Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 204 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 204 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“I guess your deals with Louis can end. The appearance of counterfeit diamonds is an excuse for you, or even Old Master Ye’s dealings with him to end. All trading is done under MBS’s name. It would be wise to wrap them up since the reputation is lost. If you still have to keep it going, routes are aplenty. Why must you tap on Louis’s routes?”

If Old Master Ye decided to make a move and pin Third Young Master Ye down together with Louis, he would not be able to hide from it. No more dealings would mean hassle saved. Besides, Third Young Master Ye dabbled in these illegal dealings only to impede Old Master Ye. Worse came to worst, he just would not take such risks in the future, which was the wiser move.

“This is the final time!” Ye Chen said. It was a done deal, and it could not be canceled at anybody’s whim or fancy. There were too many implications, and the cancellation would not only implicate Louis. If Louis wanted to pin all the blame onto him, he could not hide from it.

If it was just him, who else was he afraid of?

However, he was not alone now. With Anya and Ning Ning by his side, he could not be as ruthless as he used to.

People who dabbled in the firearms and diamonds trades were never short of money or enemies. A little indiscretion was all it needed for a rival to attempt a hit on you and send you to your maker. With his rivals lurking in the dark, he had to take all possible precautions to prevent the unthinkable.

Third Young Master Ye did want to take the risk, and he could neither afford to offend that person too. Once somebody had a weakness, they would be afraid that others would use that weakness to manipulate them. Third Young Master Ye did not like to be on the losing end, and this would be his final trade with Louis.

Once the deal was done, he was going to entirely retire from it. Having one member of the family dabble in illegal dealings was enough; he would be content being a law-abiding citizen.

Cheng Anya did not understand Ye Chen’s considerations. She wanted to say something but eventually did not say it. Perhaps the man in her family wanted to protect both mother and son. Since he wanted to be a hero, he would get his wish!

When she returned home, Ning Ning had already prepared dinner. He was agape and bedazzled at how his parents were thoroughly drenched by the rain. Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye, in tacit agreement, kept the incident under wraps.

Saying more was not helpful because Ye Chen had his own ego with regard to some issues whereas Anya had her own considerations!

Starting the next day, Chen Xiaoyu would shadow Anya the whole twenty-four hours. As long as Third Young Master Ye was not present, she would not leave Anya a single inch. In Third Young Master Ye’s words, he was taking all the necessary precautions!

Cheng Anya was always worried whether anything regarding the counterfeit diamonds incident would crop up. Counterfeit diamonds appearing for no rhyme or reason severely damaged MBS’s reputation. As MBS’ president, Third Young Master Ye would definitely not be able to escape scrutiny.

The consignment of fake diamonds was destroyed. There was no evidence even if someone stumbled across the incident as said evidence was destroyed. Hence, she should not have been so worried.

However, some accidents were so timely that they aroused suspicion. Ever since Louis arrived in City A, how many incidents had happened?

Yao Hua suddenly injecting capital into Yun Enterprise, Old Master Ye and Louis’s treachery, Louis’s ambivalence, and now… fake diamonds in the raw materials. Every incident gave her an ominous feeling.

Cheng Anya’s sixth sense, especially with regard to people whom she loved, had always been exceptionally accurate.

That damned sixth sense!

But it seemed to be inaccurate this time!

After the incident, a week passed uneventfully. She had returned to the hospital for rehabilitation twice and could take a few steps.

Louis had yet to make his move!

The original timing he had scheduled to discuss matters with Third Young Master Ye had passed, and he had yet to make any movement.

During that period, he made a call and wanted Anya to inform Third Young Master Ye that work matters could wait as he would be in City A for a very long time!

While he was not nervous, the secretariat was extremely nervous!

As they wore that perverted attire of a spinster day in day out, barring that really frustrating pair of glasses, they still had to endure Third Young Master Ye’s coldness. The entire floor was frigid cold, and Liu Xiaotian had the worst as she had to occasionally accompany Third Young Master Ye to meet clients. Having to endure Third Young Master Ye’s cold and stern look in trembles and fear left her seemingly constipated and unable to be devoid of tears.

She prayed to various gods daily that Cheng Anya’s leg would quickly recuperate as this was actually Cheng Anya’s job.

Cheng Anya did not know how this calm atmosphere could be explained away. She felt that something was about to happen, as though it was the calm before the storm. The calmer it was, the more intense the storm. That was common sense.

After a calm two weeks, Yao Hua suddenly launched a massive attack against MBS and the stock markets entered turmoil. This time, Yao Hua, together in combination with Yun Enterprise, was out to really do Third Young Master Ye in with frequent and intense maneuvers.

In what was totally different from a typical commercial war, Yang Zekun’s maneuvers were not as slightly gentlemanly as before. He suddenly became very strong-armed and his style, from how he manipulated the stocks and future indexes, had changed drastically.

From grabbing share to customer base… A variety of actions indeed!

What was intense at the start became mellowed and then became even more intense thanks to the two of them. A fierce fight was underway!

And MBS was in a disadvantageous position this time!

While Yao Hua was comparable to MBS, it was on steroids once it collaborated with Yun Enterprise. Although Third Young Master Ye had nothing to fear initially, the misappropriation of the funds for the Repulse Bay project substantially tightened liquidity.

Ye Chen and Yang Zekun were legends in the business arena. Although their methods and styles differed, they were of similar ability. With both of them being bright and having sparred with the other for many years, they knew each other and could easily perceive how the other party would respond!

Under such a condition, the financial might of both companies were up for competition!

Whoever was able to throw more money into the market would win. Whoever who had insufficient capital would lose!

Tactics only determined 1% of the outcome!

Cheng Anya could not help but call Yang Zekun. She wanted to ask Yang Zekun what all these were for.

She was not afraid of Third Young Master Ye losing, but she desperately hoped they would not get into a life-or-death duel. Besides, Yang Zekun had picked a fight first.

“Miss Cheng, I am sorry but the GM is having a meeting!” The secretary’s distant and polite voice came through the machine. Cheng Anya’s thought sunk. He was not picking up her call?

As it was office hours, she wanted to remain professional. As she called using the office telephone, she would naturally call Yao Hua’s GM office telephone.

This was the first time Yang Zekun refused to pick up her phone call.

“Miss Pang, could I trouble you to tell him that I am looking for him after his meeting has ended?”

“Okay, I’ll help you convey the message!”

After she hung up the phone, Cheng Anya gently massaged her aching eyebrows. This was terrible!

After nothing happened in two hours, Cheng Anya called again. He was still in a meeting and she was sure he did not want to speak to her. Maybe he had guessed what she wanted to say!

“Senior… Is this the business arena?” Cheng Anya smiled bitterly. There was no response!




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