Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 198
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 198
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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With their son’s room just next door, she did not want her son to hear any impure noises. However quickly and early Ning Ning matured, Cheng Anya still saw him as a child.

“…!” Third Young Master Ye’s tense body grounded against her soft body.

“Ye Chen, stop this. Ning Ning is next door!” Cheng Anya slightly struggled in extreme embarrassment. Under such conditions, she was in a difficult situation, and she was even more embarrassed to realize that the door was not closed.

“He will eventually know!” Third Young Master Ye had a face of agony. “How do we stop now?”

How does it feel like for the impossible to happen?

Let’s ask Third Young Master Ye now!

“Take a cold water bath!” Cheng Anya became extremely uncomfortable. To be interrupted under such circumstances made both man and woman unbearable. They could not continue however unbearable they were.

Third Young Master Ye roared in resignation to the circumstance as he pinned down Cheng Anya in dejection. “Our son is here to ask for trouble!” He buried his head into the crook of her neck.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence!

She did not dare to move for fear she would rouse Third Young Master Ye’s passions and he would then pounce onto her and make love to her.


She admitted that she was a little disappointed!

She really wanted Third Young Master Ye, and it was stifling to be interrupted this way.

‘Ning Ning, Mommy blames you ahh…’

When her breathing was not as rough and hurried, Cheng Anya pushed Third Young Master Ye’s shoulders. “Time to get up!”

“I want you!” Third Young Master Ye said through his irregular breath.

Men are more bestial than reasonable!

Cheng Anya pushed him up and sat up. She wrapped herself and hid her attractive body. “Please leave a good image for your son!”

Third Young Master Ye pounced onto the blanket frustratingly. He blamed Ning Ning… and he was once more certain that his son was really out to create trouble. So irritating, so useless.

What an unwanted guest!

This rascal’s subconscious reaction was also funny. He did not mention interrupting his mommy, but instead mentioned interrupting his daddy. It was as though that rascal knew that men should not be interrupted at that moment!

Such an adorable Third Young Master Ye humored Cheng Anya.

After quite a while, Third Young Master Ye stood up. “I’ll carry you back to the room!”

Cheng Anya did not turn him down. Although ‘return to the room’ was quite sensitive for the moment, she knew he had some restraint. Had Ning Ning not been at home, he would definitely not have spared her. However, as parents, they had to be considerate toward their children no matter how crazy they could get.

“Hey, when do we carry on again!” Third Young Master Ye put down Cheng Anya and was unwilling to leave.

Cheng Anya felt her face become warm.


Third Young Master Ye was surely one persistent person. To ask a woman such a question in bold daylight would have been… inappropriate?

She could expect to have high hopes for somebody who was thinking with this second head!

“…We’ll see again!”

“I feel that it is better if I visit you in the dead of the night!” Third Young Master Ye gently said in passing. He reluctantly kissed Cheng Anya’s lips before walking out of the room.

Miss Cheng was at a loss for words.

Was he telling her that there was a need to lock the door at night as there were wolves?

Miss Cheng’s eyes were wide open…

“Daddy, I did not intend to…” No longer later, she heard Ning Ning screaming unjustly… and happily!

Cheng Anya was totally at a loss for words!

She felt that Third Young Master Ye was extremely shameless to the extent that he had the face to confront Ning Ning who had just spoilt his good occasion with Miss Cheng. Even Miss Cheng was too embarrassed to see Ning Ning’s tender face.

It was embarrassing and awkward!

Who would have expected Third Young Master Ye to not only find it not embarrassing, but even settle the score with Ning Ning!

She could not be anything else apart from remaining silent.

This person was not human!

“Daddy, you are so… sick… ahh… How could you blame me? You had clearly not locked the door…”

“Mommy, help…”

“Daddy, I do not dare to do that again…”

As she heard Ning Ning’s unrepentant screams, Cheng Anya shook her head and lay down.

She could imagine Third Young Master Ye spanking Ning Ning’s buttocks. The young kid deserved a spanking…

At that moment, she heard both father and son laugh.

She did not know what Third Young Master Ye said as Ning Ning screamed ‘pervert’ and ran around the living room, making noises. Not too long later, she heard both of their laughter.

Third Young Master Ye could occasionally be a…

Big boy!

Cheng Anya lied down with a sweet smile. Amidst the laughter of both father and son, she fell asleep contentedly.



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