Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 194 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 194 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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As the shocked delivery man looked on, Cheng Anya signed and received the massive bouquet of roses!

Third Young Master Ye’s face became sinister as he narrowed his eyes. He forcefully suppressed the jealousy that burned in him. “Who sent it? That gentle and passionate senior of yours?” he asked in a weird breath as he kept his jealousy in the wraps.

Even Ning Ning, who was in the kitchen, could feel his jealousy!

After he finished frying a dish, Ning Ning went to prepare some soup. He slowly came out after adding the water and sharply drew the card out of the bouquet of roses. “Daddy, let me tell you something. Many guys used to pursue Mommy, and she would lie her way out every Valentine’s Day to receive many bouquets of roses that she eventually sold. There was no capital, definitely easy money!

Third Young Master Ye, stunned into silence, looked at Cheng Anya.


Miss Cheng, you are even capable of this?

What a genius!

Ning Ning also felt that his mommy was talented. “What do you know? This is called business acumen.” Cheng Anya retorted with a flat face.

“Sicko!” The young kid burst out through gritted teeth. He had clearly forced himself to say it in a sinister way. Cheng Anya was shocked and Third Young Master Ye grabbed the card over. Some very sweet Chinese characters were written on the card.

You are my freshest rose, my love. You will eventually belong to me!

Yours dearly, Louis!

Third Young Master Ye’s gaze became malicious as he crumpled the card and threw it into the dustbin. He grabbed the bouquet of roses that was a terrible eyesore and threw it out of the window with force. The bouquet, being thrown out, created a cryptically red trajectory.

Third Young Master Ye closed the windows and got a cup of water nonchalantly. He could not be bothered whether the bouquet of roses had hit somebody below.

It was as though he wanted to open the window for some fresh air!

Cheng Anya and Ning Ning were both speechless… Third Young Master Ye, please be conscientious and avoid polluting the environment!

He did a series of actions so smoothly to the point it seemed he had rehearsed for it millions of times.

“Did Louis send that?” Cheng Anya asked the young kid. This man was indeed too persistent and sent such a huge bouquet of flowers on his first day. Cheng Anya then thought to herself whether this good man had sent flowers to her or to him.

Ning Ning nodded!

This man was such a pest!

“Miss Cheng, why do you feel such a pity?” Third Young Master Ye seemingly smiled. Even an idiot could tell that he was extremely angry, what with his cold and dark gaze, and his especially sinister smile.

“Trust me, that must be your illusion!” Cheng Anya gave a formal smile. She did not want to provoke Third Young Master Ye as it was terrible to end up as collateral damage!

Ning Ning smiled. If Louis did anything more, his daddy would probably go flipping mad and screw his mommy over. He had been expecting a younger brother or sister for a very long time.

He then surreptitiously walked into the kitchen to continue cooking.

At this moment, Cheng Anya’s cell phone rang. She picked up the call from an unknown number and heard Louis’s gentle and passionate tone. “Miss, do you like my roses?”

Cheng Anya’s face slightly darkened. Louis must have done his homework on them, wherever they wetted and how they could be contacted. It seemed that he had left nothing to chance.

“I am really sorry. I did not get to see the roses before somebody threw it down the block. Sir, it is a pity that we do not know each other well and I am not interested in you. Stop doing this. It’s awkward!” Cheng Anya said plainly. Third Young Master Ye’s face was ice-cold as he knew who had called.

He had a sinister gaze and clenched his fists tightly. That damn Louis had the guts to call Cheng Anya in his face. F***, was Louis treating him as an invisible man, or simply provoking him?

“Miss Cheng, I have said before that I will not give up. You will definitely belong to me!” Louis said decisively. “I look forward to that day, especially if it comes earlier!” he said with a smile.

“What a laughable self-confidence!” Cheng Anya could not help but mock him. “You are surely a stranger to rejection!” She smiled.

This person, she was afraid, did not seem to care about whether he was rejected!

This was Louis, a person who would achieve whatever he wanted at any price!

“Rejection? Miss Cheng, nobody, you included, can reject me!”

“Are you a god?” Cheng Anya smiled. “My god is Buddha Rulai!” Her cold voice was filled with mockery.

Miss Cheng said that they were unable to achieve a consensus as they had different agendas.

Third Young Master Ye suddenly grabbed the phone and coldly asked, “Louis, what the hell do you want?”

There was silence on the other end that lasted for about two seconds. “Hi, Third Young Master Ye. It’s nice to hear your lively and animated voice again. What’s up? Why are you so angry?” He laughed.

“What the f***ing hell do you want?”

“How do you know it was me?” Louis was surprised. There was gentleness to his voice and Cheng Anya clearly did not recognize him, unless she did a sketch. In that case, he simply guessed it was him?

This was just too magical!

Simply put, Louis was baffled!

He thought he could play hide-and-seek with Cheng Anya for another two days.

He quite liked how the game had been going.

“I can see things coming, how’s that?”

“I’m sorry, I have no opinion. I admire you!”

“Mister Louis, isn’t your flight at 3 pm the day after tomorrow?”

“I’m sorry, there was a change of plans at the last minute and I could not inform you in time. Are you surprised?”

“Do I sound like I am surprised?”

Louis smiled whilst Third Young Master Ye’s face was covered in a layer of frost. “Louis, stop thirsting after someone else’s things. She belongs to somebody!” he said mockingly.

Cheng Anya was tongue-tied and smiled sinisterly. Thing? Owner? Was she his possession? She felt like clobbering him for describing her so impolitely!

“Are you referring to Miss Cheng?”

“What do you think?”

“I really like Miss Cheng!” Louis, clearly unafraid of Third Young Master Ye’s coldness, laughed.

That seemed even more like a provocation!

“You sure have a bad taste!” Third Young Master Ye coldly mocked. “Please remember that she is my woman. Do not blame me for my impoliteness if you mess with her!”

“Third Young Master Ye, you must be kidding, aren’t you? Miss Cheng has yet to marry, so that means everybody has a chance. I am competing fairly!” Louis rebutted and brought his weakness to light. “Beautiful and good-looking women are worth going after!”

Third Young Master Ye’s gaze froze for a second. He narrowed his eyes and sounded tense. “That being said, you have no plans to give up?”

“I like Miss Cheng, and I will win her over. Why should I give up?”

“She does not like you!” Third Young Master Ye laughed coldly. “You pathetic thing, that is your wishful thinking!”

“Third Young Master Ye, are you afraid of me as an opponent?”

“Provocation? I have gotten tired of that game since I was three years old. Time for another game!” Third Young Master Ye said as he looked at Cheng Anya coldly. Miss Cheng shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever happens, come at me. Leave her alone.”

Louis was clearly coming for him. To hit on Cheng Anya was merely to affect him!

“I couldn’t quite see that Third Young Master Ye is quite a passionate person indeed. The more passionate you are, the more excited I get about her. I want to see what is so special about her that you are willing to protect.” Louis’s voice sounded even more sinister.

Cheng Anya grabbed the phone and laughed mockingly. “Mister Louis, you are out of your mind. We have finished authentication! Goodbye!”




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