Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 172 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 172 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya was slightly surprised and raised her eyebrows in interest, thinking, ‘Third Young Master, you are sure very well informed!’

“Please do not tell me that you also ate at the same cafeteria during lunch?” Cheng Anya smiled coldly. Her gaze was hostile and cold.

“No!” Third Young Master Ye stroked his lips.

What had happened? Cheng Anya raised her eyebrow.

“I drove past!”

Cheng Anya was at a loss for words.

For him to be on that particular road of all roads was nothing short of sheer coincidence.

“What was he looking for you for?” Third Young Master Ye asked coldly in a displeased manner, his somewhat hidden acridity boiling over. He despised Old Master Yang much more than Old Master Ye!

“He allowed me to marry senior!” Cheng Anya plainly said.

Ye Chen went silent. A sinister veneer came over his delicate features as a maelstrom manifested in his gaze. He clenched his fists tightly and the acridity in him boiled over. Cheng Anya knew he was losing control of his emotions!

“Ye Chen, calm down!” Cheng Anya grabbed his hands. His muscles, lacking tenderness, were as tense as a rock. “It was just his wishful thinking. Besides, he does not know about our relationship.”

Cheng Anya honestly replied without hiding anything. “Don’t be unhappy, okay?”

Deep down, she understood the reasons for Third Young Master Ye’s anger. It was not as though she wanted to marry Yang Zekun. It was Old Master Yang who wanted her to marry Yang Zekun.

The key point was Old Master Yang!

Ye Chen tightly embraced Cheng Anya and almost pressed on her injured leg. As he tightly embraced her, his chest heaved heavily and he remained silent. There was nothing, just his heavy breathing, which went onto her nape.

“I will not allow you to promise him. You will not promise him… On what basis…” Ye Chen said incoherently, bordering on insanity at times. “If you dare to promise him, I will strangle you… I will strangle you viciously…”

He enunciated his words especially clear in a sinister breath. Cheng Anya had no doubt he would strangle her had she really agreed!

‘Third Young Master Ye, please stop being this angry, okay? It was already mentioned that this was his wishful thinking, but you chose to listen selectively again!

“Ye Chen, calm down. I did not promise him. I did not promise him!” Cheng Anya repeated. Damn it, he had no idea how strong he was. She felt him kneading her together as she frowned, enduring the pain.

Had he not been really upset, she would have given him a tight slap!

Third Young Master Ye seemed to have heard her, and the burning rage in his mind was almost instantly extinguished. With his emotions in control, his heaving breathing started to calm down. He still held onto Cheng Anya tightly, fearful that he would lose her in the blink of an eye!

“Third Young Master Ye, I feel that you should reduce your strength appropriately,” Cheng Anya saw that his emotions had stabilized and replied in a teasing manner. “Did you know you have the strength to crush a rock?”

Ye Chen suddenly let her go and lifted up her collar. He saw a clear bruise on her snow-white elbow. Looking at Cheng Anya, who rolled her eyes in return, Ye Chen’s gaze was slightly apologetic.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” She had quietly endured his roughness despite bruising from it!

“Your mind was filled with hatred earlier. Could you take anything else in?” Cheng Anya massaged her elbow. Damn it, both her elbows were aching and he was using way too much force. To be more accurate, he was extremely scary when he lost control of himself. “Third Young Master Ye, although we have bones inside us to prop us up, there is a saying that women are fragile creatures who cannot stand rough handling.”

Ye Chen stared at her. Although they had not spent a long time with each other, he could not understand what was going through Cheng Anya’s mind. While one could say that she was not the type to speak her mind, she was more honest than anybody at times. One could describe her as worldly-wise, but she could be way more innocent than anybody. While one would not describe her as gentle, she would sometimes quietly endure his rough handling of her and be a hundredfold gentler than any other women.

Her interpretation of the feminine character was, however, exceptional!

Cheng Anya, is this how you express your feelings?

It is… very special!

But he liked how she was gentle amidst her toughness!

“Please learn to control your emotions and stop getting angry when you hear Old Master Yang’s name. Why think about all the unhappy things of the past?” Cheng Anya said plainly as she pointed at the young kid helping out in the kitchen. “If you have time, think more about your son, the people you love, and things that make you happy!”

With all these, you would not be filled with hatred!

Love was, after all, the most real, and had the most warmth in life!

Hatred only destroyed a person!

“What did he tell you?” Ye Chen asked alertly. He was tense, and Cheng Anya found herself speaking to a wall. He had not heeded her word, and it could have been due to a deep-seated hatred that Ye Chen could not immediately let go.

Given Ye Chen’s character, he would not bear such a deep hatred had they not been as depraved nor hurt the ones he loved!

She did not know what he had experienced.

To put it across in the preachiest manner possible, letting go of one’s hatred and learning to forget it was utterly phony!

Ye Chen quietly leaned against the sofa. His eyes were weary, and his hatred of people made him even wearier. People pitied the third young master who was in such a state, and it was not surprising why Ning Ning was so protective of his daddy.

He wanted to give him even more love and laughter to make up for the happiness he had lost.

“He said nothing about you!” Cheng Anya replied plainly.

“How would he suddenly allow you to marry Yang Zekun? Shit, he must have investigated you and knew you have a son. How could such a person agree to you marrying his conceited grandson!”

“He said I resembled Lin Xiaoyue. Therefore, he hoped that I would marry Yang Zekun so that his dreams since young could be fulfilled! Consider it as making-up to his lost dreams!” Cheng Anya said flatly with a slight tease.

Ye Chen tilted his head and suddenly grabbed Cheng Anya’s face. “How do you resemble her? You do not!” he said as he turned her face left and right.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence!

Who had held a photo to her and told her a long time ago that she resembled Lin Xiaoyue? Ye Chen was sure quick to forget what had happened!

“That old man’s mind is out of whack. He will definitely do something weird!”

“I think so too. Him, Old Master Ye, and you… None of you are normal!” Cheng Anya said plainly with a few hints of amusement. “You three are all sick!”

The only difference lied in how the two old men’s mental unsoundness made people irritated, whereas Third Young Master Ye’s mental unsoundness was, on occasion, extremely adorable.

“Third Young Master Ye, do you mind telling me the backstory between Old Masters Ye, Yang, and Lin Xiaoyue?”

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