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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 206 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After being a cripple for a few months, Cheng Anya cheered in excitement as she donated her battered crutch to another old man in the park. Feeling both feet on the ground made her feel extremely good!

She almost wanted to go skipping to test how well her bones had healed, but Third Young Master Ye opposed coolly. She took the young kid’s despising glare as an objection, and he was not happy for her at all.

As they had ended work earlier today, Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning went for a shopping spree at the supermarket. They brought many dishes to celebrate her recuperation, and this was when Miss Cheng realized how beautiful life was!

This was the only thing to be happy about amidst the doom and gloom!

“Oh, yes, the mansion has been rebuilt. When shall we move back in?” Third Young Master Ye laughed as he ate. This house was actually quite warm for them. To the typical family of three, a house with four study rooms and two living rooms was considered extremely spacious.

But this family of three was different. Everybody wanted their own study room. Ning Ning had three computers while Third Young Master Ye had two computers. No wall-mounted monitors were possible on the side, and he needed the space as he monitored the stock market in real-time.

“Daddy, is it exactly the same as before?” Ning Ning asked in an anticipating manner as he preferred the original layout. Third Young Master Ye nodded. The decorations, furniture, and even the mini cactus on Ning Ning’s study room window were exactly the same.

Ning Ning clapped in approval and laughingly asked when Cheng Anya wanted to move in!

Cheng Anya bit her lip. She actually did not want to move. She was unclear about her current relationship with Third Young Master Ye, and it left her in a knot. While she had felt it was too early to get married, they were never in a clear-cut relationship. It was as though things happened naturally.

Moving in felt like an adulterous and typical cohabitation.

Wasn’t it clear that she was his eventual lover? He did whatever he loved, and she could not damn well understand his intentions. Although she did not quite refuse, it did not mean that she wanted to accept it!

Miss Cheng was starting to get a little duplicitous!

She still wanted to get into a relationship with Third Young Master Ye. Staying together with him and starting and ending the day with him kind of made them seem like an old couple, no?

This point went against her wishes.

However, looking at Ning Ning’s beady eyes and the smile on his tender face, Cheng Anya could not even refuse. Ning Ning was used to having both his daddy and mommy accompany him as they stayed together as a family these past few months… If she refused to move…

The young kid would definitely be disappointed. Even if the kid was a genius, he was still a kid. To give him a few months of family life yet suddenly take it away from him seemed extremely cruel. He would rather not have agreed to stay together right from the start.

As she thought of it, she had to say that Third Young Master Ye was indeed a scheming person. By using kinship to tie down the young kid, he was certain that she would not refuse on the basis of her child.

Her slight duplicitousness was hence completely deconstructed by the young kid’s expectant gaze.

This little traitor was swayed by Third Young Master Ye’s mansion. Damn it, this kid was too cheapskate! Cheng Anya thought to herself as she broke into a smile. “Whatever works for you!”

Even if the young kid saw through Cheng Anya’s duplicitousness, he could ignore it. Winning over his mommy was not instantaneous. Although he was a little raw at it this time, he would be much better at it the second time. He was able to do it so skillfully without blushing or being nervous.

Cheng Anya kicked him hard under the table. Traitor!

Third Young Master Ye looked at her and seemingly laughed. “Miss Cheng, you have stepped on me!”

Cheng Anya remained silent as she smiled and withdrew her leg as though nothing had happened. The young kid slurped on his drink and smiled at Cheng Anya as he ate. His mommy’s facade was really invincible.

Moving house was actually a straightforward affair with packing a few clothes and bringing them over. Third Young Master Ye had prepared new computers, and Ning Ning only brought his palmtop along and installed it over there. The family of three’s ‘moving house’ merely constituted a luggage worth of clothes.

It was hassle-free!

Third Young Master Ye had already bought the house and registered it under Cheng Anya’s name. Since it was already her property, she was free to do whatever she wanted to do with it. After they had left, Cheng Anya would let Daddy Cheng move into the apartment and stay in it.

As for Gao Mei, Cheng Anya allowed Daddy Cheng to make whatever arrangements he wanted.

Due to tightening capital turnovers, Third Young Master Ye borrowed from Hua Yun Bank under MBS’ name but was refused. Cheng Anya was slightly surprised as Hua Yun had been collaborating with Third Young Master Ye for about a decade. From Old Master Ye to Third Young Master Ye, both had a tacit understanding of each other.

There was no precedent to a loan refusal!

Even if MBS was in an inferior position in this commercial war, the CEO of Hua Yun should not have refused the loan. From a business perspective or that of favors, he had no reason to refuse Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye felt weird and called over. His secretary picked up the call and said that the CEO was in a meeting. Two calls later, the same reasons appeared and Third Young Master Ye knew there was no way the situation could be salvaged.

He tried calling the CEOs of a few other financing banks he had close ties with, and the other parties all refused to pick up the calls. Third Young Master Ye felt deep uneasiness that somebody had threatened the banks in the dark not to loan to MBS. It seemed that whoever did that was determined to force MBS into a death kneel!

Old Master Ye, who was always concerned about MBS’ operations, had even opted to sit on the fence. This led Third Young Master Ye to even clearly realize that the situation had subtly evolved!

Like what Yang Zekun said, this was the marketplace.

Many were willing to aggravate wounds whilst few actually provided help.

And it was even more so under the threat of the underworld!

Cheng Anya felt as though life was a stage play when Louis called to ask Third Young Master Ye whether he needed help. Third Young Master Ye impolitely ended the call.

The weasel goes to pay his respects to the hen─not with the best of intentions!

After spending so many years in the marketplace, he would not allow Yang Zekun and the Yun Enterprise to take him out so easily!

“Hi, Third Young Master Ye, barely hanging in there? Lin and I were pondering when you would even call.” The man’s grand voice carried a slight tease and sounded careless, impolite.

It was grand yet a little barbaric.

“Do you have money lying around?” Third Young Master Ye asked impolitely as he got about asking for money whilst adjusting his tie. “I am short of money!”

“Haha… That was very direct of you!” Tang Bilan laughed. “Lin and I have prepared some funds that will last you for a month!”

The Ye, the Yang, the Tang, and the Lin families were the four biggest players in City A. They respectively occupied the east, south, west, and northern sectors of City A and minded their own business. Tang Bilan currently helmed the Tang family whilst Lin Yixuan helmed the Lin Dynasty. Both enterprises were similar to MBS and Yao Hua in terms of wealth or influence.

The three of them graduated from Harvard and, unknown to many, had ties that ran deep.

A few years ago, infighting in the Tang family almost caused the Tang Corporation to collapse. Third Young Master Ye secretly helped Tang Bilan to seize the master seat in the family and protect the Tang Corporation’s business that had spanned generations. Almost every tycoon would have had a few such embarrassing incidents.

“I have received information that somebody secretly claimed to waste any bank that dared to loan to MBS within a week. This was such a lame threat and I do not understand why so many people were shaking in their boots. Third Young Master Ye, did you cross the Italian mafia?” Tang Bilan laughed.



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