Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 205 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 205 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya allowed the doctor to propose a solution that would allow a quicker and more robust recovery. Her leg had remained injured for too long!

It was about time she started to walk!

Her rehabilitation session this week was twice as frequent as the previous weeks. In spite of the marketplace battles, her leg had recovered comparably.

The more intensive rehabilitation regimen was not particularly arduous but time-consuming. Since her leg had largely recovered and she could walk without a crutch for an extended period of time, she was still a few days from completely recovering as she could not stand for prolonged periods.

Rehabilitation, X-ray, check-ups, waiting for reports… All these consumed time amidst the fierce commercial war. Cheng Anya was very anxious.

Yun Enterprise, in conjunction with Yao Hua, was stronger than MBS and MBS’ outlook did not seem optimistic. Although Third Young Master Ye was slightly disadvantaged and both parties seem equally matched, anyone who lost their cool would be permanently disadvantaged.

As the fight was not merely between Third Young Master Ye and Yang Zekun, it was still a corporate battle that would accelerate the eroding of Third Young Master Ye should MBS seem to be on the losing end as the market’s confidence in MBS was lacking.

MBS’ cash flow, which was already substantially drained, plunged it into an unprecedented financial crisis.

As Third Young Master Ye’s secretary, Cheng Anya would see a perpetually worried manager of the financial department whenever he delivered his report. Said manager was a veteran employee who took a lot of pride in MBS. His worried look, even if Third Young Master Ye mentioned nothing about it, implied severity of the situation that Cheng Anya knew.

MBS’ accounts were segregated into those in the public domain and the ‘black accounts’. The accounts in the public domain were for public consumption, whilst the ‘black accounts’ were hidden and specially managed. The latter had always been providing MBS its capital flow.

But Old Master Ye had made the first move and transferred the funds to Louis in exchange for a diamond deal. As funds for the Repulse Bay project were in dire shortage, the project almost ground to a halt. Yang Zekun was eyeing the project and hoping to seize it from Third Young Master Ye.

The Northern Steel and Repulse Bay projects were tendered one after another, and Third Young Master Ye and Yang Zekun had exchanged blows over the tendering of the Northern Steel project. Somehow, the winning bid for the project was leaked and Third Young Master Ye started bidding on the Repulse Bay project once he received said insider information. He decisively passed over the Northern Steel project and focused on the Repulse Bay project.

To shoulder both massive projects would take a massive strain and present an exponential risk increment to both MBS and Yao Hua. Neither Third Young Master Ye nor Yang Zekun could win both the Northern Steel and Repulse Bay projects.

One project to each was the best solution.

With a shortage of funds for the Repulse Bay project, Third Young Master Ye not being able to solve that would mean not only the transfer of the project but the payment of massive liquidation damages as well. The latter was more than sufficient to bankrupt MBS.

Yang Zekun’s goal was to seize the project from Third Young Master Ye. With the Yun Enterprise supporting him, he had sufficient funds and a mature construction team. The hard conditions were all met!

To strike one in his period of weakness—that was a substantially sinister move.

Cheng Anya did not mention anything. Maybe as what Yang Zekun had said, this was the marketplace and the only chance for him to pull down Third Young Master Ye!

Both of them, from the start, were already on a scale. Neither of them was that bit heavier or lighter than the other. If Yang Zekun could defeat Third Young Master Ye, that would be such an ebullient situation!

That would prove that he was stronger than Third Young Master Ye!

To a man, his family, gains, and achievements were at stake!

In this commercial war, how many unseen hands were strangling Ye Chen’s neck?

Yang Zekun, Old Master Yang, Louis, Old Master Ye, Old Master Yun… Although they had different objectives, they all wanted to see the same outcome!

She just did not understand how Third Young Master Ye’s delicate features and somewhat asshole of a character could invite so much envy and hate. Unless somebody really wanted him out of the game for good, why pulled off such a massive action?

Her worst nightmare was that these people were united against Third Young Master Ye!

Her anger and rage did nothing to solve the problem!

The atmosphere at MBS in the past week was down.

Third Young Master Ye jokingly claimed that since his heart no longer cared about MBS, MBS’ collapse meant nothing to him.

Cheng Anya could not buy his statement as he had invested substantial effort and time in MBS. Although Third Young Master Ye could claim that MBS’ survival did not faze him the least, MBS collapsing would mean a defeat!

How would his arrogance and pride allow him to bear the consequences of a defeat?

However busy Third Young Master Ye was, he accompanied her for almost each rehabilitation session unless his hands were too tied. Although Chen Xiaoyu was around, his concern seemed excessive. Besides, City A was not Louis’s turf and Louis was not particularly malevolent. His so-called pursuit of her made others irate of him.

Louis seemed to have disappeared from their lives without leaving a single trace. However, he seemed to become addicted to sending her a bouquet of roses that was delivered to her doorstep every day. That seemed to have become a routine as well. Third Young Master Ye thought of throwing the deliveryman who delivered the roses down the floor.

“I am going to shutter all florists in City A!” Third Young Master Ye said emotionlessly for the nth time as he threw another bouquet of roses down the floor.

He hated roses!

Cheng Anya and Ning Ning looked at each other, speechless. They smartly chose to remain silent.

What jealousy!

Ning Ning knew the ruckus that was going about in the marketplace, but he also knew about his daddy’s pride. Unless his daddy asked for help, he sought to make Third Young Master Ye happy every day. The young kid was always filial and was extremely intimate toward Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye, despite being ice-cold in the office, was able to laugh heartily at home thanks to his filial son.

However she saw it, Ning Ning loved Third Young Master Ye more dearly. For Ning Ning to be able to laugh despite his daddy’s roaring and flatteringly become collateral damage, it was her time to raise a racket.

She understood Ning Ning’s temperament. He would not allow his daddy to lose. In his heart, anybody who dared to bully his daddy deserved to be fed to the sharks in the ocean. If not, why would he merely chat on the computer daily?

It was just that he wanted to be Third Young Master Ye’s ace in the hole, a lethal one. If Third Young Master Ye could handle it himself, then he would not need to take action!

“Mommy, do not worry. Nobody can harm my dearest daddy!” The young kid laughed tenderly as he tapped his chest. He did not sound a single bit authoritative.

She had no choice but to believe him!

Looking at her son’s tender face, Cheng Anya felt that life with an omnipotent son was without its challenges!

When she told Ning Ning that, the young kid pouted his lips as highly as possible!

‘In that case, Daddy and Mommy can accept the challenge! If you can’t hang on, I’ll take point!’

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence!

To be honest, she would be lying if she told people she was very worried about Third Young Master Ye despite having such a son. She, however, had a very bad opinion about those few older men and Louis.

What kind of gross enmity did they have against Third Young Master Ye?

Was Third Young Master Ye such a magnet for jealousy and hatred?




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