Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 174 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 174 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye looked at Ning Ning quietly, and then at Cheng Anya. He innocently reached over for the magazine and browsed through it. “There is nothing else to say,” he simply said.

She actually wanted to ask whether Third Young Master Ye was Old Master Ye or Old Master Yang’s son?

She felt that Third Young Master Ye somehow resembled Old Master Yang.


He did not want to bring up anything else, and she would not force him to. It was, after all, an unhappy incident that was filled with bitterness, resentment, and hatred. It was not Anya’s style to bring up somebody’s unhappy past, let alone Third Young Master Ye’s unhappy past.

Everybody had a painful past that nobody, even the ones closest to them, was allowed to touch.

She listened to whatever he wanted to say. If he did not say it, so be it. She was not petty.

“Hey, what has caught your attention? Do you know what that magazine is saying?” Cheng Anya saw him so engrossed in the magazine and teasingly asked him. The magazine was filled with photographs of him and Yun Ruoxi, along with gossip about the mysterious mother and child. Cheng Anya did not believe that it would arouse Third Young Master Ye’s interest.

Indeed, Third Young Master Ye took a glance at Cheng Anya and turned to read the magazine. Two seconds later, he closed the magazine and threw it aside. “Ever since you came, there have been tabloids lying around the house!”

What used to be financial magazines on the shelf were replaced with tabloids and entertainment magazines, along with a few top-rated computer magazines. The computer magazines belonged to the young kid, and one wondered where both the mother and son had buried his financial magazines.

This also showed the pitiful position Third Young Master Ye had in his home!

The mother and son had gradually entered his life and were inseparable!

“Trust me, Third Young Master Ye! The latest tabloids and entertainment magazines have been recently selling like hotcakes. It is not nice to be the subject of gossip. If the subject of the gossip were somebody else, senior for example, you would be gloating at his plight and laughing your teeth off.” Cheng Anya broke into her signature smile.

Third Young Master Ye turned to stare at her and suddenly closed in. He was seemingly laughing, and his scent came onto her face. “Well? How does it feel to read your own gossip? Shall I provide a couple more photos? High-resolution ones?”

“You are quite handsome!” Cheng Anya pulled a non-joke and leaned back. Damn it, this man could not resist scooting up to her to take advantage of her.

Third Young Master Ye was about to tease her and knew that she was inconvenienced by her leg. With an evil gaze, he was a living example of a thug having his way with any lady. He put his hand around her and teased her, all with a malicious smile on his face. “Time for a slightly bigger photograph that floats your boat. Are you up for it?”

Cheng Anya was slightly flushed. When it came to flirting, Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye were worlds apart. “Hey, please stop being so perverted. Our son is making dinner, and damn it, what kind of daddy are you?”

“It’s nothing. I am teaching him, in advance, how to flirt with women. The more boys learn, the more beneficial it is, lest they are unable to win the girl!” Third Young Master Ye said as-a-matter-of-factly. His gaze became even more malicious and a shade of darkness covered his beady eyes. He had the temptation to undress her.

This was really perverted ahhhh!

F***! Given his character, he would mold his innocent son into a hedonistic person… Damn it, why was she so unlucky?

Third Young Master Ye’s scent came onto her, and Cheng Anya had butterflies in her stomach. Her face was flushed and seemed way more radiant and attractive under the evening sun! “Ning Ning, Mommy wants to eat wolf meat today!” she suddenly said.

Ning Ning cutely turned his head and looked at his parents who were on top of each other. He waved the cleaver in his hand and hooked his pinkie with Third Young Master Ye. There was an elegantly scheming smile on the tender face, and his blinking eyes made it a tad cuter.

Third Young Master Ye was puzzled by the riddle the mother and son were playing.

“Daddy, come on!”

“Make mincemeat out of this pervert!” Embarrassed, Cheng Anya pushed him away. Third Young Master Ye finally understood what it meant to piss somebody off by taking advantage of the person. “How about you have it whole instead of minced? How’s that?” He suddenly broke into a smile.

Miss Cheng was stunned at him getting into the action of seemingly unbuttoning her shirt.

She had seen sickos, but never one as sick as him. Ahhh…

If he were the apple and Anya was Eve, she would be after his perfect build but be repulsed by his mental unsoundness. Miss Cheng made an improvised decision to get to the next sofa with her only good leg.

“You are not my type!”

Ning Ning broke into laughter. It was too exciting! He thought his daddy would lose, but it was his mommy who was unable to level up!

“Daddy, come over and let me teach you how to make dinner. It is not enough to woo Mommy by lust alone. Step one, win her through her stomach!” Ning Ning broke into a mesmerizing smile as he offered some earnest advice.

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes became much more attractive and his delicate features screamed ‘I am going to seduce you’. “It’s your honor to be seduced by me. Are you up for it?”

F***! Are you in your right mind?

“You opportunistic scum! This lady is not interested in you, so go follow my baby and learn how to cook!” Miss Cheng smiled plainly.

Third Young Master Ye suddenly scooted closer to her and blatantly teased her in a deep and attractive voice. “Since you did not fall for my seduction, I will give you face and fall for your seduction some other day!”

Miss Cheng was stunned into silence.

Third Young Master Ye suavely got up and walked into the kitchen to learn cooking from his baby.

Cheng Anya was speechless. ‘Third Young Master Ye, given your character, you will definitely give face!

I have the right to speak as I have seduced you before!

Miss Cheng had a bag of mixed emotions.

The aroma of the food diffused around the home. There was laughter and warmth in the house.

As father and son were having a whale of a time, Third Young Master Ye’s cellphone on the low table rang. “Help me pick it up!” he stuck his head out and said.

Cheng Anya took the cellphone. As his secretary, it was run of the mill for her to pick up his calls. However…

“Yun Ruoxi is calling. Pick it up!”

Third Young Master Ye’s laughter stopped as he washed and wiped dry his hands. When he came out, the phone was still ringing. Third Young Master Ye took the phone and without avoiding Cheng Anya, he asked, “What is it?”

“I want to meet you. Ye Chen, I want to meet you!”

“I have already told you all that I wanted to tell you in the hospital that day!” Third Young Master Ye sounded exceptionally harsh. He was extremely displeased as he was having a whale of a time with his son, only to have it being interrupted.

Like the model student who was not distracted by what happened beyond the windows, Cheng Anya buried her head in entertainment magazines. She would have been a bit more realistic had her eyeballs not been so rigid.

“No, Ye Chen, you did not clearly explain it. You knew I am pregnant then. I want to see you now. You have one minute before I press the doorbell!” Yun Ruoxi said with a slight bitterness. She hung up before Third Young Master Ye could reply.

Third Young Master Ye frowned. She was outside the mansion?

As he took a slight peek at Cheng Anya, he noticed that she was focused on the magazine. Third Young Master Ye pulled up the magazine and humorously realized she was reading the same page of the magazine he had just read.

He was stunned.

Does this count as rapport?

“I am going out for a while!” Third Young Master Ye looked at Cheng Anya. Honestly, he did not discover he sounded like a husband reporting to his wife before meeting another woman.

“Okay!” Cheng Anya nodded.

Third Young Master Ye looked at her, grabbed his suit, and went out.

As Ning Ning stewed beef, he walked out of the kitchen and jokingly asked, “Don’t you like your current life?”

“Mommy has always loved her life!” Cheng Anya replied plainly.

“You know what I am asking!” Ning Ning gently laughed and scooted up to his mommy. He had a young kid smell which he disliked. Ah, the pains of being a young kid!

Cheng Anya stroked her son’s head for a while.

“I like it!”

Yun Ruoxi wore a goose yellow dress as she waited outside the mansion. As the evening wind blew, it messed up her long hair which got caught up in the wind and blended into the evening sky.

There was a thin veneer of lamentation.

And… sadness!

She could clearly see the kitchen, Third Young Master Ye, and Ning Ning from where she stood. Their happiness and cheerfulness made her feel that they were truly happy together!

Tears built up in her eyes.

Yun Ruoxi, who was well-taken care of and always had things her way, cried away her life’s worth of tears in the past few days!

“Ruoxi, why put yourself through this?” Third Young Master Ye said with his arms in his pockets. “If you want to be happy, let go!” he said.

“I would like to let go, but I can’t!” Yun Ruoxi laughed bitterly. She was trying to keep her cool but discovered it was all futile. “My daddy came to look for you and begged you to marry me, no?”

At this juncture, the Yun family had set aside their dignity and he was still unwilling to marry her!

When did she, Yun Ruoxi, end up in such a predicament?

“Yes, he did look for me!” Ye Chen said plainly. It was an unhappy conversation where Old Master Yun told him that all of Yun Enterprises’ share would be part of the dowry—on the condition he married Yun Ruoxi. Ye Chen could name his conditions.

To be able to win over the massive Yun Enterprise with such little effort was what many men dreamed of achieving. One could not go wrong with it since Yun Ruoxi was indeed very good-looking.

But Ye Chen refused.

Old Master Yun had misjudged him. It was Old Master Ye who cared enough for Yun Enterprises instead of Ye Chen. Old Master Ye’s first marriage was a marriage of convenience. He was despicable enough to eventually attempt a consolidated arbitrage and made it his own. This was why MBS International had such a rapid head start.

Old Master Ye wanted to control the marriage of his children and put his old wisdom into practice. Apart from controlling Ye Chen, he also wanted to engulf Yun Enterprises. His thoughts were so despicable to the point Ye Chen could not be bothered with them.

He despised men who relied on women to achieve their success!

“If you became pregnant two months ago, I would have considered marrying you. It is too late and impossible now!” Ye Chen said coldly and indifferently.

“Haven’t you considered my plight?” Yun Ruoxi panted in anger. “You only consider how that mother and son feel. As for me, you left me at the wedding banquet without saying a word and made me the laughingstock of the city. Everybody now knows that Yun Ruoxi is pregnant and duped by Third Young Master Ye. How do you expect me to handle all these myself? What did I fall short of to incur this embarrassment from you?”

“Did I agree to the wedding banquet?” Third Young Master Ye coldly asked. “That was a fiasco your father and mine came up with. For heaven’s sake, get upset at the right people. It’s their wishful thinking”

“You…” Yun Ruoxi cried tragically. “You can say anything now, but you have ruined my reputation. Did you know that you have ruined me?”

“You ruined yourself. Did you guess the worst predicament you would end up in when you decided to draw close to me at the beginning? Ruoxi, I have already given you face. Please do not ruin our relationship!” Ye Chen coldly said, the night making his face even more indifferent.

“What about the child? Can you even bear to do it?” Yun Ruoxi cried, the goose yellow dress exaggerating the pallor on her skin. “Can you bear not to have the child? How could bear to sever this attachment?”

“What does it have to do with me?” A chill came upon Ye Chen’s delicate features. He hated being threatened. “You can abort the child or deliver it, whatever works for you. The point is that I will not acknowledge this child. Even if you deliver the child and prove that the child is mine through paternity testing, that child is also not related to me. Ruoxi, I must, however, warn you that you are still young. Do not do something for a man who does not love you. You will regret it for the rest of your life.”

That was Third Young Master Ye’s character, to thoroughly love and thoroughly hate.

There was no middle ground. He would desperately protect those he loved, and those whom he did not love would not get a shred of care from him.

Such a man was akin to opium poppy, beautiful yet lethal, and was extremely dangerous.

There were endless women who were willing to throw away their dignity for his embrace.

When he became angry, he was even colder than anybody else!

“How could you be so vicious? I spent six years by your side without regrets or complaints. Are all those years incomparable to the few months you spent with her?” Yun Ruoxi questioned as she pointed at the mansion with her finger. Women were sometimes silly, for they asked the questions they knew the answer to.

Third Young Master Ye squinted. “If you want to hear the truth, yes, they can’t be compared at all!” he said plainly.

“You are truly mean!” Yun Ruoxi’s tears streamed down. “Couldn’t you just lie? Even if it’s a lie, it would be fine by me!” she chokingly said.

“Why the hassle?”

Yun Ruoxi could not stand his coldness and begged him in tears. “Ye Chen, on account of this child, return to my side!”

“It’s impossible!”

“I will die without you!”

“Go die then!” Ye Chen coldly smiled as he looked upon her coldly.

He hated being threatened the most. To repeat the same trick was pointless!

Since saying anything more was not beneficial, Ye Chen turned away and left. His back, which faded away into the night, was all that was left for her.

Yun Ruoxi closed her eyes. This was the last time!

You will regret it!

Absolutely regret it!

Ye Chen returned to the mansion. Ning Ning had already filled the bowls with rice and was discussing the popular stars in the magazine with Cheng Anya. “Time for dinner!” he sweetly said as he saw Ye Chen return.

Ye Chen smiled. This was the kind of life he wanted—warm lights, and warm faces which smiled.

Cheng Anya did not say anything more as the family enjoyed a warm dinner.

The next day, after Ye Chen and Ning Ning had left, Cheng Anya walked down the stairs with the help of a crutch. As she was about to have her breakfast, Li Yun called. “Anya, quickly turn on the television!”

There was urgency in her voice that left Anya surprised. She turned on the television abidingly…

And her face changed!

Almost all of the television stations in the city were covering the same news—Yun Ruoxi slit her wrist at home last night! Her fate remained unknown!




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