Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 190 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 190 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya, shocked by Louis’s straight-talking, opened her eyes wide in disbelief!

He had fallen in love with her?

What kind of story was this? They had just known each other for ten minutes, and he had fallen in love with her?

What was this love at first sight?

How outlandish!

“That… Mister…” Cheng Anya made a formal smile in response to her funny yet sad encounter. “I feel that you are spouting nonsense. You do not even know my name!”

“That does not matter. What matters is that I have fallen in love with you. I fell in love with you at first sight. Touch my heart, for it beats for you! Can you feel it?”

That said, French and Italian men were the epitome of romantic antics. If romance could be equated to cheesiness, Cheng Anya would rather avoid such a goosebumps-inducing romance.

She could see from afar… the goosebumps on her elbow raising and twitching.

‘Sir, could you not destroy my innocent and good impression toward handsome Italian hunks across these years?’

“Sir, if your heart stops beating, you are over!” Cheng Anya laughed before she gathered her thoughts and said what was on her mind. “I am saying that a human heart will beat.” She feigned a smile and almost bit her tongue off out of embarrassment.

Uh… The more she explained, the more it seemed she was covering up something!

Forget it!

Louis’s face changed quickly into a mix of feelings. It was a color palette which contained a murderous intent, which was quickly suppressed, amidst the sadness in the gaze. His face changed so quickly in under those two seconds that Cheng Anya was not even able to capture it.

Was this woman an idiot?

Louis was slightly enraged as his perfect charm encountered its most serious setback in history. Louis had looked up her background, which as per the data described her as lecherous, greedy, bright, capable… These, when used to describe a woman, were not particularly positive.

Louis thought that he could turn her lust against her. What did he have to be afraid of if he was out to seduce women?

But nobody expected his romantic nothings to bounce on the first attempt. It definitely left him a little dejected.

F***, what kind of taste for women did Third Young Master Ye have? What did he see in such an inflexible woman who would not play along?

A research study showed that not all women understood romance or played along with these romantic gestures. Most women were conservative, unmoved, and did not respond much toward men flirting with them.

But to somebody she had taken a fancy to, even the simplest smile would be interpreted as a romantic gesture.

To put it differently, each woman differed in the way they showed their passion.

Unless you managed to set her passion for you aflame, do not expect her to be passionate for you.

“Miss, you have hurt me so much!” The melancholic prince sounded even more melancholic, his gaze showing a pain that would ache the hearts of ladies. Such a direct rejection was, to him, extremely wounding and saddening.

Miss Cheng regretted, and she would have waited at the door for the young kid to return had she known this would happen.

“Sir, are you looking for a passionate fling or romance in another country?” Cheng Anya smiled. This person did not seem detestable to her, and it was a cardinal sin to detest all things beautiful as the heavens might have robbed much of their beauty to create such a beautiful person.

“I am sorry, but you are not my type!”

“Is there anything about me that you are unhappy with?” Louis asked gently. He had a persistent gaze along with an insistence in his attitude that while seemed gentle, reeked of an arrogance that he had to win her over.

“I am not unhappy with you because you look so handsome!” Miss Cheng responded honestly. “If the president of the United States is not unsatisfied with me, will I run up to him and say, ‘Hey, why don’t you make me the first lady?’ and he then gets down to preparing for the marriage?”

Louis was slightly taken aback at how quick her thinking was and the lively example she pulled off. But… it was a reverse example that left him, the negotiating expert, at a loss for words.

How excellent!

Louis’s facade showed signs of giving way. What started out as a woman he planned to bait in five minutes became a ten-minute humiliation conga for him!

The digression from the original plan was so huge it left many dumbfounded.

“But I am serious about you! I really like you!” Louis sadly expressed his feelings. Cheng Anya finally understood why Italian men often had a sad look when expressing their feelings toward women.

It was an expression that could be seemingly described as ‘I like you, and if you do not like me, I will immediately commit suicide.’

It was quick and brutal!

Miss Cheng smiled and looked at the blond and beautiful man in front of her. He had impeccable looks, and she was willing to wager that Li Yun would consider ditching Gu Zhensheng for him.

Firstly, to be confessed to by a foreign hunk would undoubtedly stroke the vanity in any woman. Secondly, this hunk dressed in a manner nobody apart from Third Young Master Ye could afford his wardrobe. Thirdly, this hunk was seemingly sent from heaven.

It was a shame he confessed to the wrong person!

“Sir, I would think that women with the slightest sense of reasoning would not settle on you as a lover,” Cheng Anya said plainly with a hint of wisdom. “You said you liked me when we barely met for ten minutes. To me, your affection is too cheap. For all I know, you might tell another beautiful lady that you fell in love with her at first sight. Perhaps you have gotten used to expressing your liking for women. Or it could be just pleasantries. To me, this term is sacred and you shall not insult its sanctity.”

“I am serious!” Louis was very hurt.

“Your sincerity is too cheap!” Miss Cheng smiled. She felt that she had spoken too much to a stranger. Had her leg not remained numb, she would have scooted away. Regardless of how one looked, offending women was not something one should be too quick to boast about.

Third Young Master Ye was, after all, a person who became jealous very easily!

If men getting all romantic gave her goosebumps, she would rather Third Young Master Ye not be excessively romantic, be a little jealous of her, be a little mentally unsound, and a little distorted in character. Such a Third Young Master Ye would instantly win her over.

She could not help but fantasize about how she would have responded had Third Young Master Ye said those to her.

She should have suspected who had possessed him, perhaps?


“You are the most special woman I’ve ever seen!” Louis said with a slightly deep voice. It did not sound as saddening or as depressing as earlier. It sounded lonelier and a slight interest formed in his gaze.

He originally wanted to seduce Third Young Master Ye’s woman and then teach her a hard lesson on what kind of person she should not thirst for. It was also a convenient way to distract Third Young Master Ye.

Who knew that this woman would arouse his interest to the point he had no qualms with taking her for himself!

“You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen!” Cheng Anya replied coldly. Getting fatigued from judging one’s looks, this beautiful man did not seem as attractive as at first sight.

Things, at first sight, were always the most beautiful!

Cheng Anya exclaimed!

Third Young Master Ye, however, seemed even more delicate with each additional look.

Louis’s face appeared sinister before returning to normal. He finally believed that this woman’s determination was unusually strong to the point she was not moved by his looks.

Very good!

The more she kept this up, the more he had the desire to conquer her!

A determined arrogance showed in his gaze!

“Lady, you will definitely be touched by my sincerity!” Louis smiled gently, sounding confident, extremely so.

Miss Cheng kept silent for a moment. ‘Third Young Master Ye and you are definitely brothers. Your narcissistic tendencies are not too different from each other!’

“I forgot to tell you that I actually have a child!” Cheng Anya smiled. Men who fancied her were immediately turned off once she told them she had a child. The men who were head over heels for her only moments ago would immediately turn around and accuse her of having cheated their feelings as they left dejectedly.

She anticipated this beautiful man’s reaction.

Little did anyone expect Louis to simply smile and say, “I do not mind!”

Miss Cheng was deeply impressed by this beautiful man’s persistence. “…I think the child’s father will mind!”

Louis’s face clearly turned sour at that remark. At the same moment, Cheng Anya’s phone rang. As she ransacked her bag for her phone, she did not see Louis’s sinister look.

Had she seen it, she would have felt that this was no longer a beautiful man!

“Ning Ning, where are you?”

“I am reaching home soon. Is Mommy at the door? Daddy said you did not being the keys!” The young kid’s laughter reverberated.

“Uh, Mommy is at the park!”

“Baby will wait for you at the door then!”


As she hung up, Cheng Anya moved her leg that was throbbing in pain and felt that it was better now. “Thank you for your help today. Goodbye!” She smiled at Louis apologetically.

“I’ll take a walk with you!” Louis said.

Cheng Anya had no other opinion and slowly walked out of the park.

The little kid carried two bags of groceries and his smiling face suddenly became sullen once he squinted. Louis?

He quickly smiled as though nothing had happened.

“Mommy, is that your friend?” The little kid took Cheng Anya’s bag and hung it on his shoulder. His tender and young face was filled with curiosity.

“No, Mommy had just fallen earlier. Thankfully, he helped!” Cheng Anya explained.

“Thank you, uncle! We will make a move first!” Ning Ning smiled as though he was a walking international guide with perfect etiquette.

Louis did not expect a kid to be this threatening as he smiled at Cheng Anya. “Trust me, you will agree soon!”

“See you!” Cheng Anya did not turn her head as she held her crutch and walked across the road with Ning Ning.

Louis looked at the back of both mother and son as he smiled sinisterly. That child… resembled…

What an eyesore!

“Mommy, how were you with him?” Ning Ning wiped the smile off his face when he entered the lift. “Don’t you know who he is?”

Cheng Anya shook her head.

“Louis, the godfather of the Italian mafia!”

Cheng Anya gaped. Her encounter… was thoroughly bizarre!

“What did he tell you?”

“To be his lover!”

“F***! That sick pervert!” The typically calm, lovable young kid’s precision f-strike left Cheng Anya shocked… Her child’s expression…

How manly!




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