Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 191 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 191 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Baby, ten years later, you will definitely be able to charm those teenage girls instantly!” Cheng Anya said on the spur of the moment. The little kid completely inherited his daddy’s charm and she was especially amused at her kid’s precision f-strike.

“Mommy, I will be able to charm people in no time. Why save it for ten years later?” The young kid responded in a disdainful tone. His dearest mommy had belittled his ability to charm! His tender face was a little sinister-looking and he bit his lip, thinking that Louis, that pervert, must have deliberately appeared in the vicinity.

“That was weird. Wasn’t he due for the 3 pm flight the day after tomorrow?”

Cheng Anya suddenly recalled Third Young Master Ye’s travel plans and frowned. He was two days ahead of time and was coincidentally in the neighborhood. That luxurious car, which she had found strange for being at a regular housing estate, was definitely his.

That being said, did he deliberately appear near her vicinity?

Although one could describe fiction as nothing short of sheer coincidence, the baffling campiness of television dramas and novels was rare in real life. Even people who were passionately in love but broke up and stayed in the same city would rarely encounter each other in a year, let alone him and her.

“Louis…” The young kid gently enunciated the name with a slight uneasiness in his heart. He had expected the first person Louis would look up in City A was either Old Master Ye or his daddy.

To think he would seduce his mommy!

He was an extremely handsome person with a deep gaze. He was familiar with how Italian upper society described Louis: No woman could resist Louis as he had magic in his gaze.

F***, magic my a**! That was more likely hypnosis!

“Mommy, how did you find him?” The young kid turned around and solemnly asked Anya.

“Very charming, very handsome!” Cheng Anya honestly responded. She was amazed at the first sight of him, and one must know she was not even amazed at Third Young Master Ye when she first saw him years ago!

“I knew it!” The young kid stomped his feet in a rage. “You man-eater! Daddy is way more charming and handsome than him, okay?”

The kid’s anger left Cheng Anya laughing. One should know that having too smart a child meant that one never got bored playing with them. To see him this cute uplifted her mood, and this was not the typical mommy worrying for the child.

“Baby, don’t be agitated. Although your daddy is very handsome and charming, that is how he looks and we must learn to accept these facts objectively!” Cheng Anya said deeply. “Even if your mommy were to marry somebody, she would also take a glance or two at hunks along the way. It’s also normal to give some additional praises to such people, no?” Cheng Anya laughed.

The young kid looked at her sideways and puffed his cheeks. He was at a loss for words upon hearing her rebuttal. He had to admit that it did make sense!

“Mommy, could you have some awareness of danger?” Ning Ning said. “Louis is the godfather of the Italian mafia. Wasting you is merely a child’s play to him.”

Just as the lift door opened, both mother and son came out of the lift. “Who would expect the godfather of the Italian mafia to have such good looks? He looks like a depressed musician however you look at it.” She laughed.

His slightly depressed temperament, deep gaze, and his eloquence and gentlemanliness… Who would expect such a man to rule the mafia and kill with decisiveness and brutality? These adjectives could not be used to describe him.

Ning Ning opened the door and separated the vegetables and fruits. He plugged the rice cooker into the electrical socket and cooked some rice before returning to the living room and sitting opposite Cheng Anya. “Mommy, he was a sad musician when he was young. Anyway, when you see him in the future, run as far as you can! He must have looked up Daddy to the point he knows how many times Daddy visits the toilet in the night. How could he not know your relationship with him? He has malicious intent! Humph!

She did not need Ning Ning to remind her to stay away from such dangerous people. For Louis to suddenly appear in front of her and ask her to be his lover… What was he up to?

She knew he was in the same camp as Third Young Master Ye… Did he want to seduce her and aggravate Third Young Master Ye?


If that was indeed the case, he was doing it in an extremely distasteful way. Men took on each other by virtue of their abilities, so why got women involved?

“Baby, it seems like you have some very strong opinions about Louis?”

“Of course!” Ning Ning frowned. “Firstly, he has been a duplicitous, narrow-minded, and vicious person. Secondly, Black J and Jason were shortchanged by him in Mexico and were almost caught by the FBI. Good thing the commander did not inform them of the change of events, which allowed them to narrowly avoid being caught. Thirdly, Louis and Daddy’s diamond-smuggling operations faced some problems in the past few years. He seems to be determined to do Daddy in and has evidence of Daddy’s under-the-table deals in his hands. To be able to be associated with Old Master Ye could never be a good thing, and Old Master Ye must have allowed him to do it so that he could manipulate Daddy. I don’t like this ticking time bomb!” Ning Ning said calmly.

Cheng Anya bit her lip. The third point was the key as Ning Ning was very protective of Third Young Master Ye and would not allow him to come to harm. That being said, Louis was not such a bad person.

“I know. I will be with your daddy from the start of the workday till the end. The chance of encountering him isn’t huge!” Cheng Anya said. “Why did you call him a damn pervert?”

Ning Ning looked at Cheng Anya as a cryptic smile suddenly flashed across his face. “Mommy, did you know that this guy… is a bisexual!”

“Oh my god…” Cheng Anya’s mouth was agape. Bisexual?

“And…” Ning Ning said through gritted teeth. “He is so concerned about Daddy… to the point it arouses suspicion!”

This was the point about Louis he hated the most. And this pervert now had the gall to mess with his mommy… That made him even more infuriated!

Louis thirsted after Third Young Master Ye?

Cheng Anya was surprised and disoriented by the news. Third Young Master Ye and Louis’s faces appeared in her mind and she was totally taken aback. These two indeed have the characteristics of the male leads in a boys’ love (BL) novel.


‘Louis and Third Young Master Ye… Oh goodness, heavens, please smite me! This is too bizarre!’

“Ning Ning, are you sure it’s not your imagination?” This didn’t make sense as Louis and Third Young Master Ye only had business dealings with each other. If he was indeed thirsting after Third Young Master Ye, he would have come to City A long ago and wouldn’t have hung around in Italy for such a long time.

The young kid had a dull face. “It is not my illusion. Yesterday, Bai Ye mentioned in the group chat that Louis is bisexual. Black J and Jason then joked that he might be thirsting after Daddy. Who knew… that after Bai Ye showed us a piece of information, this damn pervert has a photo of Daddy, and his study room is chock full of magazines about Daddy. Mommy, don’t you think that is utterly perverted?”

Cheng Anya was even more shocked. This was definitely explosive.

“Your daddy is not only flirting with women, but with men too?”

Did Louis look for him out of a love rivalry?

Then, why did he want her to become his lover?

Not only to hit Third Young Master Ye but also to separate them?

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