Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 197
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 197
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After Cheng Anya finished saying those words, she did not look at Ye Chen but instead looked at the night sky quietly.

After all these years, the people around him came and went. While some were bound to find it weird, she was the first and only person to speak to him in such a say. She did not know how he would react.

Honestly speaking, these days living around Third Young Master Ye helped her understand his preferences and habits. While she had always thought she had understood the people around him, there was a facade that she did not see. She was somewhat certain it was related to his youth.

It was somewhere he did not allow anybody to touch.

Maybe everybody has a wound in their hearts they would not allow anybody to touch!

Would he be angry?

The atmosphere was so tense it became suffocating. The night sky exaggerated the solemnness and stuffiness of the atmosphere.

“I will go take a break first!” Cheng Anya turned and walked away from the stuffiness she was not able to bear. She suddenly felt a strong hand embrace her waist, turning her around. Before she could respond, she fell into Third Young Master Ye’s embrace.

As though letting go of her meant her disappearance, he tightly hugged her and buried his head in her hair. He trembled slightly as he hugged her even more tightly to the point he almost crushed her.

Cheng Anya was hurting from the hug, but she only slightly frowned and remained quiet. She hugged him back!

Her hands gently caressed the ridges of his spine as she gently sent her love and heartaches. Ye Chen was just a person who suffered since young. He had suffered much more than she could imagine.

It was just that… she did not know.

Even if she knew, she would not be able to experience the same hurt he had experienced.

Bygones were bygones, and he could not afford to be troubled by nightmares of his past. There was fear and desperation that was masked by anger and rigor.

‘Ye Chen, you are already strong enough. Nobody can hurt you anymore.’

‘You are a business legend that neither Old Master Ye nor Yang could match up to. What is there to be afraid of?’

‘It is time to walk out of the shadows!’

Her heart ached at his every loss of control and rage. In her heart, Third Young Master Ye was a capable person who had his own way. She would rather he harm people than allow others to harm him.

The scent of the night filled the air.

Cheng Anya jolted as she felt warm around her neck. She suddenly pushed Third Young Master Ye away as the moonlight made his face icy-cold. She did not miss the tears he did not manage to conceal.

It was so sorry, so helpless!

“Ye Chen…” Cheng Anya’s heart softened to the point it became an emotional mess. She suddenly regretted her rudeness. Perhaps she should have put it across in a more roundabout manner, or perhaps she should not even have talked about this.

He cried…

Even though it was just a tear, it weighed on him massively.

Ye Chen did not expect Cheng Anya to push him away, and he had yet to conceal his emotions. He embarrassingly wiped away his tears as painful emotions surged in him. He did not want the woman he liked to see his weak side.

Men might have this mindset, that however bitter and tired they were, it was the male ego that did not allow anybody to see them in such a sorry predicament…

He had not cried for… how many years?

When he acknowledged Ning Ning, he was so touched his eyes welled with tears that did not fall. Cheng Anya’s words had brought up the tenderest pain in his heart.

“I hate you!” Third Young Master Ye said deeply as he hugged her and roared into her ear. “I hate you for being so smart and seeing me in the sorry state when I am consumed by my past. Are you very happy? Are you happy after opening my scars? Why do you always…”

He was suddenly at a loss for words!

His voice was stuck in his throat.

Who would dare to say that Cheng Anya was neither gentle nor considerate.

Her gentleness and considerateness were so sudden they caught people off guard. All it took was a sentence to pierce the darkness in the hearts of people that hurt. Such pain was emotionally moving.

This was the first time he realized that this woman loved him!

Her love for him was the reason she said these words. She wanted him to walk out of his shadow and not be tortured by the past anymore.

Her smarts made her irritating and yet so pure to the point one could not… not love her!

He suddenly wanted her!

All the blood coursing in him was calling for action—to love her so hard.

The desire came quickly and ferociously!

Third Young Master Ye gave up all reasoning and pinned her on the handrails as he leaned on her and ferociously kissed her on her lips.

There was no technique in his ferocious and overbearing kisses. Like the most primal expression of emotions, he wanted her to completely bear the emotions and passions that welled from the bottom of his heart.

Sex was not the end-all of love!

But no love could be separated from sex!

A love that was purely nonphysical never existed!

When love was of a certain degree, they would thirst for each other’s bodies.

Tightly together, to the point it was airtight.

The temperature of the surroundings gradually rose!

As the wind around the balcony blew on, it could not disperse the passion in the air.

Cheng Anya was forced to bear his weight and she kept on leaning backward. Third Young Master Ye kept on pushing on her as he crazily lapped her breath, her sweetness…

It was insufficient, and all the kissing was unable to calm the restlessness in their hearts!

It was unable to tame the restless demons.

“Anya, talk to me…”

He wanted her response greedily.

Cheng Anya was blushing to the point she almost dripped blood. The man’s deep voice next to her ear was akin to the devil charming her.

It was so enchanting, gentle, touching.

As she followed the desire in her heart, Cheng Anya gently lifted up his neck as she moved her lips toward him.

Third Young Master Ye’s body gently trembled and he seized her hard.

Two young hearts that were on fire for each other collided passionately. Some things which went unsaid before each other became fully apparent before each other under this unbridled passion.

Third Young Master Ye did not let go of Cheng Anya mercifully until she was out of breath. Their unstable breathing and thumping hearts intertwined into a beautiful symphony in the clear night sky.

Forehead against forehead, their hot breaths mingled and created intimacy and passion that could not be suppressed.

“Was this tear shed for me?” Cheng Anya gently asked with her eyes closed, a burning sensation on her face. Her thumping heart tensed as it awaits a reply.

Cheng Anya felt that she had really fallen!

She had fallen beyond redemption for the man she thought she would have absolutely no feelings for. Third Young Master Ye was simply not her type.

She has struggled, resisted, and slowly yielded to her heart as she changed for him bit-by-bit. Had it been the past, she would not have gone to such lengths to care for people other than Ning Ning.

But what could she do?

To love somebody is to love somebody. When could you resist it until?

There is only so much time in a lifetime for one to resist, love, and forget somebody.

It was still better to yield to one’s heart.

One does not simply shy from loving for fear of disappointing.

“Yes, I did. Now… I think… I am starting to love you!” Third Young Master Ye’s restrained kiss landed on her cheeks below her eyes. There was slight helplessness, a slight relief, and slight anticipation in his voice.

To fall in love with a woman like Cheng Anya was no accident!

Although she was not his type or of his preferred character, he simply wanted her. What to do now?

“It is a really good start!” Cheng Anya smiled.

Somebody once said that if a man is willing to cry for you, do not doubt his love for you!

Maybe he loved her more than she had thought.

“Yes, it is a good start!” Third Young Master Ye repeated her words as he tilted his head and their lips locked.

Sparks of passion flew!

Third Young Master Ye could not bear his desire for her and carried her into the bedroom. He pinned her onto the bed even more tightly as he ravaged her.

He never let go of her cheeks from the balcony to the bedroom.

He loved to kiss her ear lobes. “So this is where you liked to be kissed!”

Cheng Anya was blushing and extremely embarrassed…

Third Young Master Ye was not satisfied with just mere contact. Ever since he knew Ning Ning, he had been in abstinence for such a long time. This was the first time he felt such a pressing urgency.

He did not want to repress it anymore.

“I want you, and you will not deny me!” Third Young Master Ye said arrogantly. Since both were adults, she already knew how much Third Young Master Ye wanted her since they were on the balcony. Had she wanted to refuse him, she would have done so then instead of getting all duplicitous in bed.

Besides, she did not mind giving herself to Ye Chen again.

All of a sudden, lively footsteps accompanied the sound of the young kid. “Daddy, I have a question…”

Before the two were able to cover up the crime scene, the young kid appeared at the door.

They were stunned!

Cheng Anya’s mind was blank whilst Ye Chen quickly pulled the blanket over Cheng Anya’s half-naked body.

Third Young Master Ye who was drunk with desire had forgotten that he did not lock the door!

“Daddy, I am sorry… Please carry on!” Ning Ning pulled a neutral face and went away at the quickest speed.



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