Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 183 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 183 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya did not shy away from his gaze. She smiled and said, “I don’t really care about anyone. Really, it’s none of my business if you guys have to fight and die. Even without me, you guys have already been fighting for more than two years. So you, don’t involve me in this now and ask who I care about!”

“Senior, it’s your bad this time. Third Young Master Ye is against the Yun Enterprise and it doesn’t conflict with your interests at all. You intervening at this point in time meant a declaration of war, and Third Young Master Ye is not to be blamed for this. I am just judging based on what had happened and not judging the people who are involved in this!”

Not only was it a declaration of war, but it was obvious that the war also had a purpose.

Even in the treacherous business world, this was considered a very despicable behavior. MBS International and Yao Hua were evenly matched opponents and Third Young Master Ye had already spent most of his human and financial resources while dealing with the Yun Enterprise, which was considered strong, had no internal shortcomings, and was totally functional. At this point, Yao Hua’s intervention would be equivalent to Third Young Master Ye fighting two major companies, Yao Hua and the Yun Enterprise at the same time.

MBS International, which clearly had the upper hand for the past two days, was immediately disadvantaged. If this fight continued, there would be a clear winner. The Yun Enterprise, with the help of Yao Hua, would obviously destroy all of Third Young Master Ye’s efforts built up in recent years.

What senior did was indeed despicable.

Not like his style!

Yang Zekun smiled bitterly. “Anya, the business world is like this. You can’t say that I can’t do things that others wouldn’t dare do at this point in time, right? You have worked with Klose for a year and I’m sure he had done this quite a few times too. Have you ever sympathized or felt indignant for anyone?”

Cheng Anya had a calm gaze and there was a slight cunning smile sensed in between her eyebrows. “It is true that Klose did that kind of thing often, but he was known as a notoriously ruthless, perverted, and cruel person who likes to play these kinds of tricks. But senior, are you?”

Yang Zekun lost his warm smile upon seeing the smile of Cheng Anya.

She was such a woman, a woman who could smile and say the most sarcastic words that would render you speechless.

“You really are angry!” Yang Zekun gave a faint bitter smile. How long had it been since he last saw that expression? He had already forgotten about when was the last time she was so indifferent to him. Yang Zekun deeply realized that, perhaps, just because of a decision in the heat of a moment, he had made many mistakes that could not be redeemed.

Cheng Anya didn’t reply to him. Indeed, she was very angry. She had seen Klose do that before. In the eyes of that man, morals and principles wasn’t worth a penny at all. To be truthful, Cheng Anya was not exactly a loyal and kind person either. However, the effect of this happening on different people was different.

What Yang Zekun did caused Third Young Master Ye to face greater difficulties. He would now become passive instantly from a person in control. Old Master Ye would not allow him to continue, but with his temper…

She didn’t think that he’d stop at all!

If that guy did not achieve his goal once he’s determined to do something, he would never look back!

“Why, why are you doing this?” Cheng Anya asked calmly. She clenched her fists under the cotton quilt, hiding her feelings of irritation. “Please don’t tell me it was because you took pity on the Yun Enterprise, or perhaps, it was because of me? It shouldn’t be. I know how much I weigh. I know I’m not that attractive yet for you to sacrifice so much. Then, why?”

“Anya, I’ve said before that this is the business world. That’s all!” Yang Zekun sighed. Watching her slightly helpless eyes, he smiled bitterly. “I knew you’d be angry, but I didn’t expect you to be this angry!”

“You didn’t actually care if I would be angry or not!” Cheng Anya forced a smile and looked serious. Her eyebrows revealed the intelligence and calmness that only belonged to Cheng Anya. “If you cared, you would not have done this in the first place.”

“If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have come to the hospital!” Yang Zekun rebutted. But in Cheng Anya’s eyes, this reason was powerless and pathetic.

“You came. So what? To explain to me why you did it?” Cheng Anya smiled lightly and the corners of her lips rose. She was full of sarcasm. “This is the business world, that’s all. Is this your so-called explanation and reason? I’m really sorry. There have been too many things going on recently and my head was almost bitten off by a massive python. I think my brain is a little damaged. I do not understand your so-called explanation.”

“Anya, you…” Yang Zekun pursed his lips and grew silent. He seemed to want to say something but still chose to keep quiet in the end. His faint sigh dispersed in the air.

Cheng Anya frowned. ‘Senior, what are you hiding?’

This senior felt like a stranger to her, a scary stranger. It was as if there was a long distance between the two of them and they couldn’t cross it no matter how. Seeing the gentle smile and eyes on his face again, she felt… terrible!

“Senior, we’ve known each other for seven years!” Cheng Anya smiled faintly, recalling the memories for the past seven years. Her heart felt warm. No matter what he did, she could not ignore the help he had given her all these years. “You know me well and I also know you well. But you really confused me regarding this matter. I am not qualified to be disappointed with you because I am only your friend. Saying that I’m disappointed with you might be a little too much. I can only say that I am very confused. Maybe you have your own reasons, but I don’t understand it!”

She didn’t want to say those harsh words because she, perhaps, felt grateful to him!

She also didn’t want to say something irreparable because of her anger.

“If you don’t wish to tell me, then forget it!” Cheng Anya smiled and shrugged her shoulders indifferently. “Do whatever you want. It’s none of my business, and I have no say in this!”

Yang Zekun’s gentle eyes looked obscure. Except for smiling bitterly, he didn’t know what expression to have. Looking at how Anya behaved so indifferently, he knew that she didn’t mean what she said. She was obviously worried about Ye Chen and also blaming him at the same time.

“Anya, I’ve said what I’m supposed to say. I came to the hospital today firstly because I was really worried about your injury and secondly… Maybe you’ll think that what I did was despicable, but I just want to say… The business world is treacherous. This is our, men’s, business. Can you not intervene?” Yang Zekun’s voice still sounded really gentle and was still as warm as jade. He didn’t look despicable like his words implied, and he still looked noble and elegant.

Cheng Anya wanted to sneer, but she just smiled. “Senior, this has always been a matter between you guys. I never thought that I have the strength and ability to intervene!”

‘Not to intervene? Senior, the person you are now dealing with is the person I like.’

‘Whom do you think you are to demand that from me?’

“Rest up, I shan’t bother you!” Yang Zekun sighed and looked at Cheng Anya before turning around and going out of the ward. He did not expect that he would meet Third Young Master Ye outside the ward.

Third Young Master Ye raised the corners of his lips as if he was smiling. “This is the business world. Well said, Yang Zekun. Give it your all if you dare. I am not afraid of you!”

Yang Zekun revealed his signature gentle smile. “Third Young Master Ye, think before you speak. Prove yourself through your abilities!”




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