Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 152 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 152 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Yun Ruoxi was pregnant!

This was big news. It hadn’t even been two hours before both the Ye and the Yun family knew about it!

The Yun family, as expected, was overjoyed upon hearing the news. Old Master Yun, Madam Yun, and both of Yun Ruoxi’s aunties rushed to the hospital. The ward was filled with joy and happiness. They happened to be discussing the marriage between the third young master and Yun Ruoxi, so the news of her being pregnant was double happiness.

When Old Master Yun called Old Master Ye on his cell phone, Old Master Ye and Ruan Cuiyu were visiting Ye Yutang together with Ye Yutong. They had mixed feelings when they heard the news.

Ruan Cuiyu’s face turned red due to anger and she could not help but squeeze Ye Yutong’s hand. She had only realized it when Ye Yutong yelled in pain.

Old Master Ye did not wish for Yun Ruoxi to get pregnant as this meant that Ye Chen would have another child. On the other hand, he was happy as preparation for their wedding would now be more smooth sailing.

Originally, he had worried that the third young master would rebel against him, causing the wedding to be a total wreck. Now that Yun Ruoxi was pregnant, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Comparing Yun Ruoxi with Cheng Anya, Old Master Ye definitely would hope that Yun Ruoxi could be his daughter-in-law. The main reason being the fact that she was obedient and would be willing to monitor Ye Chen for him. On the other hand, Cheng Anya was tough and resilient, which was not the obedient type at all. Instead, she looked like she would anger others easily.

Especially her son, so scary. He was like a young devil. Old Master Ye hated Miss Cheng and that young kid.

Although they felt happy and sad at the same time, Old Master Ye warned Ruan Cuiyu to behave herself so as not to ruin the wedding. After visiting Ye Yutang, Old Master Ye ordered Chen De to buy a basket of fruits. They went to see Yun Ruoxi together.

This time, the ward became livelier!

There was happiness everywhere!

Ruan Cuiyu made her utmost effort to squeeze out a smile and held Yun Ruoxi’s hands. She told her to take care of her body so that she could give birth to a fair and chubby boy for the Ye family. Her smile was as sincere as she wanted it to be.

Yun Ruoxi repeatedly thanked her. It seemed like both of them would have a great in-law relationship.

The only regret was that the male lead was missing!

“Where’s the third young master?” Old Master Yun asked with a big smile on his face. “How can he not be around on such a happy occasion? What a pity. Old Ye, give him a phone call and tell him to come over!”

Yun Ruoxi’s gaze darkened and she immediately raised a smile to cover up. “Daddy, you’re mistaken. Chen was the first one to know about this, but something work-related cropped up, so he just left!”

“Work is definitely important. This child is such a workaholic. Old Ye, you are indeed blessed!”

“He’ll soon become your son-in-law!” Old Master Ye laughed. Blessed? Humph!

Old Master Yun laughed out loud. He only had a daughter when he was old, so he doted on her very much. Yun Ruoxi was smart, competent, and was the finance manager of the Yun Enterprise. However, girls who were as competent wouldn’t be able to find a husband like Ye Chen.

She was confident that the Yun Enterprise would definitely do better in Ye Chen’s hands.

Old Master Yun was extremely in approval of the marriage despite Third Young Master Ye’s bad reputation. He didn’t mind as he believed that his daughter would be able to grasp his heart after their marriage.

City A. Many cars were racing on the road. At the traffic light junction, Ye Chen’s eyes and body were cold. The temperature in his small car was cold as an ice house too.

Yun Ruoxi was pregnant!

The news had a strong impact on him!

As he raced on the streets, he became more irritated. He hit the steering wheel with his fist and the whole car shook. “Shit!” he cursed.

The third young master had always been indifferent to others, sometimes gentle. He had always maintained his elegant posture while looking delicate and attractive. Hence, the sudden outburst of foul language made him even more attractive.

It was as though the king of elegance had turned into a lowly commoner and changed back to his high status in the blink of an eye.

The third young master was a casual person whose mind would go blank if he was deep in thought. Therefore, the scene on the street was such that Young Third Master Ye’s car was blocking all the other cars behind him at the traffic light junction.

It happened to be the most crowded street and many cars were stuck behind his. The queue lasted from the entrance to the end of the street, which was a few hundred meters. All the cars could not move at all.

The cars honked crazily. A few hundred cars honking together, it was really extremely shocking!

The traffic had jammed for more than ten minutes. Then, such a scene happened. The drivers at the back scolded the drivers in front and the drivers in front called the drivers at the back idiots before turning back to the front to scold the drivers in front…

The time of urban people was very precious and every second counted. Anyone would not feel good if they were stuck in traffic for so long. The least they could do was to curse and release some stress.

As a result, people scolding could be heard on the street. Even foul languages were tossed at each other. It was like a domino effect. Adding on the ear-piercing honks, the effect was magnificent.

This had nothing to do with the third young master as another ten minutes had passed when the scolding finally reached him!

This scene finally alarmed the traffic police. As the traffic police knocked on Ye Chen’s car window, Ning Ning called. “Daddy, I do not have class this afternoon. Are you free to fetch me to the hospital?”

Third Young Master Ye paused for a while.

Out of curiosity, Ning Ning asked, “Daddy, where are you? Why are there loud honking and the voices of people scolding?”

Third Young Master Ye finally snapped out of his thoughts and replied to him calmly, “Daddy is watching a movie. Wait at the school gate. I’ll be there in a minute!”

He hung up the phone call. He then heard the honking and scolding, followed by a knock on his window. The traffic policeman, who had the expression of a stepfather, could be seen through the window glass. The third young master then took a look at the rearview mirror.

Expressionless, he stepped on the accelerator and ran away quickly.

The traffic policeman’s expression turned pitch dark!


‘When it was your turn to drive forward, you stayed. When it’s not time for you to go, you drove off so quickly.’ Ye Chen did not even roll down his window despite him knocking on his windows for so many times.

It was the first time he had seen a citizen so self-entitled and daring that he could even ignore the police.

Even before he could start scolding, the cars behind Third Young Master Ye moved. The cars gradually moved one by one, releasing so much exhaust gas that the traffic policeman sneezed. How pitiful!

Ahhhhhhh, this darn Rolls-Royce!

When Ye Chen reached Ning Ning’s school, the young kid was waiting in front of the school gate and there were a few older girls surrounding him and chatting. The young kid smiled brightly and took the chocolates from the girls calmly.

Ye Chen’s eyes twitched. His powerful son is indeed… like his father!

Ye Chen honked and Ning Ning bid goodbye to the girls. Then, he took the chocolate from one of the girls who had forgotten to give it to him. The corners of Ye Chen’s lips twitched. ‘Son, you’re awesome!’

“Hi, Daddy, you’re quite fast!” Ning Ning said while stuffing the chocolates into his bag.

“Do you like chocolates?” Ye Chen did not like that overly sweet stuff at all.

The young kid shook his head. “No, but Mommy likes them!”

The third young master then knew what was going on. He did not have the desire to even move the corners of his lips. ‘Miss Cheng, is this how you teach your son? You should really pray and thank the Buddha that he grew into the person he is now.’

“I didn’t disrupt your work, did I?” Ning Ning smiled. The third young master shook his head.

“How is work more important than my son!” Ye Chen patted his head with a smile. He imagined how hateful his son would be toward him and his heart ached. If he knew about it, he would definitely hate him, right?

It was not easy for him to gain his son’s liking. Ye Chen frowned.

How about Cheng Anya?

If she knew… Well, she would not be bothered by it. She might even congratulate him while smiling. He knew her too well.

“Daddy, can you please stop looking like you’re in agony?” Ning Ning smiled and looked exceptionally cute. “It makes me feel like I am not as important as your work.”

“Sorry, Daddy’s fault!” Ye Chen laughed.

“What’s on your mind? Did Mommy show you attitude when you gave her the soup?” Ning Ning asked, feeling worried as he saw Ye Chen unhappy. By right, this shouldn’t be the reason as both his daddy and mommy’s fighting skills were of similar levels, so how could his daddy be so angry that he showed this kind of painful expression?

“Ning Ning, Daddy has something to tell you!” Ye Chen hesitated for quite some time before deciding to tell him about it. Ning Ning had every right to know about the truth. If Ning Ning had to know, he would rather be the one telling him.

It was just a matter of time before he got hurt by the truth.

“What a stern tone. I’m pretty sure that this wouldn’t be good news.” Ning Ning raised his eyebrows and asked cutely, “Can I not listen?”

“No!” Ye Chen said in his deep voice. His eyes revealed how much he was put in a difficult situation. Determined, he said, “You might have younger siblings soon!”

Although he did not want the child, Ruoxi would definitely not get an abortion.

Ning Ning’s cute smile froze as if he was petrified. After maintaining his awkward smile for a few seconds, he said, “Congratulations!”

He turned around, straightened his back, and lost his smile immediately!

Crack! The chocolate stick he was holding in his hand broke!

“Ning Ning…” It was difficult for Ye Chen to bear looking at how Ning Ning’s expression changed. As expected… Eyes darkened, Ye Chen heaved a long sigh of relief. The father and son experienced a moment of silence.

Although Ning Ning was precocious and smart, he was still a young child, a young child who had desired the love of a father since he was young, and now hoped that his daddy and mommy could get married.

He had thought that his wish could come true someday. Who knew that this would happen?

The young kid threw his temper. He hugged his bag and kept quiet. His pinkish face was full of anger.

“Ning Ning, listen to me…”

“Daddy, I am very angry. Don’t talk to me!” Ning Ning said in a monotonous voice while hugging his bag and continued to stay angry. He was not reconciled to the fact that he was getting a sibling. He refused to admit any child that was not of his mommy as a sibling.

The third young master’s heart felt heavy as though it was crushed by a gigantic rock. Was he going to lose everything?

He felt uneasy. He had gone through so much trouble before they reunited and he hadn’t enjoyed Ning Ning’s accompany enough yet. He did not want Ning Ning to hate him or exclude him from his life.

God was so cruel. If he had planned to take away his happiness from the start, why did he give him that period of short-term happiness? Why not just treated him badly right from the start? At least, he would not feel so desperate and sad now.

He knew he was a child that was abandoned by God!

God took care of everyone but him and took everything away from him.

Ye Chen felt bitter as if he had eaten Chinese goldthread.

His delicate but dull facial features showed a hint of self-mockery!

Chinese goldthread is a rhizome used in medicine. It tastes extremely bitter




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