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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 157 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The seaside mansion!

As night fell, the crescent moon high in the sky adorned with stars added serenity to the night sky.

Cheng Anya enjoyed the sea breeze as she lay in the recliner chair. The moon added a few hints of gentleness to her gentle, smiling face whilst the sea breeze blew at her long hair which flew about gently and casually.

She heard the father and son frolicking in the room. The frolicking was occasionally punctured by Third Young Master Ye’s unhappiness and the angry shrieks of the young kid. As the young kid lovingly walloped Third Young Master Ye, he also wanted his mommy to be a fair judge.

The young kid said he wanted to make Third Young Master Ye into the perfect man, starting with being able to cook.

Third Young Master Ye was quite shocked!

When the father and son stayed together, Third Young Master Ye was not seriously bullied by Ning Ning. After staying with Ning Ning for three days, Third Young Master Ye, who never did household chores, learned to cook rice with an electric cooker. After staying with Ning Ning for a week, he learned how to cook. The dishes tasted terrible though.

Ye Chen was now able to cook simple dishes such as tomato eggs or stir-fried vegetables. Although the dishes could use better presentation, they were still palatable. Ning Ning said that this was already very good given his natural talents!

Such a quiet night made people feel a little lonely.

Cheng Anya had a burning doubt in her heart which she had yet to have the chance to ask Third Young Master Ye.

Both father and son played in the kitchen for quite a while and eventually washed all the dishes. Ning Ning ran into the room to edit the video he had taken today.

For the whole afternoon, the family of three took an MV and photographs. They were of decent quality.

“Third Young Master Ye, come out! I’ve something to ask you!” Cheng Anya shouted as she saw third Young Master Ye about to enter the room with his son.

He paused twice before coming out and sitting next to Cheng Anya. “What’s up?” he asked.

“Why are we suddenly on a vacation?” She did not believe he had planned it on the spur of the moment, not to mention that her leg inconvenienced her. Such a vacation would be fraught with inconveniences, whilst the news in City A was rife with him and Yun Ruoxi getting married.

Whether he or she, going on a vacation at such a moment was inappropriate!

Surely he had some other purposes?

This said, she did not doubt Third Young Master Ye’s desire to have a family life!

“How oversuspicious of you!” Third Young Master Ye laughed gently as he looked toward the ocean. The moonlight shone against the surface of the sea like a white gown over the water. The waves rolled in from afar and lapped at the beach.

His gaze was as distant and cold as the moonlight.

“I am not overly suspicious, but isn’t that the truth?” Cheng Anya turned her head and leaned against the wheelchair with her arms crossed. “Oh please, I was your secretary for quite a while, and I’m able to catch some of your thoughts. Instead of me being overly suspicious, how about you being suspicious!”

Third Young Master turned his head to look at her. With a gaze that spoke of complicated thoughts, he said, “Why didn’t you reject it at the start!”

Cheng Anya looked into the mansion and saw Ning Ning work on the computer with a bright smile. “Ning Ning is very happy!”

She had not minded as Ning Ning was happy!

“Today is my wedding banquet with Yun Ruoxi!” Ye Chen said calmly as his gaze landed on her shocked face. His lips curved up. This was the reason he was on vacation. The entire wedding would only become a joke.

Nobody could force him to do something he was unwilling to do!

Ye Chen was not somebody who could be toyed with!

Cheng Anya’s face was pale from shock. As she recovered from the shock, she looked downward to cover the bitterness in her gaze. He did not want to mention it, and she had almost forgotten. He had a woman and a child.

Who were waiting for him!

This man was not perfect!

“Since you agreed, why are you running from it?” Cheng Anya looked up and she was calm. “Regretting at the very last minute?”

“Why are we talking about running away when I’ve never agreed to anything from the start?” Ye Chen raised his eyebrows as a malicious thought sped through his cold gaze. As though he was covered in snow from a torrential winter, he said, “It was wishful thinking on my father and the Yun family’s part. They had never sought my opinion on it but merely informed me of it. Since they want to embarrass me, I will grant their wish!”

“How cruel! You are no doubt Third Young Master Ye!” Cheng Anya said flatly as she did not know how to make sense of it.

There was no happiness!

There was no guilt!

There was no reprimand!

She definitely felt something, but she could not tell how she felt at that moment. She wondered why she felt there was something she could not quite grasp.

There was something convoluted about all this.

When she thought about Yun Ruoxi having his child, and tonight being their wedding banquet, Cheng Anya felt terrible. She felt as though there was a fish bone lodged in her throat that she could neither spit out or swallow.

“Cruel?” Third Young Master Ye pondered on the word thoughtfully. “Why does it matter when I am not cruel toward Ning Ning and you?”

Cheng Anya was aghast as she did not expect Third Young Master Ye to say such a thing. This excessive shielding of one’s shortcomings and… that callous seriousness. She could not fathom what was on his mind. He undoubtedly loved Ning Ning, but as for her…

She might as well clear the air. Anything good that came out of it was probably due to Ning Ning.

Miss Cheng was very unsatisfied!

“Yes, you have not been cruel toward the two of us. So what!” Cheng Anya laughed as she brushed it off. Someone else’s misery was not her business.

“What about the child?” Cheng Anya could not help but ask. This was, after all, still a question.

Most philandering young masters tended to throw money when their philandering ways resulted in a pregnancy. It was either an abortion or disavowing the pregnancy. If those did not work out, then money and power were used to forcefully bend people such that they had to follow the will of the young masters.

Yun Ruoxi was different. Although the Yun family was a distant second from the Ye family, they were still tycoons who wielded power and influence. She was also the daughter-in-law which Old Master Ye acknowledged. If she wanted to see the child to term, Third Young Master Ye was powerless to do anything!

For better or worse, a life was at stake!

As Yun Ruoxi was the only child in the family, the Yun family undoubtedly doted on her lots!

“Child? What child?” Third Young Master Ye was a little lost.

A slight rage ran through Cheng Anya’s gaze as she asked, “Did you ask that on purpose? What about the child you had with Miss Yun?”

For that to burst out of her left Cheng Anya a little embarrassed. It seemed that she was in no position to ask Third Young Master Ye about it, let alone any right to know how the situation would turn out.

“Do you think I care?” Ye Chen replied coldly as he curled his lips amidst his cold gaze. “To ask for the heavens on the basis of a child? What a daydream! Who cares?”

“You do not care? And will leave her to see the child to term alone?” Cheng Anya replied quizzically. No parent would want to be put in such a situation.

“So what?”

“That is your child!” Cheng Anya plainly reminded him. She thought he loved children based on how he cared for and doted on Ning Ning, but never had she expected such a reply.

“So what about that?” Ye Chen replied coldly. “Only Ning Ning is my child!” Ye Chen said, stressing each word.

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