Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 20 - Crafty Third Young Master Ye
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 20 - Crafty Third Young Master Ye
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Wang Rui’s expectant gaze landed on Cheng Anya, looking at Anya as if expecting her help. Rui’s gaze seemed to imply that he and Anya were once involved and Anya would not leave him in the lurch.

Chen Yingying raised her lips in an indifferent manner and had half a mind to give Wang Rui a thorough scolding. How dare Wang Rui ask Cheng Anya for help in front of her, embarrassing her!

Ye Chen coldly saw the fiasco the two of them were in and gave a cold smile.

How many men was his secretary involved with?

Yang Zekun, Wang Rui…

From a glance, one could not assume that Cheng Anya was the type who had her way with men. Ye Chen wondered what Anya had to say about that.

Cheng Anya looked down and said politely, “Mr. Chairman, I am just a secretary. You have found the wrong person to consult with in regard to such a major decision. Besides, word of you consulting your secretary for such a trivial case would affect MBS’s stock price should it leak out, and I would have to bear the blame for it.”

Third Young Master Ye squinted his eyes threateningly and gave Cheng Anya a death stare. Anya, that wretched lady, was sure able to indirectly criticize him as muddleheaded.

With a tone colder than his countenance, Third Young Master Ye said, “Anya, you were even unable to provide your opinion for a case that you had described as trivial. As my chief secretary, are you sure you are up for the job?”

Chen Yingying did not show her pleasure as heard Third Young Master Ye’s displeasure. She couldn’t wait for Third Young Master Ye to fire Cheng Anya from MBS.

Cheng Anya went on to say, “With all due respect, this is my two cents’ worth on the case which you insist on me opining. Wang Enterprise is an established appliance company which has many returning customers and has an extremely good corporate image. Being steeped in tradition is Wang Enterprise’s strength against its rivals. However, in recent years, Wang Rui often misappropriated company funds to speculate in the stock market and remains unrepentant despite incurring repeated losses. Furthermore, the quality of Wang Enterprise’s products is no longer like before. When doing business, especially in the traditional sense, one is much better off grounded and practical. Wang Enterprise’s opportunism presents too much of a risk in MBS investing in them, and any prospective investment in Wang Enterprise could well yield no returns, let alone improve the predicament Wang Enterprise is in.”

Cheng Anya took a gamble on her child’s high IQ, and crafty men like Third Young Master Ye had made up their minds and planned to have Anya take the fall.

How treacherous, how sinister!

Utterly perverted!

With such a superior, it was no wonder his subordinates were all mentally off-whack. Son of a b****!

“Cheng Anya, what mud-slinging nonsense is this!” Wang Rui burst out in anger as he stood up from the sofa.

Ye Chen managed a faint smile and knew that while Anya seemed innocent enough, she had thoroughly deconstructed Wang Rui. Oh, how adorable Anya was, he thought as he could not bear to scold Wang Rui.

“Boss Ye, please do not listen to Anya’s dribble. She is just jealous because Wang Rui broke up with her years back and chose me instead. She is taking revenge against Wang Rui, so do not listen to Anya’s lies for she is envious of us being happy together.” Chen Yingying stared at Anya with much resentment, and then at Ye Chen lovingly in a bid to do damage control.

Cheng Anya’s eyes went wide, and cold sweat trickled down her back.

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