Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 186 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 186 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya bumped into Yun Ruoxi on the day she was discharged from the hospital. Yun Ruoxi came for a pregnancy checkup. Ye Chen went to help Cheng Anya settle the discharge procedures and Ning Ning was pushing her when they met Yun Ruoxi in the corridor.

Yun Ruoxi looked much more haggard.

Her face looked so pale that it was as if she was sick. Although she had put on make-up, it could not hide the dullness on her face and the gloominess in her eyes.

She seemed to like wearing dresses as she was always wearing a dress whenever Cheng Anya met her.

Cheng Anya remembered that Yun Ruoxi was beautiful, confident, and glowing the first time she met Yun Ruoxi. Yun Ruoxi’s moves were filled with a graceful disposition of a girl from a wealthy family and also the confidence of an urban woman. This kind of women was born for other women to be jealous of and was doted on and loved by all men.

Yun Ruoxi was once so beautiful!

However, she had lost the elegance that she once had and looked like a withered yellow rose. Yun Ruoxi’s beauty and affection seemed to have reached the end. Her eyes were so gloomy that she looked like a middle-aged housewife that was numb and cold.

Their eyes met and Yun Ruoxi sneered. “Are you satisfied now?”

Cheng Anya could not differentiate what she felt as there were a lot of emotions surging in her mind. They were both women and Yun Ruoxi had become like this because of Ye Chen. It would be a lie if Cheng Anya said that she did not feel anything after seeing Yun Ruoxi in her current state.

“Miss Yun, I think it is not a wise decision for you to blow off on the spur of the moment. There is Yao Hua to support the Yun Enterprise so that it will not go bankrupt and you can still survive. If you want to, you can still be the Miss Yun in the past, in a high rack, confident, and beautiful.”

Cheng Anya was not someone with a narrow mind and would hate someone forever. Moreover, she had already killed that gigantic python. Other than sustaining some minor wounds and some trauma, she did not suffer much.

In comparison, Yun Ruoxi’s suffering was worse than hers.

To Yun Ruoxi, Ye Chen was her fiancé and future husband. This mindset had been ingrained in her for six years and it was impossible to erase it. She had always thought that Ye Chen belonged to her.

The sudden appearance of Cheng Anya and Ning Ning shattered Yun Ruoxi’s dream. Thinking in the shoes of Yun Ruoxi, it was understandable why she would be in pain, be jealous, and wanted to take revenge. But…

Understanding did not mean agreeing.

She understood Yun Ruoxi’s pain, but she could not agree with what Yun Ruoxi did as it was too extreme. This would only ruin her beautiful image in Ye Chen’s heart and make Ye Chen hate her.

The loss outweighed the gain!

If it was Cheng Anya, she would not do such a thing no matter how much she loved someone as it was the same as being a vixen. It would look bad on her and be bad for her identity.

It was not worth it to harm oneself because of a man that did not love her and it was also not Miss Cheng’s style. If it was Cheng Anya, she would lead a better life and find a better man. Or maybe she would work hard to enrich herself and show her beauty so that the man would know that it was his loss for leaving her.

It might not be a bad thing to live without constraints.

Nevertheless, Yun Ruoxi was considered unlucky to have met Ye Chen. He was a cold guy with no heart, lungs, and liver. If it were other men, they would have succumbed to her after she cried, got pregnant, and committed suicide.

In contrast, Ye Chen was firm in his stand since the start and did not waver. This man’s ruthlessness and coldness were really… scary!

“Yes, I will live a good life!” The corners of Yun Ruoxi’s lips curled into a weird smile and her whole body was filled with a sinister atmosphere. “I will wait and see how miserable your fate will become!”

Ning Ning curled her lips and smiled elegantly. “Hi, auntie, you will only see how happy our family is!”

“Really?” Yun Ruoxi sneered as she looked at Ning Ning who resembled Ye Chen and smiled strangely. “I want to see how happy you guys can be. Cheng Anya, you will have a taste of my suffering someday since you snatched my man away. Do you really believe that Ye Chen will only have one woman in the future?”

Ning Ning’s eyes darkened. This woman was really annoying. He really disliked it when people talked bad about his daddy in front of his mommy.

“Miss Yun, this is not a very smart way to sow discord!” Cheng Anya sneered. Alright, her empathy toward Yun Ruoxi just now was not worth a single cent. Yun Ruoxi did not need people to pity her.

Yun Ruoxi was forever living in her own world and thought that the world would always revolve around her. She might look glamorous, but actually, she was very fragile and could not endure any blow.

“Mommy, Daddy will get impatient if he continues to wait!” Ning Ning reminded Cheng Anya and looked at Yun Ruoxi coldly. Let’s just ignore what this woman had said!

“Let’s go, baby!” Cheng Anya smiled faintly as she let Ning Ning push her.

Yun Ruoxi was jealous and filled with hatred as she watched the intimidating back view of the mother and son. She clenched her fists tightly and secretly gritted her teeth as she was very resentful. She really looked forward to seeing how long they could be happy together.

“Mommy, do not care about what that woman said. We have to be confident in Daddy,” Ning Ning said obediently and smiled. He kissed Cheng Anya’s cheeks. Although he was powerful, he could not guarantee their relationship as the human mind was the hardest to guess.

However, he believed that his daddy would not disappoint his mommy.

“Baby, I think that you are really biased. Why are you not confident of me?” Cheng Anya rebutted as she was unsatisfied. “You should be confident of me that I can trap your perverted and flirty daddy!”

Ning Ning was silent!

He felt that he was too stupid for worrying that his mommy would get affected!

She did not look like a woman that would be affected by others no matter how one looked at her. Cheng Anya secretly thought to herself that the more she cared, the more she would fall into the trap set by others. She would not care about such childish methods.

Yun Ruoxi had belittled her.

She hoped that Yun Ruoxi would disappear from their lives forever!

“Ye Chen, can I start going back to work?” Cheng Anya suddenly asked while in the car.

Ye Chen was shocked. “Go to work? You?”

Third Young Master Ye looked at Cheng Anya’s crippled legs in disguise. “Are you joking?”

“Third Young Master Ye, are you looking down on a disabled person?” Cheng Anya laughed in askance and her eyes looked dangerous. She had injured her legs and not hands or brains, so why couldn’t she go to work?

“Miss Cheng, believe me. I don’t look down on disabled people. I only look down on you!” Third Young Master Ye said without changing his expression. Ning Ning smiled as he admired his mommy’s interesting expression. Third Young Master Ye continued. “You’d better go back to work after your legs have recovered. Don’t worry. I will remember to give you paid leave.”

Cheng Anya gritted her teeth. “There’s no need. I will take a leave of absence from next Monday onward!”

“Are you being serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Miss Cheng, who was the one that said she wanted to take a leave for at least half a year?” Ye Chen still remembered her words clearly as she said she wanted to rest for a while due to her leg injuries.

“Who knew which lady said it? She’s so dumb!”

Third Young Master Ye was at a loss for words!

“Daddy, Mommy wants to go back so that she can help you. If I were you, I would raise both legs and hands to agree!” the young kid said.

“Baby Cheng, which country does this joke belong to?” Cheng Anya blushed and stared at him with no expression.

“China!” the young kid replied seriously.

Third Young Master Ye, who was seated in front, curled his lips slowly and felt warm in his heart. This must be the feeling of going through thick and thin together!

They shared the same honor and also faced adversity together!

“I agree!”




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