Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 202
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 202
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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As the rain continued to fall, Third Young Master Ye was not going to reach Hughes Square in one and a half hours. While it was not a good idea to endure the cold winds downstairs, waiting face-to-face with Louis in the restaurant left her even more uneasy.

It was safe to say nobody would like to sit face-to-face with a vicious snake that could go for their life without the slightest warning, no?

As Cheng Anya had just been scared stiff by a python not too long ago, she did not take a liking to such a slimy life form.

“Mister Louis, since you’ve had your dinner, can I take my leave?” Cheng Anya asked with a smile. Whatever his response would be, she was definitely leaving. Since he was dangerous and there were only the two of them, she should wise up and remain polite.

“Of course!” Louis elegantly wiped his mouth. He did not make things difficult for Cheng Anya, but his facial expressions implied pity and disappointment through his melancholic gaze. “Today’s date was a little messy. I was originally planning to watch a movie together with you!”


Cheng Anya’s mouth twitched. If this was indeed a date, she was afraid no couples would like a date over an especially cryptic dinner!

“I’ll send you down!” Louis smiled elegantly.

“The hassle wouldn’t be necessary!” Cheng Anya refused politely.

“I insist!”

She kept silent. Even if she agreed to his actions, this man had a tendency to selectively listen. She should have been accustomed to that.

Louis wanted to come over to support her, but Cheng Anya refused. “I can walk by myself. This, I insist!”

She did not want to come into physical contact with him.

Louis smiled and did not insist. They went into the lift and down the floors.

In Louis’s eyes, Cheng Anya is now his prey—his cutest, most charming, and most sought-after prey. That sweet desire always tempted him to viciously take her and torture her.

As the fantasies became more and more intense with each repeat, seeing her photograph stirred his heart deeply. Apart from her, nobody could fulfill that desire which was like an endless pit.

The massive, intense beast lying in his heart was stirring and about to burst out.

But he suppressed it!

To a person like Louis, who used to call the shots, this was a game where conquest and desire intersected. He had a perverted desire and enjoyed the process of conquering her. He also enjoyed the total control he had.

He did not want this happy feeling to end too quickly!

Hence, he took it easy as he did not want to scare her. For her to be a willing party meant a much greater sense of achievement for him and was able to impact Third Young Master Ye much harder than anything else. This was a game he started, and they would not get to escape until he ended it.

The eventual victory belonged to him, and Louis was deeply certain that he wanted not just the physical, but even more…

To win a heart then savagely smash it to the ground and trample on it was such an artistic maneuver!

Cheng Anya did not know that Louis, who was around her, was way more dangerous than she thought; he was even more perverted, and a perverted soul lay beneath his melancholic facade. He was so perverted to the point even his soul was perverted.

No typical person could read his thoughts, and his knowledge of her was merely skin-deep.

The sky was grey, and there were few people in the square who helped up their colorful umbrellas as they moved quickly. The neon signs peered through the layers of rain and refracted into beautiful rays of light. City A’s night scene, whether rainy or dry, was bustling with life.

The evening breeze was a little cold!

“Mister Louis, I shall not disturb you then. Please dispense!” Cheng Anya smiled. Indeed, she did not understand Louis’s insistence and what it meant.

His so-called pursuits and dates were one-sided wishful thinking. Were they even meaningful?

Why did such a tough man do such foolish things?

Cheng Anya discovered that her IQ was insufficient. If she compared herself against Third Young Master Ye, she was the type who could not read their deep thoughts and insisted on whatever she could.

That was sufficient!

“It’s okay! Appreciating the evening scene with Cheng Anya is a form of enjoyment too!” Louis laughed gently as his emerald green gaze became even darker and more mesmerizing at night!

Cheng Anya, who was too lazy to feign her emotions, was emotionless!

‘What is enjoyment to you is something I have to tolerate. He did not know how to give people breathing space!’

Perhaps, the noble notion of being considerate toward others did not exist in his world view.

“Suit yourself then!”

Cheng Anya gave up on the idea of coaxing him into leaving. Since he loved hanging around, whatever floats his boat then.

City A’s night had just begun. Hughes Square was one of the highest-end squares in City A where most of the internationally-renowned retail chains were gathered. It was one of the most famous shopping districts in the world.

Although the rain made getting around a little inconvenient, the entire square was still bustling with life at night!

Cheng Anya had tried to stand in a dark and inconspicuous corner. Any further out and she would be drenched by the rain. This did not block the startled and surprised gazes of others around her. These were instead directed toward Louis.

Who would be so surprised at a woman in a country bumpkin-esque outfit? They would have instead felt that they did not quite match.

Cheng Anya pouted and hated how she was observed and critiqued like monkeys in a cage.

Louis seemed to have felt her displeasure but seemingly smiled. Cheng Anya was actually beautiful and innocent. Had it not been for the outdated way she dressed, more than 90% of the guys would have turned to look at her.

Louis actually liked her country bumpkin-like outfit. It was like the high school uniforms of 19th-century Britain that repressed sexuality. Those wearing the uniforms were wrapped so tightly that it excited others who had an impulse to rip off the clothing.

He may have had taken a fancy to her as whatever she wore tempted and charmed him. Had Third Young Master Ye realized that his idea backfired, he would regret the day he was born.

‘Third Young Master Ye, what kind of snail-like car are you driving? What is taking you so long?’

Cheng Anya cursed him in her heart as he was normally not that slow when he sped!

Waiting made one irritable!

“Anya, how were Third Young Master Ye’s kissing skills?” Louis asked as he tilted his head whilst temptation swirled in his emerald green gaze.

“What did you say?” Cheng Anya frowned and was embarrassed. What kind of question was he asking?

Louis suddenly hooked his elbow around Cheng Anya’s waist and pulled her toward him. “I may have been too gentle toward you!” He smiled evilly.

He leaned down and forcefully kissed her on her lips!

Although he was a tough person, his lips were warm and soft!

Cheng Anya’s eyes dilated and she could not believe that he would do that. After being stunned for a second, she was about to slap him…

Before she could hit him, she suddenly felt the pressing on her disappearing and Third Young Master Ye’s angry swearing came into earshot. The sound of a punch hitting flesh and a shriek of pain followed…

“Shit, Louis! You’re asking for it!”

An angry Third Young Master Ye landed a violent punch on Louis’s beautiful face and threw him into the rain…



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