Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 155 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 155 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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It was a sunny Saturday and the weather was fine. There would occasionally be a breeze coming from the west side. It was a rare day with good weather.

It happened to be the day Cheng Anya was discharged from the hospital. Her wounds had mostly healed and she only had to come back for rehabilitation.

She could finally get out of the suffocating hospital. Therefore, the smile on her face looked brighter. She was in such a good mood that she even found the sight of Third Young Master Ye pleasing to the eye!

After she was done with the discharged procedure, Ye Chen carried her downstairs. At first, Cheng Anya felt uncomfortable. Their relationship had finally made some progression and had just become better, but it dropped back to the freezing point because of Yun Ruoxi.

She acted as if they didn’t know each other!

She felt weird to be carried by him. It was as if she had instantly changed from a queen to a princess, from being doughty to being delicate. Cheng Anya did not really like such a feeling.

She was helpless as it was convenient to sit in the wheelchair and leave from the backdoor. If she walked by herself step by step, it would be a waste of time and ill-treating herself. Cheng Anya was left with no choice but to let Ye Chen carry her. The bad thing about being unpresentable was that they could only walk the secret path.

“How many jin 1 do you weigh?” Third Young Master Ye asked suddenly after they got into the director’s exclusive lift. He frowned as he looked at the woman in his arms in a nitpick manner. Her face looked like it was palm-sized. Although it was not chubby, it did not look like she was too skinny. However, her limbs and body were really…

There was not much feeling when carrying her in his arms.

“Ninety-two!” Cheng Anya thinned her lips. She was indeed a little skinny. She predicted that she had lost a few jin after staying at the hospital for two weeks.

“You’re so light!” Ye Chen grunted. He was not very satisfied with the weight in his arms.

Third Young Master Ye was a master in boxing since he was ten years old. He was forced to fight in the black market for two years, so his arm power was amazing. He started to join the gangsters after he went to the United States to study as he wanted to take revenge. The guns he used were those with strong firepower such as MKL-4OO. It needed a strong and powerful arm strength in order to use them. Otherwise, ordinary people would not be able to resist the recoil force. One could imagine that, given Third Young Master Ye’s standard, she needed to weigh at least a hundred and thirty jin in order for him to feel that she was heavy.

Therefore, Miss Cheng did not have to worry that she ate too much and Third Young Master Ye would not be able to carry her.

“Daddy, this is called having a good figure for ladies. Look at my mommy. She might be skinny, but she is voluptuous.” Ning Ning blinked naughtily as he teased. He liked to hug his mommy as he slept the most. She was soft and very comfortable to hug.

Third Young Master Ye thought of Cheng Anya’s hot body when he brought her to Old Master Yang’s birthday banquet. His eyes naturally looked toward her chest. Indeed, she was… voluptuous!

Cheng Anya was embarrassed. She gritted her teeth and stared at the father and son pair. She opened her mouth in a sinister way. “Can the two of you be any more arrogant?”

Why did she have to be carried by him and listen to them talk about her figure? She even had to receive Third Young Master Ye’s stare that was filled with malicious intent.


Ning Ning hid behind Third Young Master Ye and smiled in an elegant and sweet way. He was trying to adjust the atmosphere between his mommy and daddy. His mommy was so stupid for not understanding him.

An extended version of the Rolls Royce limousine was already parked outside the backdoor of the hospital. Ye Chen carried her into the car carefully and waited until Ning Ning was seated before closing the door.

Suddenly, something flashed and he looked toward the backdoor of the hospital. It was obvious that a shadow had flashed past quickly. Third Young Master Ye smiled with a deep meaning. He got into the car and looked back at Cheng Anya and Ning Ning. The mother and son were laughing and playing once they got into the car. They had a good relationship and their smiles were like flowers.

At that moment, Ye Chen had a sense of satisfaction that was beyond comparison!

It was as if he had no other wish in his life!

It was alright to be photographed as it was part of the plan!

“Sit tight. We are leaving!” It was rare that Third Young Master Ye’s voice sounded gentle. It was like a warm breeze in this car that was not considered small. Cheng Anya felt warmth in her heart.

She suddenly liked the phrase ‘we’.

The flashlights kept flashing as the car moved. Third Young Master Ye could see that the person was taking photos greedily from the rearview mirror. He raised the corners of his lips and thought that it would be an interesting weekend.

City A’s western suburb beach.

Ye Chen’s car stopped in front of a villa. It was a blue and white European-styled villa that was located on the white sand beach.

It was surrounded by rows of palm trees at the back. There were many oddly-shaped stones, creating gorgeous scenery. It was very beautiful as it complemented the villa.

It was a private beach that belonged to Third Young Master Ye.

The blue sky was filled with fluffy white clouds. The sandy beach was spotlessly white. There was a flock of seagulls flying across the vast sea. The scenery was mesmerizing and everything was beautiful. Cheng Anya could not help but gasp in admiration.

“So pretty!”

“We can stay here for two days!” Third Young Master Ye said. Ning Ning pushed Cheng Anya to one side and Third Young Master Ye carried the stuff that they had brought into the villa.

They did not bring a lot of things. They brought their clothes and three laptops. The rest were some random stuff. Third Young Master Ye had asked people to clean the villa long before they reached. Hence, the place was very clean. There was no problem with the water, electricity, gas, and internet. They could live there after carrying the stuff inside!

The villa had two levels. There were two master bedrooms on the second level with a splendid sea view. Cheng Anya originally wanted to stay on the first floor so that it was more convenient, but who knew that Ning Ning would occupy it once he reached. Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya could only live on the second level, each one of them taking a bedroom.

“Hehe, Mommy, it is so good to live on the second level. You can enjoy a few more princess hugs. Daddy’s hug is not bad!” Ning Ning leaned closer to Cheng Anya and whispered in her ear. He jumped away immediately after he finished saying his words. Cheng Anya’s face was red and she gritted her teeth as she stared at him.

One would indeed be influenced by close association! She should have mentally prepared for the day her son would be polluted the moment she allowed her son to live with Third Young Master Ye. Indeed, it was so!

“What are you guys doing?” Ye Chen came in just in time and saw that the mother and son were playing the ‘full of tender affection’ game. One was blushing and her gaze was fierce, while the other was lively and cute.

“Nothing!” Cheng Anya replied quickly.

“Ning Ning, go buy something!”

“Right, Mommy, what fish do you want to eat? This place is near the harbor and a lot of fish have just been caught. They are very fresh. Should I cook a steam fish for you?” Ning Ning suggested.

Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched. “Third Young Master Ye, baby Cheng, do you guys intend to drive the Rolls Royce to the harbor and buy fish?”

Did they have to be so funny?

Additionally, the two of them were so eye-catching. They basically had the same looks.

It would definitely be a strange sight.

“Can’t we do so?” Third Young Master Ye and baby Cheng looked at each other and they seemed to be at a loss. Why couldn’t they buy fish if they drove a Rolls Royce?

Cheng Anya was silent. She smiled and waved her hands. “Go, go!”

The mindset of those two was temporarily not on the same level as her.

After the father and son had left, Cheng Anya walked with the crutch to open the French windows. It was the view from the second level. There were a few long handmade deck chairs. One could lie on the chair and look far into the distance.

The sea breeze was blowing and the scent of the ocean swept over, enveloping Cheng Anya. The sea in the far distance was green but turned blue as it was nearer. The color of the sea and sky almost merged as one. The white ocean waves came crashing onto the beach layer by layer. The flock of seagulls and petrels were hovering above the beach, looking for food. Some of them were lingering around the beach, while some were shrieking as they looked up.

It was really pretty!

Cheng Anya smiled faintly. A leisure life was nothing more than a beach, sun, and sea view. She liked the sea view when she was young and fantasized that she wanted to live such a carefree life when she became rich.

Third Young Master Ye was really good at enjoying life.

She felt sleepy as she listened to the sound of the waves. She lied down on the chair and finally fell asleep!

Ye Chen and Ning Ning went to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities. Ye Chen was not a guy who knew how to manage the house and he was not as familiar as Ning Ning as to what they should buy for the house. Therefore, he was in charge of pushing the cart and Ning Ning was in charge of choosing the items.

They spent more than an hour buying the stuff. Other than buying what they had originally planned, they bought a set of barbeque tools.

Following that, the two of them really drove to the harbor to buy fish.

Just as Cheng Anya had predicted, everyone was shocked when a world-class limousine drove into the dirty harbor. The fishmongers, fishermen, and customers…

Everyone was stunned.

Most people came to the harbor to buy wish because it was cheaper there. However, the appearance of the father and son pair indeed shocked many of them. The effect was like an airplane exploding above the ocean.

The noisy and dirty harbor became quiet.

The two of them were like the monkeys in the zoo as people looked at them from head to toe!

Ning Ning was embarrassed.

Ye Chen was silent.

They finally knew why Cheng Anya looked so shocked!

Ning Ning was very generous when he bought the fish this time and he did not bargain. He picked the fish, paid the money, and left. His actions were done in one go very quickly!


The father and son left the harbor at the fastest speed possible!

“Ning Ning, we are not coming back again next time!” Ye Chen made his stand clear very quickly as it was too embarrassing. It was the first time that Third Young Master Ye was so embarrassed. It was more embarrassing than the last time he went to the market with Ning Ning!

Ning Ning smiled sweetly and he shook his index finger. “No, we shall ride a bicycle here next time!”

Third Young Master Ye paused and almost stepped on the brake. F***, bicycle?

“I don’t know how to ride a bicycle!”

“I know! I can give you a ride!” Ning Ning looked as if he was giving Ye Chen a gift. Ye Chen was silent as the corners of his mouth twitched. A picture of Ning Ning riding a mini bicycle and carrying the brilliant 184 cm Ye Chen behind flashed through Ye Chen’s mind…

Third Young Master Ye smiled in a twisted manner. “I think we should just drive a car!”

Ning Ning laughed loudly and his laughter could be heard from the harbor all the way back to the villa.

“Mommy, we are back!” Ning Ning shouted as he carried the stuff into the villa with Ye Chen. He asked Ye Chen to go upstairs to carry Cheng Anya down. Ning Ning did not count on his parents to do housework.

Third Young Master Ye did not create more trouble and went upstairs.

Cheng Anya had fallen asleep. Her sleeping posture was weird and not natural as one of her legs was not agile. She was sleeping on one side and her waterfall-like hair cascaded down, covering half of her face.

“Cheng…” Third Young Master Ye shouted and immediately kept quiet. He walked toward her slowly and put his hand on her head. He wanted to wake her up, but he took back his hand and raised his eyebrows as he squatted beside Cheng Anya.

He gently brushed away the messy hair on her face and her whole face could be seen. Third Young Master Ye narrowed his eyes and seemed amazed.

Nobody could deny Cheng Anya’s beauty. She had a palm-sized face, radiant eyes, beautiful eyebrows, pretty nose, and cherry lips. Her skin was silky and white like snow, and it always seemed a little pink.

It was extraordinarily attractive.

The sunlight added a layer of golden shine on her jade-like face. She looked clean and very pure, as if it was a blasphemy to take another look at her.

The corners of her lips looked like she was smiling. This was the first time Third Young Master Ye saw Cheng Anya smile in such a satisfied manner. There was neither trace of her signature pretense nor the stiffness of her sneer. There was only a slight satisfaction. It was as if he had everything he wanted in his life and he could only see the gentleness in her.

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes darkened as his long fingers lightly brushed against her face. He was enjoying the enchanted feeling on the tips of his fingers. What was she dreaming about? She was smiling so gently…

Gentle was a word that he had never thought would appear on Cheng Anya.

After all, this woman had never left any impression of being gentle on him ever since she appeared.

Third Young Master Ye was moved and could not help but lower his head and kiss that satisfying smile…

There was never any woman like Cheng Anya who could induce his impulse to kiss them. There was also never any woman who made him want to hug them and feel their presence, instead of just wanting to go to bed with them.

Cheng Anya woke up because of his kiss and their eyes met. One was at a loss while one was smiling. Cheng Anya thought that she had traveled back in time and met someone who looked like Ye Chen.

She had never seen him smile in such a beckoning manner.

There were butterflies in Cheng Anya’s stomach and she retreated slightly as she blushed. “What are you doing?”

“Kiss you!”


“Because I want to!”

Cheng Anya paused. “…You kiss when you want to. I am not so cheap!”

Third Young Master Ye smiled. “Then, how much do you want?”

Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows and thought seriously. “Are you sure you can afford it?”

Third Young Master Ye nodded and teased her with interest. “If you could provide some other service, then I will add more money!”

Miss Cheng smiled calmly and squeezed a few words from her mouth. “Other services?”

“For example…” He got closer to Cheng Anya’s ears and lightly spat out two words. Cheng Anya’s face became bloody red. She punched him on his shoulder. “Can you think of something else other than this?”

It was an extravagant hope to think that a perverted wolf would become a little sheep!

This man’s mind was not just a little twisted.

“Cheng Anya, let’s live in peace together for two days!” Third Young Master Ye suddenly said as he stared deeply at Cheng Anya. There was a complex ray of light from his deep gaze, as if he was begging her.

“I have always been easygoing!” The meaning behind her words was that Third Young Master Ye was a pervert.

“Don’t you think that this joke is cold?”

“I feel very hot now.” He could just talk. Why did he have to be so close to her?


“I can help you relieve the heat!” Third Young Master Ye unbuttoned her shirt with no expression. Miss Cheng was angry. “You must have watched too many pornographic videos in your past life!”

“I have watched quite a lot in this life too!” Third Young Master Ye replied with no expression. He looked like he was saying that she was outdated.

Cheng Anya was totally speechless. She looked at him and laughed. “Who did you learn to speak from?”

Why was he able to talk back to her no matter what she said? He was too good at it.

“I am talented through self-study!”

“Is this even something you should be proud of?” Cheng Anya was speechless as she looked at him being proud as a peacock.

“Why can’t I be proud?” Third Young Master Ye was proud again as if it was a matter of course. “Thinking about it, the feeling of making your opponents fume with rage on the negotiation table is very good!”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence…

She was speechless and choking with sobs. If she were his mom, she would have shoved him back into the womb and gave birth to him again. He was just a person that would harm society.

“Let’s live together peacefully for two days!” Third Young Master Ye repeated. “I want to give it a try!”

Cheng Anya looked at him. “What do you want to try?”

“The feeling of home!” Third Young Master Ye’s voice sounded slightly low and… sad!

“Daddy, Mommy, come down!” Ning Ning shouted from downstairs as he waved his hands.

“Alright!” Cheng Anya replied. She ordered in a posture of a queen. “Carry me downstairs!”

Third Young Master Ye looked at her and she smiled. “Didn’t you say that we should live in peace?”

Then, let’s start!

Third Young Master Ye smiled!

Ye Chen carried her downstairs and put her in the wheelchair. Ning Ning had already prepared everything and was setting up the camera on the beach. “Daddy, Mommy, let’s shoot an MV together!”

“Where did you get this from?” There was definitely no such luxury good in her house.

“Daddy gave this to me!” Ning Ning blinked and made a victory pose. Cheng Anya put her thumbs up. “Let’s extort him. He is rich anyways!”

Ning Ning and Third Young Master Ye were speechless…

The father and son looked at each other and automatically ignored her words.

“I’m sitting in a wheelchair. I don’t want to film!” Cheng Anya rejected. There was no aesthetic at all.

Ning Ning pouted and looked like he was about to cry. “After all, this is our first vacation as a family, Mommy…”

“I say, baby, can you not use this method all the time?”

“Why will I not use it when it is useful?” Ning Ning knew that Cheng Anya had agreed and replied as a matter of course.

“Ning Ning, adjust it. Let’s take a picture together first!”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“I don’t want to sit in a wheelchair!” Cheng Anya protested. Ye Chen carried her up decisively and kicked the wheelchair to one side. He carried her in his arms and smiled with a deep voice. “Just say it if you want me to hug you!”

“Do not be so full of yourself!” Cheng Anya blushed and scolded him. She tried to stand in a more natural posture. Ning Ning adjusted the timing and quickly ran over to stand in front of Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya.

The flashlight flashed, and their first photo together was born!

The photo looked harmonious and warm. They looked like a loving couple and a cute child.

The three of them changed the background and took a few more photos.

Ning Ning had the brightest smile. Perhaps, it was his happiest day since he was born.

They shot the MV afterward. The three of them went to the white beach and Cheng Anya could only be carried by Ye Chen as she could not sit in the wheelchair. Ning Ning recorded down this scene with a smiling face. “This is my beloved Daddy and Mommy! My daddy is Ye Chen, my mommy is Cheng Anya, and I am Cheng Ningyuan… Mommy is the prettiest lady in the world. She is also smart, but she is a bit scheming. As for my daddy, just look at me. He is very handsome and powerful. He also has a wicked-tongue and is very scheming. As for me… I am their cute son…

This is the first time that our family is on vacation and I am very happy… Mommy, Daddy, are you guys happy?”

Ning Ning shouted loudly. Ye Chen carried Cheng Anya and looked back. He looked at the camera and said, “Happy!”

Cheng Anya was very speechless toward the father and son. MV was not supposed to be filmed like this…

Just as the family of three was happily enjoying their vacation, there was a tide engulfing City A.

The bride was missing from the engagement party between the Ye and the Yun family!




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