Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 176 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 176 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Oh my god…” Cheng Anya took a deep breath. She had forgotten that one of her legs had yet to recover and subconsciously wanted to run. She ended up falling hard on the floor. The cell phone slid out of her hand with a thud and landed on the floor.

Cheng Anya cried from the pain.

Her leg…

“Anya, Anya, what happened?” Third Young Master Ye repeatedly asked on the phone amidst a series of blaring horns. “Cheng Anya, quickly answer!”

Cheng Anya looked at the window in fear. It seemed to have been her hallucination as the gargantuan beast had clearly disappeared. There was, however, a cryptic hissing sound coming from the outside. Cheng Anya realized that it was not a hallucination.

It was definitely real!

Oh god, why did such a horrific scene from a film appear before her very eyes?

She was dead meat.

Invoking the names of Mother Mary, Jesus, or Buddha at this juncture was useless.

She struggled to crawl forward and picked up the phone. “Ye… Ye Chen, I… You have to come back immediately. There is a massive python… massive…”

Cheng Anya was rambling out of panic and fear. She trembled in fear as her voice was stuck in her throat.

“It is… thicker than your arm…”

It was her first time seeing such a massive python and it left an indelible memory in her. She saw its massive head, red forked tongue, and black body with cloud-like patterns. Its body was especially cryptic.

It was so thick…

It was even thicker than a grown adult’s forearm!

Cheng Anya had only seen men fighting with snakes in the movies, or massive pythons at the national parks!

“Python? Shit!” Third Young Master Ye roared. “Anya, stay in the house and do not come out. Go to my room and look for a hidden compartment in the bedside drawer. There are four different guns and smart bombs in it. Quickly get to it and use it before you end up as its lunch. I’ll be right back!”

Third Young Master Ye quickly ended the call and immediately called the guards. “Bring along all weapons and immediately head to Mansion No. 4! Right now!”

Cheng Anya was inconvenienced by her leg. She would not be able to outrun the python if she ran out of the mansion, and would end up being swallowed by the python instead. Besides, she only had one functional leg and could only inform the guards. Damn it! Cold sweat trickled down Ye Chen’s forehead. He made a 180-degree turn on the highway and floored the accelerator. He rushed toward his house at full speed and ignored the traffic lights along the way!

This was the second time Third Young Master Ye went against traffic rules. He broke the traffic rules twice for Cheng Anya, each time worse than the other!

“I do not know how to shoot!” Cheng Anya could not cry out as she struggled to get up from the floor. She jumped and limped a little with her crutch as she made her way to the second floor. The pain in her leg was excruciating, like steel hacking on her bone. Cheng Anya bit her lip and endured the pain.

After calling the police, he roared, “Whoever is patrolling nearby head to that place at the quickest speed!”

The badass Miss Cheng had forgotten she was in City A instead of Great Britain. There were no cops patrolling the streets in bright daylight.

They had the mansion all to themselves, and nobody could hear her screaming for her dear life. She had no intention to torture her vocal cords.

The pain was way less important than escaping for her dear life!

Cheng Anya was shocked and quickly turned around as she heard a loud thud. It was the sound of the python knocking against the front door of the house.

‘Third Young Master Ye, you’d better hope your home’s main door is sturdy enough.’

Thud! Thud! The thumping continued as Cheng Anya climbed up the stairs. She felt even more panicky as time quickly passed. “F***! Third Young Master Ye, why do you have so many steps in your home?”

She suddenly heard a loud thump and the clear sound of glass breaking. Cheng Anya suddenly turned around and saw the massive python’s tail break the French windows and slithered in.

‘Third Young Master Ye, your house doors are sturdy but it’s a pity your windows aren’t sturdy.’

Just one look was not dangerous, but it almost sent Cheng Anya rolling down the stairs.

‘Is this a python that was genetically mutated?’

This python was extremely massive. Cheng Anya had the opportunity to completely see the snake after it took some pains and slithered into the house through the window. It was thick and long, its head extraordinarily huge. The massive python totally changed Cheng Anya’s understanding of snakes. Its eyes were as large as prisms and creepy. It gave out a dark glare and was slimy and disgusting. Cheng Anya hated her perfect eyesight for once. Damn it, why wasn’t she shortsighted? The scariest thing about this python was its length… It was nine meters long. In comparison, it seemed to dwarf Third Young Master Ye’s mansion once it erected itself. Cheng Anya looked extremely small in front of it.

Editor’s Note: This is a carnivorous massive python from Indonesian tropical rainforests. It is a critically endangered species under the top conservation priority.

“Oh my God…” Cheng Anya reacted and immediately scooted up the stairs. She did not want to become the python’s lunch ahh…”What kind of thing is that!”

What the hell had he done to incur the wrath of such an abomination?

‘Third Young Master Ye, I hate you ahhh…’

Cheng Anya lost her footing and slumped on the steps as she was scared stiff and lacked the strength to hop up the stairs. In pain and desperation, she had to crawl up the stairs.

On her way up, she bruised her arms.

The massive python leaned forward and Cheng Anya shrieked in fear. “Ahhh!!”

She would be crushed to death by this massive python if she didn’t crawl up the stairs with all she got, disregarding the pain in her leg. She was drenched in cold sweat.

The massive python found Chen Anya’s shriek piercing and straightened itself. It sensually twisted its waist as it slithered toward the stairs slowly and elegantly. It slithered with an elegance unique to the Ye mansion.

Sshhhh… It stuck out its forked tongue and opened its bloody mouth. It was about to bite down on Cheng Anya when Cheng Anya managed to climb up the stairs. “F***! I am not good-looking! Could you not eat me? “She was scared out of her wits.

If she did not escape, it would be too late!

She was about two meters away from Ye Chen’s room when the massive python leaned forward and bit at her head!

Since everybody eventually dies, she did not want to die in such a terrifying manner. She would rather be killed than become a snake’s lunch!

At this pivotal moment, knocking sounds came from the main door. “Help!” Cheng Anya shrieked.

The massive python twisted its heft and headed for the door. As Cheng Anya saw the threat disappear, she immediately crawled up. Damn it, had her leg recovered, she would have been able to jump through the window and escaped. Four to five armed guards suddenly came through the door.

They were all stunned when they saw the massive python.

One of the guards, in extreme embarrassment, peed in his pants.

“What are you waiting for? Shoot!” Cheng Anya roared.

The rebuke jolted the guards and they got into shooting positions. It was too late as the massive python, with a swipe of its tail, flung the largest 32-inch television in Third Young Master Ye’s house at them.

The guards escaped like crazy while the massive python easily curled its tail around the AV equipment and viciously flung it at the guards.

In a few groans, two of the guards were knocked out!

Cheng Anya’s injury was a flesh wound, whereas the AV equipment was worth close to a million yuan ahh…

F***, surely it didn’t have to damage that?

A cowardly guard had bolted out of the door. Nobody dared to battle such a badass massive python upfront.

Cheng Anya could not be bothered with what happened downstairs. She felt that she had to rely on herself for a chance at survival. Nobody else was reliable!

What kind of guards was they? Damn it, they could even wet their pants! Although she had broken a leg and knew she could not outrun that python, she was not as scared as them!

Cheng Anya limped toward Ye Chen’s room door and locked herself in it. This was the first time she entered Third Young Master Ye’s room. It was bright and one could see the swimming pool downstairs from the French windows. To the left of the swimming pool was a little flower bed filled with roses. Cheng Anya was stifled upon learning that she had no way to escape.

She quickly limped back to the bed and opened the cabinet. She did not discover any hidden compartment and opened all the drawers in panic.

‘I’m in trouble!’

A few other thuds came from downstairs, and it seemed that it was nothing short of things being totally damaged. Cheng Anya was angry and hoped to pawn the snake. The home she loved was being wrecked to this extent.

No, this was not the time to think about this!

Time to find the guns!

Since Third Young Master Ye said there were guns, they were definitely there!

As thuds came from the door being knocked on, Cheng Anya’s hands shuddered and the drawer almost dropped. She was shocked pale and for once, felt extremely near to death!

She crazily ransacked each cabinet when a loud thud suddenly rang.

Thump! The massive python knocked over the entire door and wood splinters scattered around the room. The python’s large and beady eyes stared at Cheng Anya, seemingly said, “You wanna escape? Where else can you escape to?”

It slowly slithered into the room and Cheng Anya viciously threw the drawer at it. “Go and die!”

The massive python’s tail curled and smashed the drawer toward the wall. The large LCD screen was instantly destroyed as glass scattered on the floor with a loud ‘clink!’

Cheng Anya threw all she could at the massive python as she continued moving back. She could not stop the python from closing in as its black erect body could sense her fear.

“Do not come any closer…” Cheng Anya roared as she threw her crutch at it!

She had thrown the crutch too high and it landed on the massive python’s head. It let out an angry hiss, sending Cheng Anya’s heart thumping.

The atmosphere was tense and fraught with danger.

Suddenly, the angry python swept its tail at Cheng Anya and threw her toward the wall.

It was so scarily strong that Cheng Anya, who had covered her head, bounced back onto the floor after hitting the wall violently. Glass shards impaled her skin and half of her body was covered in blood.

Cheng Anya frowned as she moaned through her pale lips.

It hurts…

The python seemed to feel as if not enough damage was done. It was not in a rush to eat Cheng Anya either. It grabbed the drawer with its tail and smashed it at Cheng Anya. Cheng Anya, in shock, managed to roll away from the drawer with her hands pushing against the floor.

She had a few more glass shards on her. Although these were minor wounds that hurt, they were still not lethal.

As the drawer smashed against the floor, it came apart, revealing six to seven guns and a few micro explosives. An idea came to Cheng Anya’s mind just as she thought she was dead meat. She now had a fighting chance at survival.

She suddenly sat up and, ignoring the pain, grabbed a gun, and shot at the snake.

No bullets?

Cheng Anya was stifled. The massive python felt a threat and reared its head, aiming at Cheng Anya. She was shocked and, as though eureka suddenly came upon her, she released the gun’s safety.

And pulled the trigger…

Thump. Thump.

This was a handgun designed for men and had an especially large recoil. After firing two shots, Cheng Anya felt her elbow become numb and she dropped the handgun on the floor. The bullets penetrated the snake and it let out an enraged hiss.

Cheng Anya turned and looked at the French windows before grabbing a micro explosive. Already covered in blood, she propped herself up.

In a rage, the massive python opened its mouth and bit at Cheng Anya’s head!

“Wanna eat something? Here!” Cheng Anya removed the metal cover and tossed the micro explosive into the massive python’s mouth. Bull’s-eye!

She quickly limped toward the French windows and used all her strength to break the windows.

As she escaped the second floor, an explosion followed the painful roar of the massive python.

Fireballs leaped into the sky.

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