Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 170 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 170 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya smiled lightly and asked with strong interest, “You mean that in order to fulfill your dream and make up for your regret, you don’t care about senior’s happiness?”

Old Master Yang’s sharp gaze was fixed on Cheng Anya’s face. He did not expect Cheng Anya to ask this and his face looked dark.

Her words were too heavy!

However, this was Cheng Anya’s usual style. She was always straight to the matter and gave the person a blow, especially on topics that she disliked.

Marriage was something sacred to Cheng Anya. However, it was something casual to Old Master Yang. He let them get married in order to fulfill his dream. But, did he think about senior and her happiness?

“Aren’t you guys in a relationship? Zekun likes you and it is his wish to marry you. How will he not be happy?”

“Not every couple in this world will end up getting married!” Cheng Anya rebutted. Moreover, she was only pretending to be a couple with senior and they were not a real couple. It was a fantasy for them to get married.

Old Master Yang laughed. “What’s not good about Zekun? He is the prince charming of every woman and it is their dream to marry him. Miss Cheng, don’t you think that it is difficult to find a man that is more outstanding than Zekun?”

Old Master Yang was proud when he talked about Yang Zekun. He was very proud, and he should be proud. She would be proud too if she had such a perfect grandchild. It was just like how proud she would be when people talked about Ning Ning.

Cheng Anya laughed too and said, “You’re right. Senior is indeed outstanding. I shall put it this way; he is the most suitable man to marry that I have seen for the past few years. He is good to my son and me, but he is out of my league!”

Old Master Yang was shocked. He thought that as long as he agreed to their marriage, the woman would be on cloud nine. He did not expect that she would reject and there was no trace of joy on her face.

However, there was a trace of sneer that was partly visible.

“I agree to your marriage. As long as the two of you get married, I can agree to whatever request that you have!” Old Master Yang said with an official tone. He felt that she was just playing hard to get by rejecting to marry into the Yang Family. After all, this was every woman’s dream, and Yang Zekun loved her deeply.

Cheng Anya sneered and asked with a cold voice, “What if I want my son to inherit Yao Hua?”

Old Master Yang’s face changed. His sharp eyes narrowed and looked dangerous. What a greedy woman with a big tone. “So this is your motive?”

Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders and it was considered as her admitting it silently.

Old Master Yang sneered. “No way! Kid, you are too ambitious and have a fanciful illusion. How is it possible for me to agree to this requirement? Do you understand the saying ‘greed has no limit’?”

“I am still too young and I don’t understand a lot of things!” Cheng Anya smiled with her usual Cheng-styled smile. It was so perfect that it was unassailable.

“Are you like this in front of Zekun too?”

“I am always like this, greedy and prurient. Senior knows about it too!” Cheng Anya smiled until her face was paralyzed.

‘Damn it. I don’t care about Yao Hua. If you were not senior’s grandfather, nobody would be willing to stay here and listen to your nonsense!’

“Miss Cheng, I sincerely want to discuss it with you!” Old Master Yang said. He could tell that she did it on purpose and could not help but be angry. According to the results of his investigation, she was merely the daughter of a small stall keeper and had grown up in a slum.

This background looked bad!

Although her background looked bad, she was very capable. She only spent two years to finish all the courses at her university and could get into the London Business School, which was the best in the world, for her master’s degree. This educational qualification was very outstanding. She had also been a secretary at GK International for a year and her performance was outstanding. However, it could not cover the shortcomings of her poor family background.

Moreover, she had a child.

Old Master Yang condescended to meet her and agreed for her to marry into the Yang Family. She should be thankful and not be cynical. This was a gift from heaven to her and she would have grabbed it quickly if she was smart.

If not because of the fact that she looked like Lin Xiaoyue, Old Master Yang would not let a woman with such a background be his granddaughter-in-law. No matter how much Yang Zekun loved her or even threatened with his own life, Old Master Yang would not have agreed.

Cheng Anya was well-aware of his thoughts!

Therefore, she disdained his actions!

She thought that Old Master Ye was shameless enough. Who knew that Old Master Yang was the same!

“Old Master Yang, I have also been replying to you sincerely. I will not marry senior!”

“Why?” Old Master Yang said and sneered. “Why do you date him if you do not want to get married? Do you intend to get a sum of money from him?”

Cheng Anya smiled in a calm manner. “Don’t you think your words are self-contradictory? Won’t I be able to get more money from senior if I marry him?”

F***, all the rich people had the same mentality and were afraid that people would steal their money. They might as well just use their money to create a toy doll and hug it to sleep every day!

Cheng Anya could not help but criticize.

Old Master Yang was startled. Cheng Anya said, “Old Master Yang, I have a question. Do you dislike Third Young Master Ye?”

Old Master Yang’s gaze became very complex. He was silent, obviously not willing to answer this question. However, Cheng Anya could tell from his eyes that it did not seem to be as simple as disliking.

There seemed to be hatred.

Did Third Young Master Ye steal his territory or his wife? Why did he hate Third Young Master Ye?

Or maybe Third Young Master Ye had a physique that made people hate him. Therefore, even his dad and brothers hated him. It was as if nobody had treated Third Young Master Ye nicely before. The women around him were all after his looks and money.

Cheng Anya felt sad and was a little angry. What right did they have to hate Ye Chen?

“You seem to care about Ye Chen a lot!” Old Master Yang narrowed his eyes slightly and he judgingly looked at Cheng Anya with precaution, as if she was a danger.

Cheng Anya smiled and her eyebrows frowned slightly. “I am the chief secretary of Third Young Master Ye. I am supposed to care about him!”

“Is it the case?” Old Master Yang sneered.

Cheng Anya did seem bothered. “Since Old Master Yang does not want to reply, then take it as I have never asked before. We don’t have anything else to talk about anymore. With regard to the marriage with senior, you should not worry about it as it is something impossible.”

“Miss Cheng, you are so stubborn!” Old Master Yang frowned in unhappiness. He had made it so clear, yet she still did not agree. She was too detestable!

“You are the one that is stubborn!” Cheng Anya enunciated each word in a deep voice. “Please do not destroy the dreams of others if you can’t fulfill your own dream. Please do not make others regret just because you can’t make up for your own regret. All these have nothing to do with me. I do not want to marry because of your dream and regret!”

Cheng Anya got up with the help of the crutch and walked two steps with difficulty. She suddenly turned her head as a trace of satisfaction flowed through her bright eyes. “I guess senior has not told you who the father of my son is.”

Cheng Anya smiled and said softly, “My son’s dad is called Ye Chen!”

Cheng Anya was in a good mood as she looked at Old Master Yang’s sudden change in expression.

It was actually easy to kill someone within seconds!




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