.

“Sorry!” Apologizing was not something the third young master would do, but he did. The six years of accompany and the promise to marry her, he wasn’t able to fulfill it anymore. He owed her an apology.

He could not afford to give her anything more.

“What are you apologizing for? Is it sympathy? Or guilt?” Yun Ruoxi became a bit hysterical. Her gaze was full of self-mockery and sarcasm. Was she really the same as other women?

Ye Chen pursed his lips. There were some words that he didn’t want to say directly in front of her face. After all, it was a fact that Yun Ruoxi had stayed by his side for six years!

“How did you know about this?” Ye Chen replied with a question with his slightly cold voice. He had kept the matter a secret and since Old Master Ye and Old Master Yun were planning for the wedding, Old Master Ye could not be the one who revealed the truth to Yun Ruoxi.

He originally wanted to arrange a time to speak to Yun Ruoxi to reject the wedding plan and embarrass Old Master Ye at the right moment, so as to make Old Master Yun lose trust in him. He didn’t expect that Yun Ruoxi would discover his plan before he could take action.

Yun Ruoxi gave out an ambiguous laugh, probably mocking him. “Such a big child in your house, do you think you could hide it? Ye Chen, you are really too much. I have accompanied you for six years without any complaints and even tolerated all your love affairs with other women. However, you never let me stay close to you even once! But they… How many days have you stayed together with them?”

She felt indignant!

She had given her all, even obeying Old Master Ye against her own will. But it was all nothing as compared to the few months he stayed together with Cheng Anya and her son.

“He’s my son!” Ye Chen lowered his voice and sounded unhappy. His gaze was as cold and sharp as a knife. “He is the closest person to me in the world!”

Except for Ye Wei, whose life and death was unknown, Ning Ning was the only person that Ye Chen was willing to admit to having a blood relationship with.

“He is your son. How about me? A stranger?” Yun Ruoxi cried while asking. She had not even seen his family throughout these few years.

“Yes!” Ye Chen said cruelly. Indeed, a stranger!

“You…” Yun Ruoxi was in great pain. She was stunned for a while then closed her eyes and let her tears flow. “You are really cruel!”

Ye Chen smiled. Cruel?

Indeed, what comments did the mall give the third young master again? Ruthless and cold-blooded, a person who used the tricks of Yama 1!

Another person calling him cruel? That’s no big deal!

Ye Chen did not care at all.

“How about Cheng Anya?” Yun Ruoxi opened her eyes and asked. “How are you related to her?”

“Ruoxi, you shouldn’t have gone to the hospital for her!” Ye Chen said calmly. His cold eyes, for a moment, turned gentle. If his son had known that someone had bullied his mommy, he wouldn’t be able to stop him from getting revenge.

But what he said had led to misunderstandings. Yun Ruoxi mistakenly thought that Ye Chen meant that she wasn’t qualified to meet Cheng Anya, which threw Yun Ruoxi into the abyss.

“You said that you would marry me, Ye Chen!” This was what he had said before. Why did he forget about it just in the blink of an eye?

Ye Chen frowned, speechless. “Ruoxi, didn’t you approach me with a motive at first?”

Yun Ruoxi was stunned and stopped crying. She widened her eyes in surprise and started to explain herself frantically. “I didn’t do anything. I really…”

“Don’t explain!” Ye Chen said coldly with his exceptionally indifferent gaze. “His sole purpose of sending you to my side was none other than to control and monitor every action of mine, wasn’t it? As to what you did, or did not do, you know it best. You were the one who leaked the transaction between Louis and me, right?”

“That was because…”

“Sure enough!” Ye Chen’s expression was cold as ice. Judging from her cold gaze, he guessed that it was Yun Ruoxi, but he didn’t expect that it was really her.

“You wormed facts out of me?” It was already too late when she realized. She had accidentally seen the document which had fallen out of the file envelope.

“As to why you told him, I don’t really care. Actually, the deal between you and him stays between you and him. I’m not afraid that the business would be exposed, as long as he could get hold of evidence.” Ye Chen smiled coldly. “So, Ruoxi, stop crying in front of me as if you were treated unfairly, can you?”

Yun Ruoxi felt attacked as though she was struck by lightning. She bit her lower lip hard. “When did you know about this?”

“Right from the start!” Ye Chen said calmly. The fight between him and his father had never stopped. She thought she could hide what she did, but the fact was he had already known about it since the start.

Yun Ruoxi laughed bitterly. “Then, why did you keep me by your side?”

“Because…” Ye Chen frowned. Because of what? It had happened quite a long time ago and he could hardly remember it. He only remembered that he had no intention of keeping a time bomb by his side originally.

It was because her aura was similar to someone he was close to!

Who knows!

Yun Ruoxi had probably thought of that as well, which added more bitterness to her already bitter smile. She could stay by his side these six years all because of Cheng Anya… Oh, how ironic!

“Ye Chen, I really do love you!” Yun Ruoxi said sadly. “Except for leaking that document, I have never done anything else that would hurt you!”


Except for monitoring him and reporting his whereabouts at any time, she had done nothing to hurt him.

“I know!” It was exactly because of that he did not act too harshly on her.

Everyone had their own motives and views. He was sick of it. Everyone that came into and left his life had dubious purposes.

He was really sick and tired of it.

Yun Ruoxi cried sadly while Ye Chen looked at her coldly. After a few moments of silence, he said, “Ruoxi, our…”

Ye Chen wanted to talk to Yun Ruoxi about their marriage. It was a matter that needed to be talked about sooner or later. This marriage would not be successful. Although talking about it now seemed cruel, it was a great opportunity, wasn’t it?

Who knew someone would push open the ward door, and a woman wearing a white doctor’s coat came in. Upon seeing Yun Ruoxi cry, her expression changed. “Ruoxi, why are you crying?”

“Aunt!” Yun Ruoxi hugged Yun Xiumei. She tried to seek comfort in the arms of an elder and cried even more miserably.

“Good girl, don’t cry, don’t cry…” Yun Xiumei patted her shoulders while comforting her gently. She looked up and stared at Ye Chen with anger.

Expressionless, Ye Chen did not even flinch.

Yun Xiumei comforted Yun Ruoxi for a while until she felt better. Then, she gave a cold stare at Ye Chen. “Come out with me!”

Ye Chen took a look at Yun Ruoxi and followed Yun Xiumei outside. In a low voice, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“What happened between you and Ruoxi?”

Ye Chen smiled sarcastically. “I have no obligation to report my affairs to you.”

“You…” Yun Xiumei was slightly irritated. She threw Yun Ruoxi’s medical records at him and said in a low voice, “See for yourself!”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and had a bad feeling. He looked at it and his expression changed…

How could it be?

Ye Chen widened his eyes in disbelief.

“That’s right. Like what you saw, Ruoxi is pregnant!”




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