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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 199
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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On the way to work in the morning, they drove past the Civil Administration Office. Third Young Master Ye tilted his head and looked at Cheng Anya with a look that clearly asked, “You free? Let’s complete what we should complete!”

Cheng Anya tilted her head gently and appreciated the scenery.

She had no plans to get married… for now!

She had not had her fill of passionate love, so how could she get married on its mention?

Most men and women have this concept of forming a family: knowing each other, falling passionately in love, getting married, having children! However, she and Third Young Master Ye had it slightly differently: having children, knowing each other, falling in love, getting married.

Or maybe it went having a child, knowing each other, getting married!

To directly skip the part of falling in love, try asking ladies who would be willing to get married without falling in love? Besides the wedding fanatics, perhaps nobody else?

Miss Cheng hence ignored Third Young Master Ye’s gaze.

It was okay to get married, but that was after falling in love. Besides, given their current status, this romance had just begun. It had not even become passionate. There must be an order to everything, no?

“How duplicitous!” Third Young Master Ye said coldly.

This woman was indeed duplicitous, and it made him unhappy. He had to force her hand in marriage in bed, and he would not believe she would not agree to it, Third Young Master Ye thought sinisterly to himself.

“To women, being duplicitous is a right, like how men insist on having things their way!” All the chauvinist pigs.

Both of them bickered until they reached the company. “You have a rehabilitation session this afternoon?”

“Yes, I scheduled a 2 p.m. session with the doctor.”

“I’ll accompany you!”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll go myself!”

“I am happy then!”

“Whatever works for you!” Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders. She was indeed not duplicitous when she said there was no need to as MBS and Yao Hua’s rivalry, while neither cold nor hot, required many things to be seen to. Third Young Master Ye had to utilize every hour he had as though he had two hours and only slept extremely late at night. Cheng Anya did not want to occupy his working hours.

But for him to be happy about it showed his overbearing side!

This person could not understand rejection, and she was too lazy to explain to him.

Who knew that a batch of fake diamonds appeared in the diamond processing factory in the afternoon. The factory manager called Ye Chen urgently for Ye Chen to rush over to the scene to take a look. Thankfully, the fake diamonds were discovered early and not put into production. Had that happened, MBS would have received complaints from consumers, and its reputation ran into the ground.

For fake diamonds to appear in the raw material was a serious matter. If the matter was not properly handled, Ye Chen would have to suffer a lawsuit. Third Young Master Ye hence rushed to the factory before he could even make arrangements.

As per protocol, Liu Xiaotian followed him.

The sun still shone in the morning but dense clouds formed overhead in the afternoon as though it was about to rain.

Third Young Master Ye went to the factory and would not be able to make it back in one and a half hours. Cheng Anya had to make a trip to the hospital herself.

The bone specialist, who was introduced by Third Young Master Ye, was an authority in the nation. He was an old practitioner nearing his fifties. He was a dedicated, pleasant doctor who referred Cheng Anya to the rehabilitation clinic after taking X-rays for her.

She was recovering extremely well!

It might have been due to the soup that her baby brewed for her daily that strengthened her bones.

Cheng Anya, under the guidance of the old doctor, threw away her crutches and held the lowered handlebars. She slowly walked forward. It was very painful…

It was a very dull pain.

After not walking for more than a month, her leg had become a little clumsy. Cheng Anya was sweating buckets from the pain after a few steps. The pain around the fracture was excruciatingly hard to bear!

This was such a stretch!

The old doctor smiled and said that she was making a very good recovery. While no typical person would be able to walk even at this stage, she was able to walk several steps!

She knew that the doctor was authoritative, and he was a cautious medical practitioner who would not lie to her. Although she was in pain, Cheng Anya still felt especially happy. Being too eager to walk, she even asked the doctor in detail how she could recuperate and self-rehabilitate at home and took down every word the doctor said.

The old doctor understood how she felt and warned her against being overly anxious for fear of achieving the opposite. Cheng Anya nodded and joked that she would not make a joke out of her leg.

She wanted to recover as quickly as possible, but she knew that she had to recover it with scientifically-proven methods as more haste meant less speed.

She spent two hours in the hospital.

Torrential rain just blanketed City A, and the sky was still cloudy. The rain abated, and it felt like spring rain that infuriated Cheng Anya.

As she was thinking of hailing a cab, a Rolls Royce suddenly stopped in front of her. Louis’ beautiful and calm face appeared in front of her. As though they were couples deeply in love, his gaze carried deep yet gentle feelings.

Cheng Anya’s eyebrows twitched. Louis?

He sure knew everything under the sun, and was he biding his time until she appeared?

“Anya, we meet again!” Louis gently greeted her. He wore white attire and seemed like a gentleman. Many beautiful nurses were screaming at the top of their voices, calling him ‘handsome’.

He was surely taking liberties with knowing her. From addressing her as miss to Anya, he skipped several steps.

Did they know each other that well?

“Mister Louis, what a coincidence! Are you unwell?” Cheng Anya smiled gently as she asked the obvious, This Italian hunk’s beauty dropped sharply in her heart!

The so-called ‘hunk’ must not only have good looks but also be well-cultured.

Louis clearly had both, but as Ye Chen and Ning Ning both detested him, Cheng Anya largely discounted his handsomeness!

“I’ll pick you up!”

“I am sorry, but I am not used to hitchhiking with a stranger!” Cheng Anya smiled gently. “Times are turbulent, and abduction of women and children often happens. I get fearful when I hitch a hike in a stranger’s car.”

Louis was not angry but instead laughed gently. This woman was interesting, had guts, and was worthy of his admiration.

“Anya, you are very humorous!”

“I’m sorry, but I am saying the truth!” Cheng Anya smiled and tried to walk around Louis and leave. As she was doing so in broad daylight, he would not shoot her.

The godfather of the Italian mafia seemed to her like a melancholic prince. He sure dared to cheat the feelings!

Louis grabbed her shoulder and brought her toward the car. His green gaze glowed with interest and passion. “Anya, could you do me the honor of treating you to dinner?”

“I’m sorry, but your face is not worth the money. I cannot find any reason to have dinner with you. Mister Louis, if you do not mind, please call me Miss Cheng. We do not know each other, and I do not intend to deepen our interaction. I am sorry!” Cheng Anya said coldly with slight displeasure on her face.

Louis, a hunk should have the elegance of a hunk!

Louis was left extremely displeased with such a direct rejection. He, however, did not express it and remained passionate and gently said, “I do not accept your rejection!”

His attitude was clearly gentle and his voice particularly magnetic and nice to near. Cheng Anya felt a chill rise from her feet. This was a man who had an imposing aura!

Cheng Anya pushed his hand away and was about to back away when she felt somebody grab her wrist and push her into the Rolls Royce without rhyme or reason. Louis closed the door and ignored Cheng Anya’s angry struggle and orders.




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