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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 173 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Why do you want to know?” Ye Chen was surprisingly calm. His cold gaze swept past the room and incited a chill in people. His coldness dispelled the warmth from the evening sun.

There was dead silence as the autumn leaves fell.

Cheng Anya silently thought that Third Young Master Ye was extremely pushy.

To be this cold and distant was another level up.

“When Old Master Ye first saw me, he seemed as if he wanted to swallow me up. When Old Master Yang first saw me, he was so provoked that he went upstairs. The second time he saw me, he was so magnanimous as to allow me to get married to senior. Adding you on top of that, especially your detestable face, can’t the three of you sickos who are after me or hate me have a sense of crisis and find out how things started and ended?

“Actually, I do not really hate Lin Xiaoyue!” Ye Chen said plainly as he looked deeply at Cheng Anya.

“Stop the bulls***. Why did you hate me to the point of strangling me that day?” She swore never to fall for Ye Chen’s pitiful look.

With such a terrible track record, she could not trust him anymore!

“It’s true! If that weren’t the case, I would have flipped when I saw you for the first time!” Third Young Master Ye rolled his eyes. He was somebody who could decide on a whim whom to trust and not. “I extremely hate Lin Xiaoyue. Please do not tell me you did not discover that after being my secretary for half a month. When I returned to the Ye family that day, I saw the photo and suddenly realized that I had wanted to use you to provoke Old Master Yang!”

His rage was out of… his emotional instability!

He was finding a scapegoat to vent his frustrations on!

“Then, what actually happened?” Cheng Anya believed him for the moment. Although he claimed he did not hate Lin Xiaoyue, he, however, quite hated her. He probably did not hate her as much as he did Old Master Ye!

Cheng Anya was suddenly a little worried. Given Third Young Master Ye’s distorted mentality, would he suddenly lose his mind someday and strangle her to death?

Uh, it was possible!

After all, a person with such a distorted character could not think and judge normally like a normal person!

Third Young Master Ye kept silent for a moment. “I’m telling you, so you’d better listen!” he said after a while.

Fifty years ago, Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang were the closest of friends. They had a very solid relationship, much closer than that of kin brothers. Old Master Ye’s fiancée was Lin Xiaoyue!

And an extremely campy story ensued.

Since they were the best of friends, Old Master Ye naturally introduced his fiancée to Old Master Yang. Old Master Ye was renowned for his extremely bad temper and brutality. He, however, had deep feelings for Lin Xiaoyue and took extra care of her.

He loved Lin Xiaoyue very much. Her temper was typically gentle and she was pretty. Bringing her out made Old Master Ye feel proud.

Lin Xiaoyue, however, did not love Old Master Ye. Her parents, who were eyeing Old Master Ye’s fortunes, sold their daughter off to Old Master Ye. She was a slightly romantic and saddened artist.

She had an idealistic take on romance and hoped to look for a gentle, yet talented Prince Charming. This was the romantic fantasy that many teenagers had!

Old Master Ye, save his looks, did not match the criteria. He had a terrible temper and was not romantic. Lin Xiaoyue was living in frustration, and knowing the gentlemanly and talented Old Master Yang reinvigorated her.

Old Master Yang also took a fancy to the gentle and romantic Lin Xiaoyue. Both were willing parties. They started to communicate and… like fire encountering tinder, the flames of love started to burn.

As MBS International was in its formative years, Old Master Ye was extremely busy and was often unable to spare time for Lin Xiaoyue. He would often head to the factory after his lessons and naturally left his fiancée to Old Master Yang whom he trusted the most.

Little did he expect Old Master Yang and Lin Xiaoyue to betray him.

As the truth eventually reared its ugly head, Lin Xiaoyue vomited due to her pregnancy over her dinner one day at the meal table. Old Master Ye’s rage was unstoppable.

When he was younger, Old Master Ye really loved Lin Xiaoyue and yielded to her. He had no intention of being unfaithful to her and treasured her. He had not even bedded her and would only marry her after they graduated.

To become pregnant at this juncture would make any man realize he was cuckolded!

Old Master Ye was fiery-tempered in his youth. He was in his prime and raring to go. Given his temper then, it was a child’s play for him to discover and slaughter the adulterer.

Then, MBS was stronger than Yao Hua and they were from the same school. Lin Xiaoyue was introverted and had almost no friends, save Old Master Yang.

Hence, a target appeared!

This was a crushing blow to Old Master Ye.

His best friend and his fiancée both betrayed him. In a fit of rage, he confronted Old Master Yang with a gun. Lin Xiaoyue was extremely shocked and remorseful!

Although one could say that it was never a crime to love somebody!

One could tell how much Old Master Ye doted on her. For such a quick-tempered man to always yield to her was never easy, and she felt guilty toward him.

Not wanting to see them turn against each other, she stepped out to stop them!

Old Master Yang then was a saint of love, and he had the gall to ask Old Master Ye to allow him to get together with Lin Xiaoyue. The confrontation between him and Old Master Ye intensified, and Old Master Ye fired at Old Master Yang. Lin Xiaoyue shielded Old Master Yang, and she fell into the currents.

Hence, a pair of good friends became rivals for decades, and they spared no expense in unfolding the tragedy further!

“How campy!” Miss Cheng said after hearing the story. Such a campy story! Campy romance was the favorite of campy scriptwriters. Seeing such storylines on television made her eyes twitch!

It was a self-torture to watch primetime dramas in which campy female leads bawled their eyes out!

Miss Cheng was, however, not fazed by it, whereas Ning Ning was on the verge of tears. Cheng Anya trembled at the sight and asked, “Baby, are you moved to tears?”

This was even campier!

Even Cheng Anya was stunned!

Even Third Young Master Ye was stunned!

Both of them looked at Ning Ning as though he was an alien!

“Dear Mommy and Daddy, why are you looking at me like this?” Ning Ning looked at his parents with reddened eyes. His parents seemed to be unable to do housework, and neither did they have common sense!

The young kid was chopping onions!

After giving them a look of contempt, he put down the knife and walked into the room to take out a pair of shades. With his shades on, he carried on chopping the onions!

His tender hands held the dark pair of shades as he carried on chopping the onions in the kitchen. It delivered an unparalleled visual impact!

Miss Cheng was aghast.

Third Young Master Ye was at a loss for words.

This son was too talented!

“Carrying on… That said, it was Old Master Yang who snatched Old Master Ye’s fiancée from him, and so they turned against each other. Could Old Master Ye be considered the victim?” Cheng Anya bit her lips. The campy backstory wasn’t important. She knew that the long-lasting grudge that resulted from this backstory was most important. Decades after the incident, Ye Chen was born. “What happened then?”

“Nothing else happened!” Third Young Master Ye coldly replied.

Nothing else happened?

“How did you come about?” Cheng Anya smiled.

“My mother gave birth to me!” Ye Chen turned his head and yelled at Cheng Anya while staring at her.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence!

Third Young Master Ye, why are you so loud?

As though others’ mothers did not deliver them!

And you care so much about it?

“Daddy, Mommy also gave birth to me!” Ning Ning smiled as he wore a pair of mafia-esque shades.

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