Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 168 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 168 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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That afternoon, Cheng Anya was heating up the soup Ning Ning had brewed for her in the morning. She had just placed the pot on the stove when Yang Zekun called.

“Old Master Yang wants to meet me?” Cheng Anya turned off the stove and went out of the kitchen with the help of a crutch. She pursed her lips. Yang Zekun had already mentioned it when she was in the hospital and he took a long time before he contacted her again. She was puzzled about why Old Master Yang was so persistent in wanting to see her.

He seemed devastated that day after he had met her at the banquet.

Let’s meet!

For the sake of senior, she agreed. “Okay, I am free this afternoon!”

“Where are you? I’ll go and fetch you!” Yang Zekun sounded disappointed and lonely. His men had told him that Cheng Anya and Ning Ning were living at Ye Chen’s place. She had almost forgotten that they were still at the stage of pretending to be lovers.

Perhaps, from the beginning, he was the only one who wanted to try to get closer to her.

While she had never thought of it at all.

“It’s okay. Just reserve a table at the restaurant. I’ll go over myself!”

“Are your legs okay?”


“Okay, can we meet at De Yue then?”

“Okay!” Cheng Anya smiled, agreed, and hung up the call. She then proceeded to call Li Yun and asked her if she could send her to the restaurant. Li Yun was a computer programmer and had a flexible working time. Cheng Anya’s doorbell rang a few moments after she called her.

“Wow, this mansion is so pretty. Please invite me over as a guest for two days!” Li Yun made weird exclamation sounds and begged Cheng Anya with both her hands together.

Miss Cheng kicked her out of the mansion calmly and closed the door. “I am here as a guest too. Invite you? Continue daydreaming!”

“What? Isn’t this place the home of your son’s daddy?” Li Yun said with a smile. She turned her head back three times with every step she took. She loved that uniquely designed mansion, especially the scenery surrounding it. It was as pretty as a drawing. With both ancient and modern elements mixed, the scenery looked mysterious and dreamy at the same time.

“My son’s, not mine!” Cheng Anya said angrily and gestured to hit her with her crutch. “Damn it, I haven’t settled accounts with you about the time when Ning Ning and you betrayed me together!”

“Hey, hey, hey… How can you be so violent as a mother!” Li Yun laughed and avoided the topic while helping her get into the car. “Why did senior’s grandfather ask to see you?”

“Who knows? He had already mentioned that he wanted to see me when I was still hospitalized. I couldn’t make it back then. Since I am free these few days, why not?”

“Could it be that the ugly daughter-in-law is finally seeing her in-laws?” Li Yun teased. “Aren’t you pretending to be dating senior? Tsk, tsk, what if his grandfather gets the wrong idea? A scandal with senior plus the recent gossip news, wow, I’m afraid that City A would liven up for half a year. What a magnificent quadrangular love.”

“Shut up!” Cheng Anya said angrily. “You’re so gossipy. Be careful that Gu Zhensheng will abandon you!”

“Who cares! That’s exactly what I want. I’ll take this opportunity to kick him out of my life. You can’t make progress by clinging to old notions!” Li Yun shrugged as if it was nothing and smiled creepily. “Then, I’ll date your son and call you mommy.”

She had been eyeing the young kid for the longest time!

“Stop being disgusting, can you?” Cheng Anya quivered. She could not stand her comment. “My son had said before that he would not get a wife to take care of me.”

“Right, kids nowadays get intimate with girls when they are not even fifteen years old. Will he even think about you then?”

“My son won’t do that to me!”

“Tsk, tsk, look at his daddy. What a great role model!”

“Shut up!” Cheng Anya grabbed the newspaper in the car and hit her face.

“Self-deceiving mommy. My nephew is fifteen years old and has just graduated from high school, yet his girlfriend is already pregnant. F***, what kind of education was he given? He is still so young! My sister-in-law had to apologize to the girl’s family in person. They gave her a slap.”

Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched. Her pure son… After listening to what Li Yun had said, she started to have lingering fears. She could not imagine that happening to her son.

“This has something to do with self-discipline. Ning Ning would never do that!” She knew how her son was like more than anyone else. It was definitely not the same level as his daddy.

“You’ll never know. Kids that are fourteen or fifteen years old now have their hormones shoot out warnings like a fire alarm!”


“I’m sorry. These words are said by Arno from the book ‘The True Lies’,” Li Yun replied with her brightest smile while Cheng Anya rolled her eyes in return.

“Anyway, why are we on this topic?” Li Yun was depressed. “Having a mommy as a friend really gets us having discussions on serious topics.”

“F***, you started the topic yourself, okay?” Cheng Anya was speechless.

“Okay, let’s drop the topic then. Anya, what plans do you have with the third young master?” Li Yun changed the topic as fast as lightning. “Aren’t you both getting married?”

Cheng Anya shook her head. “I feel so annoyed by the term ‘married’ recently!”

“Because you are jealous of her!”

“Might be!” Cheng Anya nodded with a serious attitude. “Let’s talk about this next time. We aren’t in a rush anyway. I’m twenty-four, and he’s twenty-seven. Who gets married this early? Let’s wait a few more years before talking about this again.”

“True. It’s okay if Ning Ning doesn’t mind.” Li Yun laughed before teasing her. “Right, marrying the third young master can be quite challenging. The probability of him having an affair outside is exceptionally high!”

“I totally agree!” Cheng Anya’s sour face darkened. It was something that anyone with eyes could tell. Third Young Master Ye had a face that could attract the attention of people. “He is like an egg with a crack. Any fly would stick to it.”

“I sympathize with you spiritually!”


“Are you really going to hang yourself on the Ye Chen tree?” Full of zest, Li Yun asked. She had never seen Cheng Anya in a relationship, so she did not know about her take on relationships. However, she knew that whatever that woman had decided to do, that would be for life.

In relationships, for example.

“Do I look like that kind of person?” Cheng Anya snorted disdainfully but felt uneasy. She knew that if she really was determined, she’s afraid that she might have to fall into Third Young Master Ye’s hands forever.

Men like Third Young Master Ye were perfect as a lover because they were romantic and would satisfy their girlfriend’s vanity. However, as a husband, men like Third Young Master Ye would make his wife cry as they would be worried about when they would see their husbands walk past them coldly with another woman.

If trust was the foundation of a relationship, the foundation between them was very weak.

Cheng Anya still could not trust Third Young Master Ye enough yet!

“Pay some attention to the trees around you. Hanging on just one isn’t worth it. Look at other trees and you might find one that you can hang on more comfortably.” Li Yun laughed. She had the same level of intellect and calmness as Cheng Anya.

Both of them were blunt talkers who hit the nail on the head every time. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together.

“You mean, senior?”

“Senior is not bad. His personality and temper are both good and he’s loyal, which was totally different from Third Young Master Ye. What was the phrase that people from the upper-class society always say? Ladies would want Master Yang to marry their daughters but they would rather settle the third young master themselves!” Li Yun teased and winked. “This shows that senior is the best choice for a husband while Third Young Master Ye is the best choice for a lover. They are not on the same level.”

“Do you think it’s possible?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows. She looked so calm that it was impossible to notice the change in her emotions.

“How would you know that it’s impossible if you haven’t given it a try?” Li Yun said. “You have never given senior a chance, so how do you know that he can’t be the one?”

“Why would I give him chances if I know that we are impossible?”

“Cutie, you’re too fast to judge!”

“Be careful that I’ll tell Gu Zhensheng that you’ve fallen in love with somebody else!”

“Please, there is no doubt that senior is the public chosen husband material. Even Gu Zhensheng had said that he would marry Yang Zekun if he was a woman and would never choose Third Young Master Ye.”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence…

As expected, Third Young Master Ye’s character was questioned by the public!

“We’ve reached De Yue!” Li Yun found a place to park her car. At this famous Chinese restaurant, Li Yun saw Yang Zekun standing at the entrance once she alighted from the car. She waved at him and he ran over to them immediately.

“Anya, I’ll shop at the mall nearby. Call me when you are ready to go back!”


Li Yun did not drive her car as Paris Spring was located right across the traffic light. She might as well walk over.

“Is your leg in pain?” Yang Zekun held onto her and asked gently. His clear voice sounded as comfortable as the spring breeze.

Cheng Anya held her crutch and smiled. “It’s not painful anymore but I still can’t walk. I’ll have to wait two weeks more before I can start my rehabilitation. I would be able to walk by then!”

Yang Zekun smiled. “Let’s go. Grandpa is waiting for you!”

“Why did your grandfather want to meet me?” Cheng Anya asked, feeling confused. She did not know him personally and he was her elder. It was a little awkward for them to meet. Moreover, she kind of knew that Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang hated each other, most probably because of Lin Xiaoyue.

It was related to the third young master as well. That kind of feeling made her even more uncomfortable!

“I have no idea. Grandpa didn’t tell me anything!” Yang Zekun said truthfully while helping her walk into De Yue. Because Cheng Anya had difficulty walking, Yang Zekun had deliberately asked for a seat near the window, on the first level.

Old Master Yang was already waiting for her there.

Cheng Anya nodded to greet him. She was full of smiles the entire time. Yang Zekun then proceeded to help her sit down.

“Grandpa, continue chatting. I’ll go first and come back to fetch you later!” Yang Zekun said gently and walked out of the restaurant slowly.

“How’s your leg?” Old Master Yang broke the silence and showed his concern for Cheng Anya’s injured leg.

“It’s getting better. Thanks for your concern!” Cheng Anya smiled. She signaled for the waiter to come over and ordered a glass of orange juice generously with no feelings of restriction or whatsoever. After all, she was Cheng Anya, a woman who had experienced all sorts of events. Even though Old Master Yang wanted to see her out of the blue, she was only feeling curious instead of feeling uneasy.

“Order whatever you want. This restaurant serves authentic food.” Old Master Yang was almost ingratiating, as if she were a long-lost granddaughter, and he couldn’t wait to please her.

“It’s okay. I’m not hungry!” She was speaking the truth. She had spent her day idling around. Hence, she wasn’t feeling hungry at all. Cheng Anya felt puzzled after seeing Old Master Yang’s gaze which looked as if he was expecting something to happen. This made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Is there anything that I can do for you?”




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