Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 182 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 182 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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While eating the nutritious lunch made by Ning Ning, Cheng Anya watched the latest financial news reported on television regarding the battle between MBS International and Yao Hua with no expression.

The fight between MBS International and the Yun Enterprise had turned into a contest between MBS International and Yao Hua. This merger and acquisition had quickly affected more than a dozen SMEs.

Even many large enterprises had been affected and the entire stock market was in turmoil. Shareholders’ discontent was openly voiced.

This war became more and more fierce and had intensified gradually!

It was no secret that MBS International and Yao Hua were deadly rivals. The grievances between Third Young Master Ye and Master Yang were well-known. As new leaders, these two people continued the grievances of Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang and fought so hard as if one of them had to die to end it.

However, this was obviously a war of revenge that Third Young Master Ye had retaliated against the Yun Enterprise. The sudden intervention of Yao Hua was indeed unexpected.

Fighting for connections, customers, and the market had become a norm for these two people. The key in this fight was to destroy their opponent. However, they were evenly matched and it was difficult to have a clear winner.

However, for the first time, the two sides were involved in a battle that was obviously started for revenge.

Cheng Anya had finished the last spoonful of soup when the financial news came to an end. She frowned slightly. ‘Why did senior get involved in this this time? By right, this shouldn’t have anything to do with him, isn’t it?’

In the past, if Yao Hua wanted to seek revenge against any other companies, Third Young Master Ye would definitely not intervene. At most, he’d stay behind the scenes and get a share of the profits.

The relationship between Old Master Ye and Old Master Yun was very good and there had been news about them becoming in-laws. Because of the grievances between Old Master Ye and Old Master Yang, the Yun Enterprise had avoided any form of cooperation with Yao Hua in recent years.

There was no doubt about this. Then, why did senior want to get involved in this?

Cheng Anya contemplated, feeling puzzled. Both sides would enter a deadlock once Yao Hua was involved!

She had the urge to call and ask him. ‘What is it for?’

“Mommy, I’ll have to go out for a few hours when you take a nap later. I will come back to accompany you in the afternoon.” Ning Ning smiled and reported while helping her clean up the dishes.

“Where are you going?” Cheng Anya asked. He had not attended school these past two days and Third Young Master Ye applied sick leave for him. Luckily, that child was so smart that he might even be better than a university student and there was no need for Cheng Anya to worry about him. Otherwise, he would definitely not succeed in life given his lack of perseverance.

“I am going to the black market to find a few microchips.” Ning Ning smiled and explained. “All because Mommy blew up the villa, I have to assemble the computer again. Some materials do not match, so I’m going to try and find them in the black market.”

The microchips on Ning Ning’s computer motherboard had always been bought in the black market, and the microchip models circulating on the market simply did not meet his needs.

The black market sold microchips produced by specialized computer experts. Because they were not produced by regular manufacturers, nor were they used for general network design set up, they were not circulated in the market. This type of microchip was extremely powerful and had a specific sales target. Almost all buyers of the microchip had used them for illegal purposes. Therefore, the number of such microchips was extremely small and the price was extremely expensive.

“Bring someone along with you!” Cheng Anya was a little worried. That place was full of people that had different unknown backgrounds. After all, Ning Ning was still young.

“Mommy, rest assured!” Ning Ning picked up his little backpack and carried it on his back. He waved his hand and left the hospital. To the young kid, it didn’t matter if the house was destroyed, but it was really troublesome if his computer was ruined.

This time, it was completely ruined. Fortunately, he had always backed up the information on his computer. Otherwise, he would be stressed out!

Therefore, it was better to rely on oneself rather than relying on machines.

However, the depressing truth was that he could not do without the computer!

Ning Ning had only left for a while when Yang Zekun reached the hospital ward!

He held a beautiful bouquet of fragrant lilies and the elegant fragrance filled the ward, which smelled refreshing. It was quite romantic.

Cheng Anya shut down the television and let Chen Xiaoyu leave temporarily. She smiled. “Hi, senior, what brings you here?”

Yang Zekun’s face was as warm as jade as usual. His eyebrows showed the tolerance and love that she was familiar with. Even his smile was clear and normal, as if the showdown a few days ago did not exist.

It seemed like the intensified fight between Third Young Master Ye and him in the business ring did not exist either.

“You’re hospitalized. It’s normal that I’ll come and visit you!” Yang Zekun put the big bouquet of flowers in a vase, smiled warmly, and said jokingly. “I have read the newspaper. Anya, how eye-opening! You’re too powerful!”

“Li Yun also called me Ultrawoman!” Cheng Anya smiled and glanced at the blooming fragrant lilies. She said softly, “Thank you, senior. The flowers are beautiful!”

Yang Zekun pulled a chair over and sat down in front of her. He looked at Cheng Anya deeply and felt sorry. “Another injury!”

Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing. “They are just external injuries. I would be discharged in two days!”

She felt that the atmosphere between them was somewhat alienated and not as intimate as before. Cheng Anya thought of what Li Yun had said—never expect men and women to have a true friendship.

Her gaze dimmed!

She really liked Yang Zekun as a friend!

“I thought you wouldn’t care about me anymore!” Cheng Anya smiled bitterly. After all, in that situation, he should be angry and frustrated.

“How come? No matter what, you are Cheng Anya. Whether or not we become lovers, we are still good friends!” Yang Zekun reached out and stroked her hair like he always did in the past. “Silly girl, don’t think too much. I was a little busy for the past two days. Otherwise, I would have visited you yesterday!”

Cheng Anya understood that the war would be a tough one. She could even sense the smell of smoke on her hospital bed. Similarly, Third Young Master Ye was also busy and had no time to visit her.

“Senior, but why?” Cheng Anya looked at Yang Zekun and asked calmly. The woman’s pure facial features cast a layer of faint thoughts and inquiry. She looked right into the clear eyes of Yang Zekun.

In work, Cheng Anya had always been seeking truth from the facts and would clear any doubts in her heart. She’d never suppress herself and make herself feel bad. Instead of guessing and misunderstanding, she would rather ask directly.

Because she regarded Yang Zekun as a friend, a good friend.

Yang Zekun looked away and avoided her gaze. When he first came into the room, he had heard the voice of the host of GK finance channel reporting on the battle between MBS International and Yao Hua.

She was very concerned!

“Senior, I am not considered a layman. The situation now is clear that MBS International wants to destroy the Yun Enterprise. You won’t be able to gain anything out of it by entering the battle, and it will only deepen the grievance between you and Third Young Master Ye. So, why?” Cheng Anya frowned faintly as she could not understand what he did.

This was clearly commercial warfare that everyone had withdrawn from. It’s meaningless.

“Are you concerned about me or the third young master?” Yang Zekun asked softly. His eyes were fixed on her face.




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