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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 200
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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This was a cafeteria with style. It was lavishly decorated with crystal chandeliers and tassel lamps. There was a huge waterfall wall and the intertwining lights emanated a romantic ambiance.

The entire restaurant was empty, and a man in a suit played a romantic medley on the piano on the small center stage.

In other words, this was a western restaurant suitable for dating couples.

The western restaurant was located in the heart of downtown. Traffic and people thronged floors below along City A’s famous car-free zone. Whilst the car-free zone bustled with life, the restaurant was extremely quiet yet comfortably serene.

It did not have the hustle and bustle of the floors below!

It could have been because there was nobody in the restaurant.

Cheng Anya mockingly smiled and knew that this was not a place where the typical commoner could afford to spend at. It would have cost quite a bit to book the entire restaurant. Why did he freaking spend the money rather than donate it? There were many people in the world who needed aid.

She did not enjoy the romantic ambiance of the restaurant a single bit, and Cheng Anya seemed to have been missing that neuron for romance. She was very displeased!

Louis, who was even more evil and overbearing than Third Young Master Ye, ignored her wishes and her struggles. What was even more infuriating was that it was as though his tender sentiments entitled him to the ‘most passionate man award in the world’.

He caused all the female waitresses to look at him lustfully whilst looking at each other as though the other had committed adultery with their spouses. Were they blind?

Were they so unhappy to see her?

As the sun set, it cast a faint orange glow onto the restaurant that made it even more attractive. The designer must have been a romantic as the restaurant had a poetic-like ambiance.

“This restaurant does not feel too bad, eh?” Louis smiled as he looked at Cheng Anya tenderly. “It is only open to special groups, and Miss Cheng should relax and enjoy it.”

Special groups?

Specially opened for the mafia? Cheng Anya pulled the corners of her lips. She would be better off not enjoying it.

“Mister Louis, do you think I look like I’m enjoying myself?” Cheng Anya smiled coldly as a hint of mockery flashed across her face. “You should bring somebody else here. A lame country bumpkin like me would only compromise your standing.”

Cheng Anya felt she was going to die of embarrassment as Third Young Master Ye was nothing short of mentally unsound. From today, he ordered the entire secretariat to dress as though they were old virgins—in conservative suits, hair which was tied into a bun, and wore an extremely conservative pair of black-framed glasses.

She was lucky as she was not spotted by going directly to the top floor from the basement parking lot.

Liu Xiaotian and the other workers were out of luck as they were ogled like monkeys from the lift at the lobby. It so happened that all four of them arrived at the same time today. The typically competent, bright, and beautiful secretaries of the president suddenly standardizing their attires in such a cryptic manner sent the MBS employees into quite a shock.

Everybody thought the sun had risen from the west.

The department managers, assistant managers, and heads all took turns to come up to the secretariat today. The documents which would typically have been delivered by the secretaries were brought up by the managers who had no qualms lowering their egos for want of appreciating the cryptic ambiance in the secretariat.

When she saw their shocked, perplexed, and vague gazes, Cheng Anya wanted to smack a piece of tofu onto Ye Chen’s face. He was not merely joking and really took action.

The entire MBS International was abuzz with the new image of the president’s sectaries.

The most saddening part was Ye Chen telling them that they would get an additional 20,000 RMB if they maintained this image for a month. While the secretaries lived with it for want of their benefits, Cheng Anya did not get to enjoy it.


The gaze of the waitresses who entered seemed to say, “Where is this country bumpkin from, and how could she manage to hit on such a hunk?”

“I will shoot whoever dares to say that!” Louis laughed gently. His tone was so gentle nobody could feel the murderous intent in it. Whoever heard the melancholic prince speak would always think he was merely joking.

Who would believe that such a melancholic prince would kill?

However, Cheng Anya could not overlook the murderous intent in his chatter. He was extremely serious!

The waitresses served each of them a top-grade steak.

As the fragrance of the steak leaped into their faces, its alluring luster made Cheng Anya, who was not hungry, hungry. Had it not been the revolting person sitting opposite her, she would have definitely enjoyed the steak.

“Mister Louis, why are you sparing no expense to have dinner with me?” Cheng Anya asked. She remained guarded against Louis due to his background in the Italian mafia.

His world was bloody, dark, and rife with murder… Such a person who came out of the coliseum was extremely terrifying and brutal. His world was too remote and too depraved to her for them to even have any interactions with each other.

“Anya, don’t you realize that I am chasing you?” Louis smiled gently whilst his melancholic gaze seemingly bewitched people. It was like a ray of light that wanted to draw her heart and body into him.


Cheng Anya mocked. This was her fortune!

“Mister Louis, I have a boyfriend!” Cheng Anya laughed plainly in mockery. “I believe that your appearance that day was not coincidental. It was also not coincidental that you wanted me to be your lover. I also believe that you know who I am. Do you think that I would trust you?”

“Are you referring to Third Young Master Ye?” A harsh coldness flashed past his melancholic gaze which he quickly suppressed. “Anya, Third Young Master Ye is unsuitable for you!”

“What does this have to do with you? Who do you think you are to be qualified enough to judge our compatibility?” Cheng Anya mocked him impolitely and without restraint. “You are, after all, Ye Chen’s partner. I do not know you, and don’t you feel that you have been extremely rude and impolite? Or to put it differently, even etiquette has borders, no?”

Louis’s gaze became sinister and a hardened smiled flashed past his gaze. “I have the right to judge the people whom I’ve taken a fancy to. Anya, I have told you before that you will belong to me!”

“I see it this way—not only does etiquette have borders, but even communications also have borders!” Cheng Anya laughed coldly. Louis was a person who was simply hard of listening. In his world, he called the shots and he was god.

The other people either fell in line or perished.

They did not have a chance to repent!

It was extremely terrifying!

“Anya, be a good girl and accept my pursuit of you. Be my lover, and you will realize that I am even more suitable for you than Third Young Master Ye. I will make an even more worthy investment!” Louis spoke gently and passionately, his voice bewitching.

His melancholic gaze had a determination to come on top of the situation.

His interest in her became stronger. This was one feisty woman who was much better than the beautiful yes-women who simply complied with him.

“What if I do not accept?” Cheng Anya replied coldly.

“Anya, I will let you accept it!” Louis smiled and dined elegantly. He even postured for her to dine as he said, “The steak this restaurant serves is not bad! You could always try it!”

Without nitpicking on the dining etiquette, the melancholic prince’s gentle tone was exceptionally elegant. He was the perfect spokesman for Prince Charming.

Cheng Anya became even tenser out of fear.

“There are two ways for men to tame women. Firstly, through tenderness. Secondly, through brute force. The choice lies in your hands,” Louis said plainly as his gaze betrayed an excitement as it focused on Cheng Anya’s face. “Anya, which one would you choose?”

Cheng Anya’s heart was even more terrified. This was a blatant threat where he told her ‘I am treating you very gently, romantically, and deeply now. It will be best if you accept it. If not, I will resort to more drastic measures.’

The rain fell outside as a cold crept from her feet to her scalp. Cheng Anya felt that she would definitely not like Louis’s drastic measures.

This was a world where power reigned, where those with power and authority could manipulate people to their whims and fantasies. With their turf a makeshift cell, they would observe how sorry you seemed scuttling around while sipping champagne and waiting for you to give in to them.

It was a total surrender.

“Are you always this perverted when chasing a woman?” Cheng Anya mocked.

“No, this is the second time!” Louis’s gaze betrayed an excitement as though he was recalling something and enjoyed the scent of roses. “The two of you are so alike, so mesmerizing, so tough. You know that you will not make it out but still attempt to escape. But you may not have his good luck.”

Cheng Anya quietly thought this asswipe as thoroughly perverted as he had forcefully accosted other women. It was not her who was perverted, but him! She mourned for those whom he had taken a fancy to!

“Oh, it seems you did not succeed?” Cheng Anya ridiculed him.

“Success is secondary. What is most important is that his entire life is controlled by me. His inability to escape feels beautiful!” Louis broke into an elegant smile. Cheng Anya felt that his smile, however perceived, was extremely sicko!

It was a perverted desire to control!

This man was like a venomous snake, vicious and cold!

“Mister Louis, I would choose neither of the two. You may be used to robbing things from people, but I think I should tell you that you are not able to trifle with everyone. Do not eventually suffer a double loss!” Cheng Anya smiled plainly as she knew she had an omnipotent son. Who was she really afraid of!

Was she somebody who grew up being shocked time after time?

“Do you think that having Third Young Master Ye to fall back on makes you fearless?” Louis assumed she was talking about Third Young Master Ye and smiled with interest. “Anya, men are often together with women out of a moment of passion. Do you think Third Young Master Ye will give you up in his battle with me?”

This laughter was cold!

The romantic atmosphere had changed!

“That is Ye Chen’s problem!” Cheng Anya did not answer the question directly. She did not know whether Ye Chen would entirely give up MBS for her, but she absolutely hoped that he would wager MBS.

All women hope that men would give their best and treat her as his one and only.

Cheng Anya, however, did not cherish this discriminate destruction of both.

“See, you are not even clear yourself!” Louis spread out his hands and smiled. “Accept me, and I will make you a very happy woman!”

“Mister Louis, did anybody mention how perverted you are?”



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