Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 153 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 153 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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From school to the hospital, Ning Ning did not utter a word. The only thing he did was looked out the window and rubbed his small bag with his small hand, making a clucking sound along the way. His hands were like gripping Ye Chen’s heart and made him feel heart-wrenching.

“Daddy!” Ning Ning tilted his head and looked at Ye Chen with a stern face. “Are you going to marry her?” he asked with a serious attitude.

Ye Chen did not even hesitate and shook his head. He hardly regretted his decisions. If he had decided not to marry Yun Ruoxi, he would not marry her even if she was pregnant.

“No!” Third Young Master Ye answered him firmly. He looked at his son and said, “Daddy will not marry her!”

The corners of Ning Ning’s lips lifted. He didn’t know what he was angry at either. He was just feeling indignant and irritated. He liked younger children and felt that they were cute. In fact, he wanted a younger sibling.

But it had to be a child of his daddy and mommy, or else, he didn’t want it.

Once he heard Ye Chen say that someone was pregnant, Ning Ning was very disappointed!

Ever since he reunited with Ye Chen, he had been trying to think of ways to take Ye Chen to the hospital so that he could spend more time with his mommy and for them to grow to like each other more. He wished that his daddy and mommy could get married so that they could live together happily as a family of three.

Ning Ning was a child after all. It was fine if he wasn’t fond of Ye Chen, but he loved both his daddy and mommy, and he hoped that they could be together. Having a complete family was his biggest wish. He was afraid that he would stress Cheng Anya, so he did not express his real thoughts and feelings all this time. But not telling Cheng Anya about his wish didn’t mean that he did not have any expectations.

Ye Chen’s words had shattered his dream, which led to his unhappiness. It was unfair, and he felt wronged.

“Daddy, although I know I shouldn’t ask this, but do you have feelings for my mommy? Just a little?” Although Ning Ning was smart, he couldn’t be sure about relationships.

Therefore, when the young kid was popping the question, his facial expressions looked weird and twisted, his tiny and delicate features squeezing together.

“…I don’t know!” Ye Chen felt awkward. He turned his head over to the other side and his ears reddened. Talking about love relationships in front of his son made him feel embarrassed.

Ning Ning pouted. Ye Chen laughed at himself. “Ning Ning, do you hate Daddy now?”

The young kid, stunned, laughed out loud. “Daddy, you’re overthinking! People do get upset with one another because of reasons other than hate. I am just a little unhappy. Don’t mind me. I’ll be okay in a while!”

He was used to picking up his emotions by himself, but this had happened too suddenly that it was normal to be angry. However, it was not so bad that he would grow to hate his daddy!

“Really?” Ye Chen’s face brightened and he hugged the young kid tight, excited.

His tensed heart could finally relax!

“Yes, I don’t hate Daddy!” Ning Ning smiled as he tried to struggle free from Ye Chen’s hug. His lips pursed up into a straight line. “Daddy, what do you plan to do? I’ve said it before. If you happen to give me younger siblings accidentally, I would deduct your points.”

“I myself have no idea what happened too!” Ye Chen’s gaze turned cold and he narrowed his eyes. “I am still not really sure about this!”

Ye Chen recalled the last time he was with Yun Ruoxi. It was a month ago. He was always careful with protection and it never went wrong all these years. Especially with Yun Ruoxi, he was exceptionally careful.

After they did it every time, he would give her a glass of milk spiked with contraceptive pills to drink. He had always watched her drink it. Hence, it made no sense to him that she was pregnant!

He knew right from the start that she came to his side in order to monitor him so that Old Master Ye could control him. In that case, how would he risk impregnating her and stay under their control?

“Have you told my mommy?” Ning Ning asked.

Ye Chen was startled and his eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

Ning Ning raised his brows and the corners of his lips curved up, full of smiles. ‘Hm, this reaction… Not bad!’


“I bet Mommy would congratulate you too if she knows!” Ning Ning said half-truthfully. Just like how he congratulated him earlier on, he was lying to himself.

Ye Chen laughed and patted his head. “Go upstairs. I’ll come back here to fetch you home in the afternoon.”

“Aren’t you going too?”

“I just came downstairs. There’s a meeting in the afternoon, so Daddy has to go back to the company!”

Ning Ning nodded. Before he alighted from the car, Ye Chen said softly, “Ning Ning, I’m sorry!”

He had let the boy down!

The young kid tapped Ye Chen’s hand with a crafty expression on his pinkish face. “Your son has a strong self-healing skill! Don’t worry, don’t worry!”

He waved his hands, bid Ye Chen goodbye, and watched him drive off.

He then turned around and entered the hospital.

Call it a coincidence, but Ning Ning happened to meet face-to-face with the families of Old Master Yun and Old Master Ye before he headed upstairs. All of them were stunned!

Old Master Yun, Madam Yun, and Yun Ruoxi’s aunties all stared at him with widened eyes.

A few women gasped in shock and felt it was unbelievable.

They turned back to look at Old Master Ye instinctively.

“What’s the matter with this child?” Madam Yun asked Old Master Ye agitatedly.

Old Master Ye seemed a bit flustered and gave Ning Ning a deadly stare. Of all times, why must he come now! Upon seeing his happy face, Old Master Ye became angry.

How unlucky!

The young kid did not expect to bump into them as well. He pouted his pinkish mouth and scanned everybody. He guessed that they might be the family members of Yun Ruoxi!

Feeling disgusted, Ning Ning’s expression froze. He turned his back and left!

Daddy had forgotten to tell him that they were in the same hospital. What a coincidence. How did they end up in the same hospital!

“No manners at all!” Ruan Cuiyu commented coldly. She hated that child as he was a big threat to his son. Nobody knew if the child in Yun Ruoxi’s belly was a boy or a girl. As compared to Ning Ning, she seemed to be able to accept Yun Ruoxi better.

Ning Ning couldn’t be bothered by her at all. He listened to her tone and raised the corners of his lips. He then turned around and smiled, saying, “As an adult, do you think that saying these kinds of things to a child makes you seem like you have manners?”

The young kid did not even look at them and went straight for the stairs. He wanted to take the lift on the second floor!

“Old Ye, what’s happening? Do you know that child?” Old Master Yun calmed down and his gaze turned sharp as though a storm was going to break out in his pupils.

Anyone could tell that he was Ye Chen’s son.

Yun Xiumei frowned. She had returned to the hospital before her holiday and heard the rumor between the third young master and that child, which was circulating within the hospital. She had originally planned to tell Yun Ruoxi about it, but who knew, she actually went to confront Cheng Anya first.

That child was Third Young Master Ye’s son, right?

They resembled each other and he looked likable. She could not help but worry for Yun Ruoxi!

Could she win against that pair of mother and son?

Old Master Ye stared at Ruan Cuiyu. It was all her fault for being nosy. Ruan Cuiyu did not feel guilty at all.

Old Master Yun said coldly, “Old Ye, I think the Ye family owes us an explanation!”




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