Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 159 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 159 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Should she tell Ye Chen about it?

As she thought about it, Cheng Anya shook her head. So what if she mentioned about the incident? It was just gossip whose truth was unknown. Had she gone to tell Ye Chen about it, he would look at her with a cryptic gaze.

It seemed a little evil!

She could almost imagine the creepy look on her beautiful face.

Since it was not related to her, she might as well forget it. He would not marry Yun Ruoxi or be bothered about the child. Whoever that child belonged to did not really matter. Ye Chen was also clear about his take on the incident. Telling him about it would be self-degrading and it was not meaningful either.

The feelings she kept to herself for the whole night suddenly turned for the better. The thought of the child in Yun Ruoxi’s stomach not belonging to Ye Chen, in contrast to the solemnness she bore all night, made her feel extremely relieved.

Miss Cheng hummed a happy tune from her childhood as she went on to watch the fanfare on the forums. As she read on, there were almost seven thousand replies. The thread was going strong!

‘Some Other Rich Man’s Daughter’ sent a personal message. “The Rain Ends In Jiangnan, f***. Why aren’t you commenting although you are online?”

“The replies are too quick and fast! I can’t reply quickly enough!” Cheng Anya replied.

‘Some Other Rich Man’s Daughter’ typed a reply. “Oh, haha! Let me tell you something… The ID of that ‘Somebody From The Yun Family’ and ‘I Come From Earth’… Hahaha…”

She added a series of mentally unsound pictures.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence. She seriously suspected whether this ‘Some Other Rich Man’s Daughter’ previously had run-ins with Yun Ruoxi as she was especially vicious. Back to topic though, it was funny as Miss Yun had used an alternate identity for fear of being recognized.

There are comedies aplenty in life.

“You had a run-in with Yun Ruoxi?” Miss Cheng asked.

‘Some Other Rich Man’s Daughter’ briefly told her. “She took my man! Humph!”

Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched hard. “Third Young Master Ye?”

“You are so smart!”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence. Even an idiot could give such an obvious reply. Third Young Master Ye was such a magnet for pests.

She had to stay away from this woman!

“I am going to bed!” Cheng Anya waved and logged off.

This was getting more interesting. If Miss Yun and ‘I Come From Earth’ were two different people, wasn’t this incident fairly true then?

If not, she had been too emboldened.

As she became happier, she felt that she could finally have a good night’s sleep!

Downstairs, both father and son were editing the MV. They had taken seven to eight segments, most of which were of themselves. Ning Ning edited the footage to contain three people and left Third Young Master Ye to work on the details. He was less adept at image editing.

“Daddy, keep this segment! It is well taken.” The footage was of Cheng Anya standing up from her wheelchair and accidentally falling into Third Young Master Ye’s embrace. From the angle which Ning Ning had taken it, it seemed as though Cheng Anya had thrown herself into Third Young Master Ye’s embrace!

Third Young Master Ye liked it. Both Ning Ning and him looked at each other in the eye, and cut out the footage. They then rearranged the footage. There would be two family MVs in a moment, and there was so much love in them.

“Ning Ning, where are the photos? Send them to me!”

“Okay!” Ning Ning sent the family photo to Third Young Master Ye. “Daddy, are you going to reveal it yourself?”

“Do you think I am kidding?” Third Young Master Ye laughed as he touched up the photo.

“Don’t let others see Mommy’s face and my face!”

“Understood!” Third Young Third Master Ye gave an ‘ok’ hand sign and pulled up a family photo. He blurred out the other faces in the photo, save his, and swapped between several backgrounds. He decided on three for Ning Ning to parse through.

“How is it?”

Ning Ning smiled and gave a thumbs-up. It was very good, as his face and his mommy’s face were not clear. However, one could tell this was a family photo from Third Young Master Ye’s gaze and actions. Some photos were candid photos where only the back and side profiles of the face could be seen. Third Young Master Ye cleverly edited the photos to give them the impression they were candidly taken. It was so real that there was no identifiable flaw in the photos.

“Daddy, why are you doing this? You would burn all bridges with the Yun family!” Ning Ning reminded him with a laugh.

“Do you think I am afraid of them?” Ye Chen seemingly laughed as he raised his eyebrows. His arrogance was coupled with the dominance emanated from his face. “They are still not capable enough to take me on!”

He could also conveniently tell the old master his determination to take him on!

He was declaring an end to the feigned peace between father and son!

An earlier declaration would help them give up earlier. The Yun family had always thought that both Anya and Ning Ning were dispensable to him. Old Master Yun had even brazenly ordered him to send Anya and Ning Ning away from City A before the wedding banquet.

He would not see them again in his lifetime!

Ye Chen coldly smiled. Old Master Ye had clearly not thought over whether he was qualified enough to say that!

He always thought he was a god and the world revolved around him. Fat hope! Ye Chen would not allow them to interfere in his life.

Even if he did not expose Cheng Anya and her son, Yun Ruoxi would have exposed them in a bid to win over popular opinion. It would be better for him to take the initiative as Klose did not owe him any favors.

When it came to reporting, coverage by GK was a totally different animal from the coverage by other media outlets.

GK was, after all, internationally renowned for its impartiality and authority.

After the photos were completed, Third Young Master Ye called Klose. “I have sent them to your inbox. We have been friends for seven years. Do what you have to!”

As the email was received, he whistled. “Wow… When did you become such a god of love? Geez, you did not even inform me when this happened. How stingy of you. It seems that my secretary is indeed irresistible!”

“Who belongs to you again?” Ye Chen asked coldly, the machine perfectly conveying his coldness.

“Hey, hey, hey… Third Young Master Ye, stop being so jealous, okay? You came to me asking for help with such an attitude… Oh, baby, you sure are cocky!”

“How disgusting! Stop calling me baby!”

“Hahaha… Relax. I’ve got people to amend the script overnight and your love story will definitely touch the Gods. And you, Third Young Master Ye… are the most profound master of love in history…”

That perverted laughter sent Ning Ning shivering!

“Thank you!”

“As long as you remember the conditions that you have promised me, it’s a deal!”

“Got it, sicko!”

“Hehe… Like I said, just as how it takes a man to understand another man, it takes a sicko to understand another sicko.” He sneakily laughed after saying that.

Third Young Master Ye quickly hung up the phone. Props to Cheng Anya for working under his fellow brother for a year. The conditions were so incredibly tough and not everybody was up to it.

Ning Ning rubbed his goosebumps and pouted. “I feel that Mommy is so strong, given that she has not collapsed under your perpetual stressing!”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

The night passed peacefully!

The next day, a piece of news released by GK International Media quickly spread around the world. Wherever GK International Media had a presence, the news would spread like wildfire…

There was a new sensation created!


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