Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 203 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 203 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya supported herself by the pillar and irritably erased the mark that Louis’ lips left on her. She was visibly angry and could not wait to rinse her mouth a million times over. Anger burned in her gaze as she almost lost all sense of reasoning and clobbered him with her crutch.

“F***! How shameless!”

She hated men who used force on women. Louis, that sicko!

The rain continued to pour.

Third Young Master Ye sprinted over as he was drenched by the rain. The rain drenched his suit and messed his hair up. Strands of his fringe were stuck at the corners of his eyes, dripping water. The rain and his smoldering anger made him look especially wild and sexy.

He tightened his fists. His evil gaze was filled with a burning rage whilst his chest pulsed with anger. His slender and tall body was packed with terrible energy that nobody could ignore the cold emanating from him.

He looked like an Asura from hell who was out for life!

The fist is the most direct and wildest way of expressing a man’s anger when he sees his woman being outraged.

He struck Louis in the jaw and the corners of the latter’s lips cracked. Fresh blood trickled down his pale skin onto his shirt. There was a certain allure to him as his downward-pointing hair covered the vicious and seductive gaze in his eyes.

A layer of evil seemed to cloak him as the rain drenched him.

Some of the onlookers screamed whereas some whispered among themselves. They felt that it was unacceptable for a hunk to directly punch another hunk. Louis’s melancholic facade was especially good at gaining him buckets of sympathy from the onlookers.

Third Young Master Ye seemed to want to hit him further but was stopped by Cheng Anya. Since this was in public, Cheng Anya did not want the situation to spiral out of control. Besides, Louis taking a beating caused four men in black to almost pull out their weapons. They were, however, stopped by Louis.

Outnumbered and without wasting unnecessary time and effort to incur additional unnecessary trouble, enduring the moment seemed to be trivial.

“Louis, I have warned you not to trifle with her. What did you take my words for?” Third Young Master Ye said coldly as he hugged Cheng Anya by the waist and carried her weight so that she did not need to exert herself.

To see Louis, the pervert, forcefully kissing Cheng Anya once he stopped his car, he lost all reason in his rage and rushed forward to punch him like any hot-blooded youth.

He, at that moment, had forgotten he had a deal with him and should not unnecessarily provoke him. That was the godfather of the Italian mafia, his identity and authority clearly evident.

Louis wiped the trail of blood away and the rainwater on his drenched fringe created a nice parabola. Even though he was drenched, his jaw bruised, and lips bloodied, he still seemed elegant and not the least embarrassing. His gaze seemed even more melancholic and charming.

He wiped the traces of blood off his lips and tasted them sensually.

As his laughter poured out of his throat, a chilling cold came about as it was accompanied by the rain. “Third Young Master Ye, you dare hit me?”

He did not sound angry but excited instead. Cheng Anya was unsure if her mind was making things up. She felt that this person’s thoughts were not quite the same as others. He should have, by right, returned a punch to Third Young Master Ye.

“You were asking for a beating!” Third Young Master Ye replied coldly as he squinted dangerously. In spite of his residual anger, he coldly said, “Louis, don’t think that you can have your way just because you have my weakness. You’d better not test my patience, or we’ll get into a game of mutually-assured destruction!”

“You still look so charming when you are angry!” In Louis’s emerald green gaze was excitement as though he was hunting. Like a demon having starved for millennia, he came across a scent that he was thirsting after.

That look was so creepy it made Cheng Anya tremble!

Third Young Master Ye had mentioned before how SM he was. According to how he tortured teenage boys and girls, he built his joy upon the suffering of others. That took care of the ‘sadistic’ in SM. But looking at him, his cryptic smile and vague gaze seemed to bring out the ‘masochist’ in SM.

Would it be likely for somebody who enjoyed SM to change his preference due to differing interests?

Such a feeling made Cheng Anya extremely uncomfortable. “Let’s go home,” she said as she pulled Third Young Master Ye’s sleeve.

“Louis, don’t you dare appear in front of her!” Third Young Master Ye warned as he hugged Cheng Anya and walked toward his car.

As Louis saw their backs, he broke into a weird smile.

The more he cared about something, the more he wanted to seize it!

Ye Chen, it’s your concern that brought her to me. Who else could you blame?

The rain became heavier and fell in torrents.

“Sir, Old Master Ye’s call!” A man in black walked over and passed the cell phone to Louis. This interrupted Louis as he watched Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya’s backs. Louis then wiped the water away from his face.

He picked up the phone.

Once he returned to the car, Third Young Master Ye took a towel and wiped her hair with force. With his body drenched and being slightly angry, his face was sunken. “You encountered him again?”

Cheng Anya shook her head and described the event from the beginning. Louis did not seem to be hostile toward her for now and was taking the initiative to ‘pursue’ her. A candlelight dinner and movie-going were things that couples did.

Apart from the kiss earlier, he did not go overboard.

In her daze, she somehow remembered that she never had a proper date with Third Young Master Ye before. It was Louis who managed to draw first blood. This guy had the gall to pull various antics before women. From dinners to gifts, he was the standard poster boy for romance. Why did he spare these expenses when it came to her?

Could she have been the type that he would be able to successfully pursue without even dating her?


To think that she could humor herself amidst the doom and gloom, Cheng Anya looked out of the window and subconsciously touched her lips. She detested the feeling, but she suddenly felt herself pulled as she felt warmth surround her cold neck. She turned her head and was forcefully kissed by Third Young Master Ye.

It was a forceful kiss and Cheng Anya was a little irritated from it. He seemingly wanted to get rid of what was left of Louis’s scent, but this looked more like him wanting to swallow her whole. As their lips and teeth intertwined, he sucked and bit on them to the point it seemed like craziness.

He was angry yet jealous, and seeing another man get frisky with her made Third Young Master Ye jealous to the point of raging. Never had he had such an intense desire to possess and hide her such that nobody else could thirst after her.

She was his Anya!

He would not tolerate anybody else touching her.

Not even an extra look.

The intimate sounds from kissing arose in the car as it became even more sensual. Both of them were excited, but Cheng Anya pushed Third Young Master Ye away timely lest they got down onto each other!

They were still in the square that was thronging with people.

As her trapezoid lips were kissed to the point of being swollen, Third Young Master Ye fondled her lips and said, “You’d better guard this place of yours properly. It is my place, and nobody shall touch it!”

In his heart, the lips were a sacred place. He purely gave his lips to her and would naturally want her to leave her lips for him.

“I did not do it deliberately!” Cheng Anya sighed. She did not expect Louis to suddenly kiss her and was caught off guard. Also, she wanted to give him a slap, but he was pushed away by Third Young Master Ye before she could slap him.

“Did he mention anything else apart from dinner?” Third Young Master Ye asked with a frown.

Cheng Anya shook her head. It had been a very cryptic dinner!

“I want to watch over you 24/7. Such a person like him is too dangerous!” Third Young Master Ye said decisively as he haphazardly dried his hair and clothes with a towel before throwing it aside and starting the car and heading home.

He had intended to start and end work with her, and Louis, that pervert, would have had no way to act on her as she was always by his side. Who would expect a problem to crop up at the factory?

“If you had not left today, it would still have happened. That topic aside, what about the fake diamonds?” Cheng Anya asked worryingly. Had this been exposed, a lawsuit would have followed and MBS would have found itself in a spectacular scandal. All of MBS’s products had to be recalled and inspected.

The loss would be immeasurable!

It was not just financial loss as MBS’s reputation would end up in the drain too!

MBS was a very well-established jewelry brand that represented opulence and luxury. As it was synonymous with power and honor, the brand could ill afford a single scandal.

Although MBS had three main pillars of growth in the media, real estate, and jewelry markets, the jewelry market was even more important than the real estate and media markets. It was the segment that Third Young Master Ye had the most success in.

“A batch of raw materials were synthetic diamonds whose radiation levels grossly exceeded the set standards. Thankfully, Old Master Yue discovered this early enough before the diamonds were put into production!” Third Young Master Ye was troubled even though this incident could still be kept under wraps. Had it been exposed, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“How many of them?”

“Not many. The losses weren’t too severe as this batch of synthetic diamonds were shipped amongst a batch of pink diamonds. Just a small box!” This was the first incident in MBS International that involved counterfeit diamonds!

“With trustworthy suppliers for our raw materials, how could such a problem occur after working with them for so many years?” Cheng Anya sensitively felt something was amiss. “Did Louis provide the goods?”

“What a despicable method!” Third Young Master Ye bowed his head and laughed maliciously.

“Baby once mentioned that Louis had needed funds due to the infighting in the mafia. Since he could have defrauded you without you knowing, how could you have let your guard down?” Anya was baffled. Given Third Young Master Ye’s character, he could not have been that careless as this would have affected the company’s reputation and brought lawsuits against him. He could not make such a mistake!

“This batch of goods was not part of my deal with him!” Third Young Master Ye coldly replied. Once he reached home, he immediately logged into MBS’s trading systems and checked the records. That batch of diamonds was simply not part of the diamonds he had traded with Louis.

Having worked with Louis several times in the past few years, no counterfeit diamonds were discovered as every shipment was inspected and accepted into inventory. Third Young Master Ye had not suspected anything about him until Ning Ning reminded him.

Third Young Master Ye had rejected the final batch of diamonds due to quality control issues, and he did not know how they still ended up in inventory!

“Apart from you…” Cheng Anya was a little shocked. “Only Old Master Ye has the power…”

Third Young Master Ye lowered his head. Old Master Ye, in MBS’s name, had transferred a massive sum of money to Louis. He had just discovered that the funds which were meant for a resort along Repulse Bay had been misappropriated!

And he did not even breathe a word about it!

Third Young Master Ye also realized that he just acknowledged Ning Ning and was extremely ecstatic, along with Anya’s series of mishaps and the fiasco with Yun Ruoxi… He was thinking about enjoying time with his family and how to allow the mother and son to have a happy life. He had overlooked MBS’s background transactions!

The Old Master had a chance which he exploited!

It was little wonder why he was so insistent on him marrying Yun Ruoxi. It was all part of a brilliant ploy to keep him distracted between two women. Had it not been for the batch of counterfeit diamonds, he would clearly have been played out by the Old Master.

Experience in the trade still counts!




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